By Kay Walburger 
Hanria Egan Advocates Mindful, Simple Routines To Restore Balance 
and Increase Capacity To Enjoy Prosperity “


A Sound Mind in A Sound Body” is an old saying as true today as ever! Today the Mind, Body and Emotional Connection is being recognized in all sectors of health care and one of the hottest topics around! Hanria Egan, a respected educator and authority in health practices related to wellness, diet and stress, is a public/keynote speaker and facilitates classes and workshops called “Health in the Balance”. 

Now as it happens, I was personally searching for some special wisdom relating to my own health and I had a vague feeling that my system was out of balance. Further, I insisted on natural answers to my physical discomfort. I am under a doctor’s care for one of my problems, however felt that there were lifestyle changes I could make with some guidance. That is when I found a flyer about Hanria’s upcoming 6-week workshop. I was excited after reading her bio, feeling she had a reasonable knowledge of Western modalities and Eastern principles and practices to educate me to my own possibilities. 

This class met Monday evenings and started with a discussion about what we expected to learn from these sessions. We began with a commitment to listen to our own bodies, and to tune into our senses for feedback on what was going on inside. Hanria showed us techniques to quiet our chattering minds and become ‘Mindful’. That was worth the cost of the class right there. 

In our world everything seems to be coming at us faster and faster and we are expected to keep up or be left behind. To step out of ‘time’, breathe deeply, and get quiet while tuning into our inner life was peaceful and amazingly refreshing. Best of all it was portable, as we were encouraged to give ourselves the simple luxury of this peace and quiet every day and notice the results. 

Hanria invited us to explore our options and let each of us respond to our specific needs, wants and desires. She pointed out that no one has our answers or knows us like we know ourselves, if we will just take time to listen and learn. Much of her workshop is based on the time-proven principles and practices of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian philosophy of holistic health as taught in India for five thousand years. 

What I most appreciated was the feeling that I was NOT being given “ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL ANSWERS!” She furnished each of us with a workbook to chart our own findings and watch patterns emerge for us to refer to again and again. Her intention was to provide us with practical, experiential, personalized information for improving health and minimizing stress. 

Health is Your Most Priceless Possession! 
Stress is something Hanria knows about firsthand. She told me “ When I was young I was naturally blessed with a slender vigorous body which I took for granted. I did not always eat healthy and it never seemed to matter. I overworked my body and it seemed not to fail me. Then one day my body seized up on me. I remember that day so vividly. I was in a gym on a treadmill, running and running, pushing myself past reasonable limits in an obsessive way, and it froze up on me. I finally crawled back to the dressing room and somehow got home. Since I was employed in the health care industry I turned to them for help. I spent a small fortune on specialists for about three years before I began to take responsibility for my own health practices.” 

“At the time of my physical trauma, I was pushing myself mercilessly in business and in the gym, and I could not or would not feel my body or emotions which may have been giving me clues. I was too preoccupied with distractions like working out. At last, I had to start using the knowledge on wellness which I had been studying most of my life. I had to get in touch with my feelings through meditation. 

I practiced mindfulness by starting on my breath and expanded into other areas. I started to do Yoga and eat more carefully for my body type. I had to slow down and live life more fully. As my body began to recover, I found I had more balance from the structure of a simple daily and weekly routine, which greatly enhanced my quality, and enjoyment of life. Now, I am sharing this knowledge with others, because I would like to see people learn about this precious wisdom before they are thrown into a crisis of pain or prolonged illness.” 

Employing All Your Senses 
Hanria’s six-week class was very exciting for me because each week I tried something she had taught us and by the next class I had seen real results. I was thrilled with slight but noticeable results. Each week as I added or tried new lessons in my daily life, I could see how each success built on the last success. Like many other people, I have been made promises I’m still waiting to come true! To see and feel positive results from actions as simple as adding mustard and dill pickles to my diet was exhilarating. 

I have had a weight challenge most of my life and when Hanria suggested to me that perhaps I needed to stimulate my appetite, I cracked up laughing. She taught us that there are six types of food 1) sweet, 2) sour, 3) salty, 4) bitter, 5) astringent and 6) pungent. We need to have some foods in each category every day, if not at each meal. Well, mustard and dill pickles were added to my diet and my digestion improved so much the first week that I’m still using them and getting the accumulated benefit from foods I love!

 I have to admit that of all the people in the class, I seemed to benefit most. Maybe, I needed it most or maybe I was more tuned into my body, I don’t know. Everyone did have measurable results, and it seemed to vary from person to person. That was after all, what Hanria was teaching us; we are all different and if we take time to listen and learn from our own feelings, thoughts, body, and emotions we will receive clues on what is working for us to optimize our health and well-being. 

Hanria’s program includes appealing to all the senses. She offers an introduction to aromatherapy to discover the smells and scents, which affect or appeal to you. Sounds which resonate with you. Example: toning mantras. Sights which stimulate or soothe you. Self-message and simple Yoga poses (10 minutes a day) refresh and rejuvenate, and keep you flexible. Deep relaxed breathing while meditating removes stress and is an anti-aging practice. 

“The essence of this teaching is respect for the whole person. Emotions and feelings have an effect on the body as much as exercising or diet. The more you see and experience the connections, the more your self-knowledge grows and serves you. Your answers are stored in your own body, mind and spirit. To pay respect to them by practicing simple daily routines in a well-rounded regime will pay off with your Health in Balance! To honor yourself this way is a spiritual experience and will bless you with a quality of life and more enjoyment of all the wealth you possess!”

 Hanria Egan has a master’s degree in public health from Harvard University and business administration from the University of California, has completed extensive post-graduate studies in holistic health at JFK University, and is a certified Health Educator by Deepak Chopra’s Center for Well-Being. After an 18-year career in administration, research and education in the health services industry she is now teaching, consulting, leading workshops and speaking in the areas of stress management, mind-body medicine, and health promotion. For more information, contact Hanria Egan at (949) 493-3502 or e-mail

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