Women with Wings: Part 6 
An Interview with Arielle Ford
Multimedia Muse
By Dr. Maryel McKinley, Ph.D., C.A.D.C. 



Public Relations dynamo, Arielle Ford, founder of the legendary Ford Group and best-selling author of the “Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul” series, definitely deserves the honor of being selected for Awareness Magazine’s Women with Wings Series. In fact, this series was inspired by the work Arielle does — the caliber of people Arielle represents is so impressive that I always wondered who this amazing woman was who established the careers of so many of my very favorite writers and speakers. 

How best to find out about the wind beneath the wings of my favorite women and men, than to ask the woman who created most of their careers? What kind of magic must Arielle possess that has enabled her to create the ominous careers of ‘greats’ such as Marianne Williamson, Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, Neale Donald Walsch, and many others, turning the Ford Group into one of the most internationally successful P.R. firms? 

The answer was very clear within moments of walking into her spacious office with the best ocean view that can be found anywhere in La Jolla. As I sat down, Arielle was just finishing a conversation with her personal coach Sarano when she said, “I just want to be the muse. I want to create ideas, that is all! In fact, I should change my name to 100% muse!” After looking at this enigmatic woman’s client list, and hearing her brilliant ideas that have already manifested, or are in the works, I realized there is not a shadow of a doubt that she is already a muse, and has been a very successful one for quite some time! 

When leaving her opulent office, I greeted Arielle’s co-workers Katherine Kellyermeyer and Laura Clark, and thanked them for the great job they do. Then, Arielle led me out the door with excitement and energy as she told me of her latest project. She had just procured the film rights to a magnificent piece of work. Not only does she handle public relations, but has also formed a company with her husband Brian called Dharma Dreams. This agency was set up specifically to handle literary works that can be developed into film and television projects. 

To date, she has produced two fantastic pieces — a documentary for PBS on Deepak Chopra (who has been her client for 9 years) and another for the compassionate living ‘Saint’ Divine Mother Amacchi for Wisdom Network where Arielle is also the host. A multi-talented Muse, for sure! 

As we were seated at the restaurant, I began to interview Arielle when the tape recorder started to act strangely. Since I had a similar experience with Dr. Judith Orloff, M.D., a previous Women With Wings recipient — where the tape player stopped every time she said the word ‘love’ and erased portions of the interview — Arielle and I both agreed to double check the tape to make sure it was recording properly. It appeared to be fine, but during the middle of the interview, it made a loud, crackling sound. Startled, we both examined the tape recorder to see what had happened. Everything appeared to be in order. 

However, when I returned home, there was a strange gooey liquid coming from the battery section. I opened the battery section only to discover the batteries had completely exploded! Since mystical things happen around mystical people, this was verification for me that Arielle Ford’s energy is very powerful — to make an understatement! Hence, we concluded the conversation over the phone the next week. 

Maryel: What does your spiritual practice look like on a daily basis? 

Arielle: Every morning after I take a shower, I journal. I write down all my dreams. I do some very specific prayer work, and then I meditate for 20-40 minutes. 

Maryel: What type of meditation do you use? 

Arielle: Essentially I use Primordial Sound Meditation, which is a mantra-based meditation Deepak Chopra teaches. Occasionally I weave in some techniques I’ve learned from the Institute for Heart Math, that involves focusing on the area around my heart, and with every breath I take, I breathe in love, holding in something or someone in my mind and I exhale appreciation. I usually do that for at least a few minutes every day. If I go walking in the morning, as I am walking, I do that as my form of prayer for the day. 

Maryel: Can you tell me again about the other technique you shared with me last week, I think it was called Fall Still? 

Arielle: Yes, Falling Still. That is one I learned from Sarano Kelly, and he is my personal coach. “Falling Still” is a very simple technique I use throughout the day. So, in between phone calls, when I am riding in an elevator, or when I just want to get my mind settled, I’ll close my eyes, and really just get still, become aware of my breathing, listen to the sounds around me, feel myself inside my body, and it is a very calming centering technique that has a lot of usefulness. 

