The Glass Is Full
By Robin D. Duncan, CI, Exec. Director, The Miracle Center of California



I could hear angels applauding as I leaned back in my desk chair. I finally got it! The curtain pulled back enough to unveil the truth. Why hadn’t I seen it before? It was as if I were watching a master illusionist and then all at once, I could see the illusion for what it was. I almost jumped out of my chair in excitement.

In our world, the glass is either half empty or half full. We are considered to be optimists if we see it as “half full”. For years, I asked God to fill my glass. I bought the illusion that my glass was less than full and was committed to restoring it to fullness. I had no idea that my preoccupation with filling the glass was blocking me from remembering that it was already full.

Through a culmination of events, I ended up on my knees in prayer AGAIN. I couldn’t figure out why I kept having the same experiences, even though some parts of my life were clearly changing for the better. I would make significant advances and then be thrown back to the beach again with my face in the sand. All I knew was that the waves were getting bigger and the ride was more thrilling, but the results were the same.

I knew there was an inherent flaw in my thinking. I was more willing than ever to be given the answer. My mind was quiet and I was ready to listen. I flipped open the book “A Course in Miracles”, and read this, “This is your major problem now. You still make up your mind, and then decide to ask what you should do. And what you hear may not resolve the problem as you first saw it. This leads to fear because it contradicts what you perceive, and so you feel attacked and therefore angry.” This might sound like just a bunch of words, but while I read them, I was given their meaning and it has changed my life. Here is my revelation.

Imagine for a moment that when we were created, our Creator gave us an infinitely full glass of water so that we would NEVER be thirsty. This glass contains all the love, wealth, relationships, health, provisions and/or everything we could ever want, need or desire. The glass is overflowing and ensures that we always have an abundance of everything.

Then, somewhere along the way, we accepted a false idea that our glass was less than full. As a result of accepting this idea, our outer world became filled with “less-than-whole” experiences. We then shifted our attention to doing everything we could to try to fill the glass back up again. From our deluded state of mind, we asked God questions like, “Why is my glass empty? How do I fill it up? I am doing everything I can. How come you are not supporting me? etc.”  

We continue to ask God questions based on a delusion that our glass, our wallet, our health is less than whole. As a result, the answers we are given can bring up anger instead of resolve. For instance, if I ask “Why is my glass empty?” and then God responds, “Your glass is never empty. It is always full.” I can likely become quite aggravated. Yet the answer will always be the same because it is based in truth. It is the question that is based in illusion. Imagine the challenge of helping someone who is focused on something that is not true.

In the above quote from the Course it says (and I am paraphrasing here) we have made a decision that our glass is less than full, and then we ask God what to do about it. As such, the answers we are given don’t always seem to satisfy or resolve our problems. Truth and illusion can never be reconciled because illusions are not based in truth.

My big AHA and life-changing revelation is this: Whatever you see with your eyes (e.g. an empty wallet, poor health, loneliness, deprivation, etc.) or anything indicating your glass is less than full, IS AN ILLUSION. Instead of being afraid of it or becoming preoccupied with trying to fill the empty glass, do the following TWO things:

Number one. Remember that if the glass looks less than full, it is an illusion and not based in truth. Then, ask God to help you remember the truth instead of the illusion. Hold a place in your mind for your wholeness, health and abundance to be remembered. You might even hold a picture in your mind of your full and overflowing glass of water.

Number two. Do not judge what you see with your eyes. It is not based in truth. Hold a place in your mind to see it differently and ask for Divine help with this. In the Course it says to say this, “I have no questions. I forgot what to decide.” Then, remain in a place of non-judgment and allow your misperception to be corrected.

After practicing only these two things for one week, over and over, I experienced more miracles than ever before. My perceived problems dissolved right in front of me.
Even a master illusionist can convince you that he has sawed someone in half. It looks true, but it is NOT true. Let the lights come on and the curtain be lifted. Illusions are dissolved as truth is remembered. Allow your full and overflowing glass of abundance to be remembered, and then you will see it in every part of your life!

Robin D. Duncan is an Instructor for The National Guild of Hypnotists and Director of The Miracle Center of California, a School for Hypnotherapy offering private sessions and classes to the public, based on A Course in Miracles with curriculum from The National Guild of Hypnotists. (888) 773-9174. Please visit

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