By Chuck Diliberto


Sacred Moon
Native Passions
Allegro Media

The proliferations of alternative healing methods has come full circle with the  release of “Native Passions” Aromatherapy Series.  Each compact disc in this series comes replete with a vial of essential oils specifically blended to enhance and harmonize with the musical themes of each composition. I own an Aromatherapy diffuser which made it easy to spread the aroma, but if you don’t own one, there are many different ways listed in the liner notes to accomplish this.

On this particular CD, “Sacred Moon”, the music retained a Native American passion that was explored through flutes, saxophone, acoustic guitar, base guitar, and percussive instruments.  The guitars exchanged a point, counterpoint rhythmic structure that created a tension between the other instruments.  It was at this point that the Aromatherapy effect became noticeable. A sense of grounding and musical appreciation took place.

The notes became alive as the beats came closer and closer to my edge of awareness. I became acutely aware of why I liked to burn incense while listening to music.  The heightening of my senses was very self empowering, virtually transcendent. I felt my heart open to the music, and to the aroma of the essential oils wafting through my olfactory. This is not to say that the music could not stand on its own, yet, a synergistic effect did occur when combined with the essential oils. This is worth checking out. 

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The Dolphin Quest
Medwyn Goodall
Oreade’ Music

Medwyn Goodall has shared his vision and spirit through many recordings.  Goodall’s approach has always been ethereal, leaving plenty of room for personal interpretation and exploration.  In “The Dolphin Quest” Goodall states, “My approach has been to create the feel of another world; the Dolphin world.”  Dolphins have long held a mystical place in the lexicon of stories about the sea.

Only recently has the idea been furthered that dolphins represent a link to an extinct extraterrestrial civilization that may have flourished here on the Earth thousands of years ago, a civilization that was based in love, compassion, and healing.  In this light, Medwyn Goodall has begun to search for the true meanings of the dolphin through the window of his own soul and Spirit.

Musically we are treated to Good-all’s vast range of musicianship.  He interprets the dolphin world through panpipes, classical guitar, wood flute, grand piano, lyre, natural electric guitar, Rhodes piano, bell trees, soft drums and percussion, orchestral string session, heavenly choirs, Korg, Emu, and Roland synthesizers.

Through this varied array of instruments, Goodall searched for the right tones, moods, and feelings to convey his intuitive connection to the dolphin world.  The music floats and sways, sometimes playful, other times reminding us of the depth of our being.  There are moments where we are holding our breath, flowing through a natural environment, only to rise and express a deeper message, then, to return to the natural flow.

Medwyn Goodall has created a musical bridge between his soul’s vision and that of the dolphin’s world.  The music is plaintive and reflective, searching for that intangible mystery that ostensibly shrouds the dolphin’s role on this planet.  A very enjoyable listening experience.

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Mt. Shasta (Anthology)
Various Artists
Musical Pathways

Mt. Shasta is an area of Spiritual healing energy that is often mentioned in the same sentence with Sedona, Arizona. Both of these locales have to be experienced to understand the majesty and grace that permeates from these landscapes.  In honor of, and with inspiration from the mystical energies of Mt. Shasta, Kathy Zavada, Michel Genest, Carolyn Hedger, Anton Mizerak, Gary Cooper, Erik Berglund, and Chuck Wilson have combined their considerable talents to create this anthology.

Lilting voices, cosmic sound-scapes, and devotional hymns all portray a contingent of Spiritual musicians and messengers working together to facilitate a synergistic effort.  The monolith that is Mt. Shasta looms as a formidable benchmark from which these artists expressed their Spiritual visions.

The lyrics are all heartfelt ruminations searching for answers and truths that would promulgate a world-wide healing.  There is a sense of urgency, a here now immediacy that is tinged with sadness, hope, and conviction.  A conviction that draws strength from a Spiritual community banding together for a common cause.

This anthology represents a fusion of New Age and Contemporary music finding a shared moment in the Spirit of Mt. Shasta.  Gentle melodies ponder deeper truths, tugging at our heart strings, and nudging our souls to share in the beauty of divine grace and peace.  I feel a deep gratitude for the intimate display of unconditional love shown here. Real nice.

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Love Songs for the Heart’s Awakening
Scott Kalechstein

“Love Songs for the Heart’s Awakening” finds a more mature Scott Kalechstein allowing us to visit very intimate realms of his heart. Scott is in love, the world is brighter, flowers smell fresher, birds are singing, and there isn’t a single cloud in the sky.  Ah, love, l’amour, our hearts are pounding faster, time seems to stand still, we are caught in a vacuum that the outside world seemingly can’t penetrate.  Scott has found that place where the “heart’s awakening” needed to be expressed through his music and lyrics.

This CD represents Kalechstein’s fourth collaboration with musician/producer Peter Sprague.  Sprague has helped Scott evolve from the plaintive offerings of a folksinger to the polished sounds of a well-rounded performer.  Scott, the consummate troubador, has chosen a succession of ballads to profess his deepest love.  With the innocence of a child and the awe of someone touched by an angel, Kalechstein has found a way to bring together a group of musicians to share in his vision of happiness.

The music is a mixture of finely orchestrated moments combined with some slick ensemble playing that embellished the high points of emotion and passion that are inherent in Scott’s compositions.  Easy listening, soft tones, and smoothly produced, are some of the ways to describe Scott’s music. You can hear the confidence and joy exuding through his vocals, as if to say, Thank you God, I must have done something right.  Scott Kalechstein has the uncanny knack to express himself naturally without any pretensions.  In this way his “Heart’s Awakening” is there for all of us to share.  Thank you Scott for sharing. 

For more information, please call (877) 591-8863.


Kiss The Earth
Johannes Linstead
Real Music

The lights are dimmed, wine is being poured, enter Johannes Linstead. The provocateur of romantic flamenco guitar stylings, Linstead has found his niche in “Kiss The Earth”.  His playing is expressive, lively, and sensual.  His fingers stroke and caress the fretboard, creating the tension between two lovers waiting for the moment to slip away.

The music is traditional and extremely recognizable to most discerning ears. We are accustomed to flamenco guitars setting the scene in some exotic, captivating place.  Eyes meet, hearts are beating, the guitar is racing towards a climax.  Johaness Linstead has incorporated this traditional style with a contemporary flair of his own.  The notes seem more pronounced, the melodies more personal, emboldened with a sense of drama that takes us to the edge of our seats waiting to be swept away by an emotional torrent of unseen proportions.

Linstead has the touch.  His musicianship bespeaks of a finely honed talent enjoying the moment when people are listening.  His talent lies in his timing, the pauses and rests between notes, and the continuation of momentum and emotions after the pauses.  Johaness Linstead expressed a joy in his music that is coming directly from his heart and soul.  His intimation with the music added the extra touches that elevated the music above the traditional realm of flamenco playing.  Linstead’s music entered into our hearts, allowing us to create our own romantic visions. I am pouring the wine right now.

For more information, please call (415) 331-8273. Chuck Diliberto is a resident of New York State. Having written for a hometown publication that covered local and national musicians, reviewing CDs is an extension of that experience. His main interests are spiritual in nature and right living in practice.

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