Maryel: I actually practiced that technique after our first interview, and it was extremely helpful for me, especially when my mind starts going in a million directions at once! 

Arielle: I think I can relate to that! 

Maryel: What do you recommend to Awareness readers who want to start their own business? What are your prosperity secrets? 

Arielle: For me, as long as I keep remembering to be grateful for what is, then things seem to fall into place. It is about being in a state of appreciation and gratitude, as opposed to need and survival. 

Maryel: What books do you recommend to our readers? 

Arielle: Actually I think there are two very good books out there. One is Shakti Gwain’s “Creative Visualization”, which I used for years and years and years. The other book is Deepak’s “Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”. 

Maryel: At the last interview we were talking about stress and the work place, which is also a theme for this issue of Awareness Magazine. I remember you said along with the ‘falling still’ technique, you get a weekly massage, whether you need it or not . 

Arielle: Whether I need it or not! 

Maryel: The way I look at it, I need it every day! (laughter) — You also said you believe in delegation. 

Arielle: Yes, I believe if you trust people and give them more than they think they can handle, they will rise to the level you are holding them to. So, how did I get to know all this stuff? Either somebody gave me the responsibility for doing, or I took the responsibility for doing it. I am always giving people probably a little more than they think they are ready for, and it is amazing how quickly they get ready! 

Maryel: What a remarkable way to motivate people to rise to the occasion! It’s brilliant! Also, I remember I said something to you like “Do you ever use visualizing techniques for the purpose of manifestation?” And your reply was something to the effect of “It’s already manifested, I just reach out and receive it!” 

Arielle: Yes. It’s all about remembering. For me, manifestation is not about doing, it is about remembering. It is about remembering that it is already yours, and that gains access to it. 

Maryel: O.K., I remember, I love that. It was very inspiring for me. It shifted me profoundly. 

Arielle: Listen, when I remember, it shifts me! Because I don’t remember it every day. There are a lot of days I forget. So, it’s just about remembering — Oh, I really already have this knowledge, or money or contact, or whatever it is I think I don’t have; I just have to get back into the space where I am infinitely creative, and it is already mine, I already have that!” 

Maryel: How did you get to this point? I know you worked for a big public relations firm many years ago in Beverly Hills, and then you went into your own business working in real estate. When the market crashed you started handling public relations for Louise Hay and Deepak Chopra. Were you always studying books on spirituality? 

Arielle: I have been interested in spiritual and metaphysical topics all my life. Even when I was a small child, I was having memories of past lives and having all kinds of crazy experiences. It’s been a lifelong passion. I don’t know where it comes from, except that it’s a memory. It is a memory I keep trying to awaken to at a deeper level. 

Maryel: You keep blowing me away. Remember the last interview when I told you about the dream I had the night before our interview where you said to me “Remember...” And then during the interview we discovered we both have wanted to be philanthropists since we were children, helping people through the mass media? That was so very special for me. 

Arielle: Yes, I remember! 

Maryel: There’s that word again — remember! 

Arielle: (laughter) Well all there is to know is — that there’s nothing to do, but only something to remember. 

Maryel: That is so powerful. The thought of yours — ‘remember’ — went out into the collective consciousness as Carl Jung says, and it touched me in my dream. We reach people without even realizing it sometimes. 

Arielle: I know. It is amazing to me. People send me books all the time and in the acknowledgment they are acknowledging me, saying the book wouldn’t have been possible without me, and I don’t even know who these people are. Somewhere along the line I must have met them at a writer’s conference. I talked to them once and unconsciously said the right thing. It is so mind blowing to me because I don’t even remember ever talking to them, and yet somehow Spirit used me to say something so important that they got a book completed! I can’t take any credit for that! I have no conscious memory! 

