Chronic Pain And Other
Disorders Can Be Cured
By Yee-Wing Tong, M.D.

Chronic pain can kill! However, so can drugs!

Drugs and surgery treat symptoms rather than their causes. Suppressing pain and other symptoms with drugs is akin to painting wall stains without first fixing the plumbing leak that causes them. A repair that ignores the root problem is unacceptable!

Orthodox medicine and research, hence, are fallacious, because they focus on band-aid therapies. “Palliative” drug treatment never cures the root disease, and requires life-long use of toxic chemicals, resulting in more harm than good.

The failure of an existing drug leads to the synthesis of more potent alternatives and the use of multiple drugs. Yet potent drugs are more injurious, and multiple drug use sharply increases risks. Since most patients are treated with many drugs ad infinitum, allopathic medicine can be deadly.

Untreated root diseases and adverse drug effects continue to rot the body, causing more symptoms, which are similarly masked with more toxins. This endless symptom chase and excessive intake of poison is the main culprit for today’s health decay and rampant degenerative ailments. A recent study shows that properly prescribed drugs are now the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S.! The first three — heart disease, cancer, and stroke — are exacerbated by palliative therapies. These dismal figures do not include the mortality and morbidity from surgery, invasive diagnostics, vaccines, inappropriate prescriptions, and unreported cases. The last factor alone would significantly magnify the negative data, as most adverse reactions are not reported.

I am a physician who recognizes the above fallacy. Through research, I have validated the energy principle of Chinese medicine by proving its congruence to Relativity, and developed a cure for chronic ailments based on this principle. My therapy involves an east/west technique called Neuro-Bioenergetics (NBE), homeopathy, herbs and nutrition.

Ironically, most chronic ailments hitherto considered incurable can be easily cured with the NBE method. Most of our patients have exhausted other therapies, but more than 90% obtain relief with their first NBE treatment, which is documented by reports completed by the patients. To substantiate this astounding claim, ample case histories, from Alzheimer’s to yeast infections, are posted on  under Patient Interviews and Case Histories.

For example, Judy suffered constant pain for 30 years from two back surgeries. She had exhausted all orthodox treatments, including those from Johns Hopkins and the U.S.C. School of Medicine, and tried years of chiropractic, acupuncture and other unorthodox therapies, all to no avail. The chronic suffering resulted in depression, immune deficiency, recurrent pneumonia, bronchitis, yeast infection and intestinal parasites.

She was contemplating her third suicidal attempt when learning of the NBE approach. Her pain was dramatically relieved with the first NBE treatment. After periodic therapies for three years, she has been free of pain and all symptoms, including the mental and infectious problems, for the past six years.

Christine, another patient, developed excruciating pain from three failed back surgeries. She did not respond to more than 20 different daily medications, including 350 mg of morphine contin, 120 mg of methadone, other potent analgesics, as well as medication for asthma, seizure, and an ulcer caused by drug therapy. She had been hospitalized twice for overdose on these drugs.

She limped into our office with a cane and in tears. After her first treatment; she walked out unassisted and laughing! We discontinued all her drugs after this first treatment except the methadone, which was reduced by 50%. She continued to improve with further therapy.

Another example is David S. who suffered from 20 years of back pain, which had become intolerable for four years. Extensive conventional therapies failed to provide relief. A UCLA professor diagnosed his condition as arachnoiditis. An anesthesiologist implanted a spinal pump, which failed to mitigate the pain despite a maximum dosage of methadone and dilaudid, which are potent narcotics similar to morphine.

In contrast, David experienced  dramatic relief from the first NBE treatment. He had the spinal catheter removed following the second one. He was cured after six months of therapies, and has been free of pain and medication for the past three years.

The NBE method is equally effective for other pain and non-pain syndromes, such as migraines, neuropathies, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Testimonials of the above patients are posted on . For more information, call (714) 556-8664.

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