Arhatic Yoga®
By Cindy Lichtman

What is Arhatic Yoga®?  Arhatic, derived from “arhat”, describes a highly evolved being. Yoga means union.  Arhatic Yoga is an advanced yoga system, developed by Grand-Master Choa Kok Sui, that synthesizes and integrates all yogas to accelerate one’s spiritual development.  It involves activating the chakras in a secret sequence after intense purification of the energy systems. As there are many spiritual paths, one might ask . . . why practice Arhatic Yoga?

The answer is simple.  Arhatic Yoga is an accelerated program for achieving spiritual growth. Often times, spiritual growth comes from many years of meditation and study. But Arhatic Yoga can create changes in your energy fields so quickly that spiritual development that might otherwise take many many years of practice, could take just days, weeks or months.

These changes can manifest in lots of different ways, both practically as well as spiritually. For example in your daily or work life, you might notice your mind working more efficiently making you smarter, more intuitive, and perceptive. You might realize that you are becoming less emotional, that you don’t react to situations with extreme emotions, but instead experience a calmer happier existence.

Spiritually, you might notice your meditations becoming deeper and longer. You might sense that we, humanity, are all connected to each other. Often it’s this feeling of connectedness or “oneness” that gives us a higher purpose in life. You might experience an overwhelming desire to give back to the world. One of the most prevalent complaints in society today is a depression people feel from not knowing their purpose in life.  How many times have you heard people wonder . . . why am I here?  Why do I exist?  Once people find the reason they are on this planet, their lives take on more meaning. They have a sense of purpose and peace.  These are some benefits of Arhatic Yoga as they are individual and vast.

You may find it difficult to believe that a spiritual practice can make all these changes in your life.  But Arhatic Yoga can.  I personally have experienced many of these changes myself thanks to my teachers, GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui and Master Co.  So, how does someone go about practicing Arhatic Yoga?

To learn Arhatic Yoga, a practitioner needs a teacher or guru for guidance and learning. Arhatic Yoga originator, GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui, and his personal disciple, Master Co, are two gifted and brilliant teachers who travel the world teaching these techniques to raise the consciousness of the planet. Through their direction, you can safely embark on this spiritual quest.

GrandMaster, Choa Kok Sui, will visit Los Angeles to teach Arhatic Yoga® Preparatory Level on November 18-19, 2000.  For further information on Arhatic Yoga, please contact the US Pranic Healing Center at (888) 470-5656.

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