Good on Demand
G.O.D. Wants You to Prosper
By Dr. Heather Dawn Clark



Do you believe your spiritual path is meant to be abundant? The Christ told us he came so that we may have life and live it more abundantly. What does abundance mean to you? For me, it means freedom and a consciousness that knows itself as worthy.

How does the Divine Presence speak to you? We are told to listen to the still small voice within. Usually, when God speaks to me, I simply have a clear knowing, a feeling of right action. But sometimes, when I am being especially obstinate or obtuse, I hear a loud clear commanding voice inside my head. Sometimes it is so loud, I am certain that others can hear it as well.

For many years I have known and told the story about the man who refused help while his house was being flooded. When the water started rising, he was told to evacuate; he refused, saying, “God will save me.” He then refused the boat, the raft and the helicopter. Finally he drowned and upon seeing God, begged to know why he had been forsaken. God replied, “I tried to save you. I sent you a messenger, a raft, a boat and a helicopter!”

Infinite Abundance is attempting to illumine every being here and now. Many of us unintentionally block the flow through our habitual ways of responding. Perhaps, we need a bigger idea. We are being called to let go of our resistance and our cherished opinions. I truly believe that the Universe is abundant and is constantly attempting to bestow Its abundance to all creation. I have several experiences of saying “no” to the gifts of the Universe. One of those examples has to do with the purchase of some real estate.

A couple of years ago a friend announced her intention to sell her three-bedroom condo. Although I had not indicated that I was in the market for a new home, she asked if I would be willing to look at it. First of all, I wasn’t thinking of buying anything. Secondly, this place was too big for me and didn’t have all the amenities I wanted. Months passed. Several of my closest friends started nagging me to buy some real estate for my future. One said I should do it even if I had to start really small, like a studio or something. It felt like a pipedream because I had little money for a down payment and convinced myself that buying anything was out of the question.

However, I know the only thing that ever separates me from the good I seek is my consciousness. So trusting in the power of affirmative prayer, I started praying for the consciousness of a homeowner. One Saturday morning, as I was meditating, my friend with the condo called to say that she was having an open house and because she had emotional attachment to this condo she would sell it to me for an astonishingly low price.

I don’t like being interrupted. My resistance was high. I told her I was not at all interested. Her condo was too big. It was too much. I clearly and directly told her I was not interested. When I went back to my meditation, I heard a commanding voice say, “What’s wrong? I sent you a raft.” With great humility, I then called my friend, who was delighted to hear I had changed my mind. Now I am the proud owner of that condo.

Another time, when ministering to a small, new congregation in south San Diego county, I kept getting an invitation to be a speaker with a group of ministers touring Peru. I repeatedly trashed the invitation, telling myself that I didn’t have enough time to be away nor could I justify the expense.

Meanwhile, the church had a goal to become better known. This time the divine spoke to me in a clear idea. Why not make me an international speaker rather than attempt to grow awareness of the church; let’s grow awareness of the pastor. We sent a press release to the Tribune along with my picture. They printed the release along with a 6” by 4” photo. Our little church would have been hard pressed to run that size ad but Spirit had a way for the good to pour in to us. I just needed to say yes to my good.

The highest law of prosperity is to live in gratitude. Let your heart be filled with thanksgiving for all the good that is already in your life and learn to feel the same gratitude for the things, experiences and events you desire before you receive them. Praise that good. Whatever we are grateful for expands.

One way to stay open to the good of the Universe is to listen to Divine Guidance. Follow It.

Another law is the law of circulation. The universe abhors a vacuum. When we practice this law, we create even more space in our lives into which good and abundance can flow. You may want to begin with an early “Spring Cleaning”. Free yourself of things that no longer serve your highest purpose.

Say “Yes”
To ensure we stay open to all the good the Universe is pouring over us is to say “yes” to everything. That means say yes to the things we do want and say yes to all the things we do not want. Say yes if someone offers to give us something. Say yes when it doesn’t make sense. Especially when it doesn’t make sense. Our spiritual awareness is infinite. There is more than enough in a Universe God has created.
Above all, remember that God wants us to live in abundance and happiness. The abundant riches of the Universe flow all around us. All we need to do is be open and willing to receive.

Dr. Heather Clark has been senior minister of Capistrano Valley Church of Religious Science since 1999 and a minister since 1992. Her honorary Doctorate of Letters was awarded by Religious Science International in 2005. She is known for her gentle devotion to teaching the principles and practice of Religious Science.

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