Maryel: You are an instrument. I want to tell you a visual that I came up with when I was trying to visualize exactly how you affect people around the world. Here’s what I see: Think of the hub within the wheel. You are at the center of the hub. The spokes extending are the people you represent in your business who have powerful messages going out to the world. These ‘spokes’ in turn are connected to the wheel, the circle that represents the world. You reach people around the world through your books and the people you represent, whether through writers, speakers, films, or television, etc. That is why I wrote you that little card that says ‘thank you for what you do,’ because you have created the careers of some of the world’s most inspiring people, who are helping lift the consciousness of the planet. 

Arielle: My mission is expanding at the moment. For the last ten years at least, it has been just to be a liaison between this transition team of thinkers, and philosophers and leaders, to the masses. We chose each other. With all of them, we recognized each other as having signed up for this so, would it have happened without me? No question. They were going to happen without me, AND it was my job to make sure they happened! 

Maryel: I hope you always remember your power. People in our positions must do this. I was talking to the creator of Aware Radio this morning; we were discussing the feminine energy, and that as women we are instruments of Spirit in an important time of the world. It is up to us, people in the press and media, to take responsibility for our instruments to empower others. We must remember we have a special connection with the Divine, and that we can be used. Remember when women used to be jealous, and cat fighting? Now women are going forth and joining forces like pioneers to help transform the world’s energy. I feel so honored to work with the women in my support team, to work with women like you, and am so very grateful for the women in my life, so very grateful that we have magnetized towards one another. 

Arielle: I agree with you and I think it’s true. The really important part for me, my big lesson right now is learning to work with and through the feminine energy as opposed to the masculine model. It’s not that this is new information for me, I’ve known about it for a long time, but what has happened in the last couple of years makes it too painful for me to work through the masculine model. Even if I want to do it, psychologically I no longer can. 

Maryel: Arielle, what you just said is so intense! 

Arielle: And so my desire to work with the feminine model has given me no other choice. So if it’s not win-win, I don’t want to play. If I am working out of having attachment to the way I want something to be, or having to drive a project, I can’t do it. If I can’t magnetize it and let if flow, then I don’t want any part of it! 

Maryel: I am in the very same place and so are the women in my support team. We are all there, and it is so beautiful the way you have expressed that. This will inspire so many readers. 

Arielle: And the world doesn’t support us, it’s not set up that way. 

Maryel: But we are changing that. 

Arielle: And the cost of changing it has been huge, if you look at all the people who have chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, panic attacks and anxiety. I think a lot of it, at least for women, is coming out of a split between knowing in our hearts how it should be, and then acting out of how society tells us to be. 

Maryel: Sacrificing ourselves to fit in with society, and going against our hearts, you are right. Now I remember that at the last interview we talked about that, and about depression. You said that once in a while you will still get depressed, but you get yourself out of it. 

Arielle: The only way out is through. So when I am feeling depressed, rather than resisting it, I get as into as I can. How blue can I feel? Just how bad could it possibly be — and then I go there — and I come out a lot faster. 

Maryel: You are a woman of such courage, I must say. You really are. It is people like you who really are setting an example for all of us. On a lighter subject, what kind of music do you like? 

Arielle: Anything you can dance to, the new Latin stuff — I love Kenny Loggins, Motown, Laura Nero, Marvin Gaye, Earth Wind & Fire, and I’m a major Barry White devotee! (Laughter) 

Maryel: How funny, devotee! On that happy note, I want to thank you for your wisdom, insight, inspiration and time. It has been a really wonderful experience I shall not forget! 

Although my intuition is usually correct, Arielle Ford, the ‘Multimedia Muse’ turned out to be even more special than I had preconceived her to be. Not only was she brilliant, creative, and talented, this powerful woman was surprisingly kind, humble, inspiring and spiritual. Arielle Ford is truly a great example of a “Woman With Wings”. 

Dr. Maryel McKinley is a Doctor of Philosophy, a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, a Licensed Practitioner and is the host of Solutions Television Magazine. To make an appointment for individual counseling or for speaking engagements, please call (714) 396-4314, or E-mail: dudil@msn.com .

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