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Feng Shui Concepts
2012 Feng Shui in the Home and Office

By Jenny T. Liu, M.A.


The Lunar New Year of the Dragon begins January 23, 2012. The fresh year marks a time of shedding the old and bringing in the new. As part of this tradition, my father, Grandmaster Chi Jen Liu, and I study the Chinese almanac, Yi-Jing, and the Flying Nine Star charts to forecast what the new year brings.

The following is a summary of the energies you may expect in the various directions of your homes and offices in 2012. By adjusting your feng shui before the Lunar New Year begins, your catalysts will be in place so that you can ease into the new year.

The center represents an overview of the energies for 2012. There will be a return of wealth, particularly for those who are up-to-date with skills and technology. Be aware of conflict between the senior and junior males. Females continue to be stronger. Open windows and remove clutter to keep energies in the center of the house flowing and bright. Ringing a bell or gong purifies the energy.

Supportive people will arrive through the east-facing door. If you have an east office, you can expect a promotion or a raise. However, women working in an incompatible east room need to be extra careful with communication and paperwork. Honesty keeps married couples in the east room happy and healthy. Use the fire element to activate positive relations by painting the east wall red or hanging a lantern in the east corner.

Middle-aged men with a north office benefit to think before they act. Women in the north room are prone to stress, which can cause imbalance in their relationships. Take precautions to prevent fire, fighting, or adultery if you have a north room or entry. Implement the metal element by using gold colors. Place clear quartz by your bedside to bring stability and to compensate for weaker energies.

Opportunity comes to those in a northeast room. Dynamic energy spurs celebrations in homes and offices with a northeast door. Those sleeping in the northeast room must be aware of addictive behavior and overt sexual relations. Northeast offices experience prosperity, but beware of temptation and greed. Married couples that want to get pregnant do best to conceive in the northeast bedroom. Plants promote growth, increase oxygen, and neutralize negative energy in northeast rooms.

Those with a northwest room need to be aware of confrontations. Keeping a cool head is invaluable to resolving problems. For businesses with a northwest door or office, mismanagement leads to being cheated. Encourage strong teamwork and double check vital work. Do not burn candles in the northwest sector of your home. Keeping the northwest room bright with a lamp enhances clarity, reputation, and business.

Making effort to take things in stride is necessary to overcome conflicts in the south room. Those with a south room do well to expand their knowledge and skills. Males using a south door or room may be prone to reckless behavior. Find a trustworthy friend to guide a male in this position. The wood element in the form of living plants and images of gardens or forests inspire growth and balance.

The southeast energies are the most volatile this year. Try to avoid using the southeast door, office, or bedroom. People tend to fight in the southeast room. This tension may induce ailments. Females can be prone to anxiety and reproductive issues and should be careful of overdosing if taking medication. Businesses with a southeast door or office should avoid making large investments in 2012. Keep the southeast room bright, well ventilated, and incorporate peaceful imagery.

Patience, forgiveness, and compromise are needed for those in the southwest room. Get expert advice when it comes to making vital decisions. The southwest provides an inherent energy of replanting and re-establishment. Eldest daughters who sleep in an incompatible southwest room or enter through the southwest door may be prone to toxins, skin rashes, or injury to the arms and legs. Rose quartz in the southwest room releases stress and enhances relationships.

Good news regarding work and money is announced, particularly for the younger generations. Those opening a new business with a compatible west entry enjoy income. If you have a west bedroom, romance and prosperity are headed your way. Young working men tend to push themselves to their limits. Females grow as they attain licensing and promotion in the west office. Place eight blossoming red flowers in the west corner to bring blooming business and helpful people.

Master Jenny Liu holds a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Design from UC Berkeley and a Masters Degree in Architecture from UCLA. She is an expert in Feng Shui who shares her knowledge through consultations, seminars, periodicals, and the internet. For more information, see