Del Mar Health Expo
Set for OCTOBER 20-22
By Martha Forrest


The Del Mar Health Expo will take place on October 20-22 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, Bing Crosby Hall. This event will promote awareness and community involvement by presenting natural choices for the body, mind, spirit and environment provided by local and national professionals. This year’s sponsors include: Free Life International, Center for Advanced Medicine, The Light Connection, www.MyLifeChoices.Com   and KCEO.

Among many other activities will be free lectures, health screens, community sustainable living/ecology, earth gem jewelry, natural clothing and healthy living cooking demonstrations.

Change in health consciousness levels is observable everywhere.  We believe people have the right to learn about all of the natural options available.  The expo’s emphasis will be on integrative rather than alternative healing. There is a time and a place for allopathic (conventional) as well as a time and place for alternatives (holistic). Our mission is to present choices to the public, develop markets in integrative medicine and natural health, support natural ecology by promoting environmental sustainability and awaken social responsibility to build community involvement in these areas.

The expo will present all types of wholeistic (integrative) practices, i.e. allopathy (MD), dentistry (DDS), chiropractic (DC), homeopathy (HMD), naturopathy (ND), herbology, essential oils, aromatherapy, kinesiology, spiritual alignment, nutrition, polarity balancing, Ayurvedic, rapid eye, chelation, ozone, medical intuition, feng shui, yoga, magnetic therapy, Touch for Health, Reiki, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, color, sound, art, meditation, biofeedback training, massage, aura photography and readings, iridology, light therapy, and much more.  Practitioners will demonstrate and lecture on their individual healing techniques for the public’s education in making informed decisions.

Scheduled lectures include: Earl Mindell, PhD, Vitamin Bible; William Kellas, PhD (KPRZ 1210AM, KKLA 99.5FM Health Talk-A Second Opinion) How to Stay Healthy in an Unhealthy Society; Christine Dreher,  The Power of pH Balance; Carlos Warter, MD, Who Do You Think You Are?; Dr. Sarah Young (KCEO), Mind-Body-Spirit; David Nelson, ND, Eliminating Allergies; Lee Lorenzen, PhD; Mark Drucker, MD, How to Get Well Without Drugs; Terry Roche, MD, Secrets of Energy and Stress Free Living; Dave Carpenter, ADD/ADHD; Philip Archuletta, DC, Injury Prevention for the Weekend Warrior; True Ott, True Health: Ionic Minerals; Arden Wilken, Music, Healing Light Show; Gopi Saravati, Meta Sound for Survival; Juanita Simser, Animal Communications; Gayle Conners, Second Messenger; James Boschman, Flax and Circulation; Delfina Rose, ND, MD, Being Grand Poo-Bah of the Universe; Jim Suzuki, Normalize ALL Body Fluids NOW!; Karen Herring, Science & Health; and more!

How is this expo different?  Some of the most common comments made about this expo are, “It looks and sounds so different here, so positive!!” “I can feel the energy!” “I learned so much!” “One of the very best health expos I have ever attended!” Many people come the first day and return for the following two days!

In appreciation for attendees, $1 discount tickets are available at health food and book stores throughout the area.

The Del Mar Health Expo will be open Friday and Saturday, October 20-21 from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday, October 22 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. General Admission is $6, Seniors $4 , under 12 free.  Anyone who might be interested in booth information may call (877) 376-2847. Directions from Los Angeles or Orange County: take the 5 freeway south to the Del Mar Fairgrounds exit, follow the signs.  From San Diego, take the 5 freeway north to the fairgrounds. 

Expo Director, Leslie Livingston, has been involved in holistic health for more than nine years. She is a Certified Rapid Eye Technician and Reiki Master. Leslie will be giving a lecture Sunday, October 22 at 3:00 p.m. on Tap & Blink, an ESERT (Energy Stress Emotion Release Technique) modality she evolved from a combination of several different techniques that she has used for years to help herself and others. Tap & Blink is a self-help technique for releasing physical or emotional pain.

In 1994, Leslie had a breast tumor the size of an orange removed. She dealt with the post-surgery pain using this method, eliminating the need for narcotic drugs.

Being involved in the expo business has given her many opportunities to learn ways to deal with the etheric and physical body.

It is refreshing to see the expo director directly involved with the other presenters of this personal health expo.

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