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By Christopher James Dilts



Infidelity, Betrayal and the Return to Love …
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Q. I am struggling some with doubt about my partner’s true feelings for me after his infidelity. He chose to stay with me, but I still feel the hurt and am untrusting. I am torn between staying with him or letting him go. I want to know if he loves me and that is why he stayed. He is not the type to talk about his feelings.
— Virginia

Dear Virginia,
Your Guardian Angels are with you and help support you during this difficult period. They fully understand how infidelity shatters trust and breaks what you believed was the foundation for your relationship. They also understand how this can undermine your confidence in your judgment, feelings and ability to know what is real and what is illusion in your relationship.

Your Angels encourage you to open your heart to Divine Love. Ask and allow them to strengthen your connection to Source, helping fill your heart with the wholeness of perfect Divine Love.
They remind you that Source Love is unconditional and infinite, and that you are fully able to receive this love in this moment exactly as you are. There is nothing you need change about yourself to receive this — your Angels will help you receive this love and heal your heart, even in the midst of this deeply troubling experience. (see 7 Steps to Connect with your Angels at
Your Angels can help you understand the deeper life lessons in this experience of betrayal. They know you want to know if you can trust your partner again and if he truly loves you.
These are very important questions and it is vital that you have answers. Even more vital are the answers your Angels will help you find within yourself about your understanding of love, love’s source, meaning and _expression. You can transform this experience, as painful and distressful as it is, into an opportunity to explore and learn about how to connect and fill yourself with Divine Love so you will be firmly anchored in it at all times.

Use the “Seven Steps for Healing from Betrayal” to help you understand where to go with your relationship. This process was created by the Reina Trust Building Institute and I’ve been using it for many years. Your Angel’s comments on the steps are in italics:

1) Observe and Acknowledge what has happened — “Be crystal clear and unemotional about the facts. Be willing to see, hear and understand the situation without judgment. Suspend feeling briefly and simply observe it all.”

2) Allow Feelings to Surface — “Call upon your Guardian Angels to shine love and light upon you as you surface ALL your feelings. Your feelings are like a layer cake — drop through and experience all the layers one by one. Write or diagram each layer and continue to ask yourself, ‘What is beneath that?’ Let us guide through all the layers of yourself and you will find pure love at your source.”

3) Get Support — “Reach out for loving, compassionate, non-judgmental support. Ask us to guide you to your own deep wisdom and help you become clear about who you can talk to, helping you to understand and process your thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Be wise about who you choose for counsel!”

4) Reframe the Experience — “Ask why this happened to you — be careful not to ask as a victim, but as a sincere, earnest soul exploring and discovering the nature of love.”

5) Take Responsibility — “What part did I play in this experience? What was I aware of that I did not act upon? Ask with complete compassion, care and kindness towards yourself. No condemning or negative self-talk! For example, you said ‘He is not the type to talk about his feelings.’ At this point in your life, can you be in a trusting relationship with a partner who is unable or unwilling to communicate about his most important feelings?  How could this have contributed to the betrayal?

6) Forgive Yourself and Others — (see The Angel of Forgiveness at Remember that genuine forgiveness is powerful for healing. Forgiveness does not excuse unacceptable behavior — it frees you from letting its negative residue undermine your happiness.

7) Let Go and Move On — Release the past and move forward. “You are a soul on a journey of love — from love you came, for love you live, to love you go. Every gift of love given and received becomes a permanent and lasting aspect of your soul. The quality of love your soul carries is your only true possession and you carry it forward, ever growing, for all time.”

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