Awareness Is Child’s Play at Cosmikids
By Gail Torr



Is a revolution taking place in the field of child development? While there are a number of child enrichment centers dealing with motor skills, language and musical development, there is nothing that deals with the inner life of the child, until now. CosmiKids, a groundbreaking facility just opened in Hollywood, encourages children to discover their heart’s desire and find the emotional strengths to follow it.

But is it possible to teach kids about the power of intention, intuition, abundance and an understanding of their emotions? Creator and founding CEO of CosmiKids, Judy Julin thinks so, “We’re all about empowering children, encouraging them through play, to succeed in today’s world in all aspects of their lives.”

Many of today’s leading spiritual thinkers agree with Julin and have endorsed the child-enrichment centers. Dr. Deepak Chopra calls CosmiKids “a positive experience for our youth.”
Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God describes CosmiKids as filling a “real void for children and parents when it comes to building confidence and a positive perspective on life’s everyday challenges.”

So what exactly happens at CosmiKids? For $14.40, a parent and child can spend an hour-and-a-half working their way through the nine interactive Stations of Discovery™. This experience is child led, and each station is cleverly designed to work on all six senses (including intuition). Julin has drawn together an advisory panel of internationally-known exhibit designers, development specialists, child psychiatrists, pediatricians, authors and children to develop the interactive stations.

‘Water Thoughts’, for example, is based on the experiments of Dr. Masaru Emoto. He discovered water will “change _expression” depending on the thoughts that are directed upon it. At CosmiKids children write thoughts on a creatively-decorated label which they attach to a bottle of water. The idea is to show that thoughts are powerful.

Another Station of Discovery, ‘The Bridge of Imagination’, is also very popular with the children. Here they fish for wishes and learn about the power of creative intention. ‘The Roads to Riches’ station, inspired by the progressive abundance principles of Lynne Twist (author, veteran fundraiser and global activist) is a craft-focused station where children discover that abundance is everywhere and they are encouraged to gather and share their ‘true’ treasures.

Julin believes that the Stations of Discovery™ help children to develop an understanding of their positive and negative emotions. “They can blow their anger into a balloon and literally let it go and watch it float away. The idea is to offer them options as to what to do with their difficult emotions. Highly-trained facilitators or ‘Vibes’ guide the children through the Stations of Discovery™ and parents are encouraged to participate.

The beautiful color-filled environment is uniquely designed to stimulate young minds, while soothing music and lighting provide a space where children can connect with their inner selves rather than be constantly bombarded by high-tech noise and flashing lights.

Since opening its first center at the prestigious Hollywood and Highland Center in the heart of Hollywood, CosmiKids has also attracted significant attention from the Hollywood celebrity community. Mallika Chopra, author and daughter of Dr. Deepak Chopra, blessed the space with a reading from “100 Promises to My Baby”.

Actress and author, Jenny McCarthy, whose website ‘’ is aligned with CosmiKids, supports the venture as does actress and filmmaker, Sherilyn Fenn, who is filming a documentary about founder of CosmiKids, Judy Julin. Young stars, Darcy Rose Byrne and Hunter Allen from ‘Days of Our Lives’, have also enjoyed hanging out at the facility.

CosmiKids plans to franchise internationally with facility negotiations already begun in Pittsburgh, PA; Orange County, CA; Florida; Canada; Mexico; Dubai and India. For more information on ‘The CosmiKids Discovery Tour 2006’ please go to or go to

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