Affirmations Are A Key Ingredient 
To Success and Your Prosperity! 
By Robbie Motter, Marketing Director, 
Center For Advanced Medicine & VP Marketing, Target Your Health 



Have you ever heard the famous saying “What the mind can perceive, it can achieve”? 

I truly believe in that concept, because if you do not believe in your product or service how can you make others believe in it?

 I recently had the opportunity to attend a workshop in Dallas on “Self-Wealth — Creating Prosperity, Serenity and Balance in Your Life”, taught by Multi-Millionaire Mark Yarnell, and partners Valerie Bates and John Radford Ph.D. 

There were many great concepts taught in the class but one of the things we learned in this two-day intensive course was how Affirmations can help increase marketing results. Since I was doing this article on unique marketing strategies, I asked Valerie to share some tips with me on why Affirmations can increase marketing results. 

Here is what she told me:
 “Writing, saying and visualizing success through affirmations has resulted in a life of self-wealth. In other words, living a life of prosperity, balance and serenity, I’m doing exactly what I have always wanted to do with my life as a result of changing my mindset through affirmations. It takes a lot of practice, effort and commitment but anyone can do it! Affirmations are the key.” Valerie Bates, co-author, Self-Wealth, and Co-Founder of The International Institute of Self-Wealth. 

What is an affirmation? 
An affirmation is a statement of a vivid image of being, doing or having something as though it is happening right now. 

How does one get started? 
It’s not just a matter of designing affirmations “out of the blue”. Follow this process and you’ll experience outstanding results from using affirmations to help you and your business succeed: 

Step 1: Begin by developing a very clear picture of the results you want. In other words, develop a vision of success for your marketing. What would a successful marketing pro-gram look like? Write it down. 

Step 2: Next, assess where you and your company are currently. Ask yourself what is your current reality in relation to the vision you have designed in Step 1. Write it down. 

Step 3: Now write affirmations to address your vision and overcome your current reality. 

Guidelines for Getting Your Affirmations down on Paper 
• Make them positive statements of your desired outcomes or results.
• Write them in the present tense, as if you have already accomplished them. 
• Use words with strong feelings that create an emotional picture in your mind. 
• Practice, practice, practice the affirmations at least once in the morning and once in the evening. 

How to Practice so Affirmations Really Work 
1. Find a quiet spot you enjoy. 
2. Play soft relaxing music that helps you relax. 
3. Take a few deep breaths as you begin. R-e-l-a-x. 
4. Say the affirmation. 
5. Close your eyes and see yourself succeeding at whatever it is you are affirming. 
6. Feel the emotion attached to the affirmation. 

Important note: 
Remember, in order to cement success into your subconscious you must use as many senses as possible when working with affirmations. 


Sample Affirmation for Marketing 
It is very easy for me to market ___________________because I believe so strongly in the company, the product and my own abilities to succeed. I am earning $ _________a month because I have the confidence and commitment I need. 

Valerie Bates began her journey to self-wealth as a teacher in isolated northern Canadian communities. Using self-wealth principles over the past twenty years, Valerie has earned an international reputation as a powerful and dynamic Master Facilitator and Senior Consultant to both the public and private sector. With a passion to see others reach their full potential, she has devoted a significant portion of her life’s work to helping create a world of equality and dignity, based upon our common bond of humanity. 

Valerie’s workshops on Self-Wealth, Leadership and Process Facilitation help individuals around the world to maximize their potential and mentor others to greater heights, rather than settle for mediocrity. Her contribution in the field of conflict resolution has won her the distinction of Honored Fellow of the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution. She is co-author with Mark Yarnell and John Radford Ph.D. of the best-selling book “Self-Wealth” and co-founder of The International Institute for Self-Wealth. For more information on this Institute see

You may be thinking this is way out there. Well I can tell you from my own personal experience it works, and I have talked to many successful people who use affirmations daily in their lives. 

Just a few simple affirmations I put into my daily life are: 

“People who are interested in doing business with me come into my life every day.” 

“Each and every day 10 new people order products and/or want to use the service I provide.” 

Since saying these two each day, my own personal business has exploded. The phone rings more and every day I am either talking on the phone or meeting 10 new people. The power of the mind is amazing, and the bottom line is that it increases one’s marketing results. So if you have someone in your company who dislikes cold calling or needs to increase their self-esteem, affirmations may be the answer. 

Napoleon Hill wrote in his book, “Think and Grow Rich,” “You become what you think about.” That line fired the imagination of a young broadcast journalist named Bill Nightingale, who applied that principal to his own career and built a hugely successful business selling motivational products to generations of North Americans. 

In “Self-Wealth”, authored by multi-millionaire Mark Yarnell, Valerie Bates and John Radford Ph.D., Mark says, “You stand at the beginning of what will undoubtedly become one of the most significant periods in the history of humanity. Each of us has the opportunity to dramatically re-shape our own lives and the lives of others unlike ever before.” 

He goes on to say “The fact is, there have always been two types of people: those who think they can, and those who think they can’t; and they’re both right. Think about it, what type of person are you? This is an important question, because it can have a dramatic impact not only on your life, but very likely on the lives of many other people. Because one person, with the right attitude and willingness to make positive things happen, can impact the lives of many who in turn can impact even more lives.” 

Remember in this new millennium it’s all about “Relationship Building”. Affirmations offer you the opportunity to impact personal and professional growth, not only in your life, but also in the lives of your employees. 

Keep your eyes open. There are a lot of fortuitous opportunities that come our way daily, the secret is to watch and take advantage of them. 

Robbie Motter is the owner of Contacts Unlimited, which specializes in marketing, consulting, speaking and training, and is the Marketing Director for Center For Advanced Medicine and the Vice President of Marketing for Target Your Health, a company that helps people live a healthier lifestyle. She is also the founder/director of the Professional Women’s Roundtable (PWR) and the west coast regional coordinator for the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE). She can be reached by calling (888) 244-4420 or by e-mail at . Check out  and .

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