More than Just Romance!
The Hopeless Romantic
New & Used Bookstore

By Maryel McKinley Ph.D.


Have you ever wished there were a place where you could go, without being hassled by sales people — and just relax in a parlor, sip some tea, meet new people, and talk about everything under the sun? There is such a place; it is called the Hopeless Romantic Bookstore in Huntington Beach. The storefront of this new and used bookstore is deceiving. It looks like a small place, but as you enter, you will be delighted to see there is not only a section for new and used books of many genres, but there is a unique section with gifts relating to the various books.

There is a parlor where people can relax, have free coffee and tea, while talking about everything from soul-mates to astral projection! One of the owners, Cynthia Sandler, says “You are safe here. We also have a garden in the back, and encourage everyone to come over and share their stories with us and with our customers. We do not judge. We are supportive and understanding about  metaphysical conversations, and everything goes!”

Of course, they have plenty of stories to share about romance, since not only do they carry a large selection of romance novels, but they are also located right next to a fine jewelry store that happens to sell engagement rings! Many times, a fiancé will stroll in, while the husband-to-be is next door purchasing a ring. “One time, a young woman was so excited, she went back to the jewelry store to make sure her fiancé picked out a ring she would like. As she was leaving our store, he was just coming in to get her to help select a ring!”

The Hopeless Romantic has held psychic fairs in the past for free. But for now, they are concentrating on developing a readers/writers evening, where you select a book, and all are welcome to come and discuss the book. Co-owner, Sharon Margolis, who is currently writing a book on astral projection, is also interested in having a writer’s night, where writers in the community come together and do writing exercises, etc.

If you are in the market for a great gift, a new or used book, or if you just want to visit the garden, or stop by for some free tea, recline in the parlor and meet new open minded friends, the Hopeless Romantic is the place to be! Look for their $.75 cent book sale every few months!

The Hopeless Romantic is located at 10122 Adams Ave. in Huntington Beach, right off the 405 freeway and Brookhurst. For further information, please call (714) 962-0223.

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