By Jenny T. Liu

Too Small to Expand

Sandra and her husband Brad live in a duplex located on the second floor.  Sandra is a choreographer and Brad is a photographer/digital artist.  They freelance from their home.  They both work hard and do not feel they are getting anywhere.  They still feel they are struggling artists trying to make ends meet and unable to reach their full potential.

Brad and Sandra are both born of the earth element and belong to the Western Direction Pattern.  Their positive directions are northwest, west, southwest and northeast.  Their house is located on a north/south axis.  Both the main door and back doors are respectively facing north and south.  Because they are on the second floor of a duplex, their unit was designed with the staircase running directly out both front and back doors.

This lets energy escape from the house, making Sandra and Brad vulnerable to weakness with their home unable to contain energy.  This usually translates to money that comes and goes. Itís hard to maintain a savings here.  Sandra and Brad couldnít agree more.

The north entrance is associated with the water element which weakens both Sandra and Bradís earth element energies.  Having unstable and dark energies of the staircase located here tends to compound the negativity.  Since this is the main door they use, they are constantly bringing in frequencies that defeat them.  They will be prone to stomach problems and allergies.  Also, they will tend to encounter tricky and troublesome people who take advantage of them.  Brad nodded in disbelief.  He has been dealing with some very unfair people in his business.

Since both doors do not match them, they are bringing in energies that conflict with them.  It is no wonder business is slow and tough.  Short of moving to a new place, they can try to use a wind chime at the staircase to keep the energy from escaping. They can also use the metal element to neutralize conflicting water frequencies of the north such as painting the door white, using a white mat or placing a bell or six coins on the doorknob or underneath the mat.

Although Bradís office is located in the northwest room which matches him, so are the toilets. The toilets are negative sources of energy that can cause Brad and Sandra to have head, neck, shoulder and respiratory problems which are associated with the northwest direction. Also, with annual energies of the Two Star located in the northwest, Brad is prone to arguments with females, stress and dealing with deceitful people. The northwest room is small and he has placed three desks, two of which are facing a wall with the door to his back.

Not only is this room too small for him to be efficient, he has arranged the furniture in a way that allows him to be easily distracted and lack control.  Working in this type of environment is not conducive to expansion and progress, something Brad wants very much to change. Brad should move his office to the northeast studio area which is much larger and has more positive annual energies for promotion and fame.  Artwork and crystals which enhance his energies are to be placed strategically around him in his new office area.

As for Sandra, her office is located in the north room which does not match her at all. If possible, she should set up a desk in the northeast studio area with Brad. With limited space, it will be hard for them to expand.  It Ďs a good idea to consider a larger place or doing more work in her dance studio outside the home.

Their master bedroom is located in the southwest corner which does match them. However, the room is very cluttered. There is a large ottoman in front of the doorway, a storage unit behind the door, a large book and desk are squeezed into the room along side the bed, and a television is directly in front of their bed.

The room is much too small for all the furniture.  The unnecessary furniture cramps their energy and does not allow the body to relax and expand during sleep. The television emits electromagnetic frequencies that lower their immune system.  Having a television in the bedroom is also a distraction that does not allow couples to focus on their communication and relationship.

There are decorative fans hanging over the headboard.  On a psychological level, the fans represent cooling down or dispersing of energy.  Having this over their bed can cause a similar cooling down in their relationship. Brad laughs and says, ďSo thatís the reason.Ē  It was clear their relationship was on the rocky side these days. With all this in their bedroom, it is not surprising if they are getting on each otherís nerves rather than getting good solid rest. The bedroom needs to be a place of peace and purity where we can rest, heal and rejuvenate ourselves.

Sandra mentions she and Brad would like to have children.  I recommended placing three rose quartz crystals around their bed. Rose quartz crystals are known to enhance fertility, love and release stress.  They should place a painting of a family above their headboard, or in front of them, to reinforce positive thinking.  Most importantly, they need to make more room by removing the unused furniture.  Without more space, conceiving can be difficult.  Even if they do have a baby, they will still need more room.

When there is limited space, it is hard to expand on any level. Brad admits it is quite a dilemma.  Without more money, they cannot afford to expand, but in order to make more money, they need more room.  Their existing feng shui does not allow them to expand, and as long as they stay here, their potential remains limited.  Many people are stuck is this cycle.  Hopefully, the adjustments give them enough leverage to move forward.

Jenny Liu holds a Bachelorís Degree in Environmental Design from UC Berkeley and a Masterís Degree in Architecture from UCLA. She is an expert in the 8,000-year-old Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui who also shares her knowledge through seminars, workshops, periodicals and the Internet. Ms. Liu is a fourth-generation practitioner with her own consulting firm. For more information please see www.liu-fengshui.com  or call (909) 860-0633.

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