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Never Old
Tips on Keeping Mind & Body Young

By Jesse Anson Dawn


Jesse Anson Dawn (accurately photographed at age 67), author of the national award-winning book Never “Old,” plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how to personally control the unwanted effects of “aging.”

Presently answering the question:
“Dear Jesse, can your Awareness column tell us more about the very effective, self-induced, wrinkle-removing process that you call You-nity?”

Dear Readers,
During the decades that I’ve been developing this technique, I have found that it goes FAR beyond the results of any so-called “skin-saver” or “moisturizer” — all of which I have found to be relatively useless products that, quite often, actually damage the skin. But what I’m now revealing is not a pharmaceutical product, but a truly working, skin-renewal procedure — a process that takes just a few minutes a day to do.

The perpetually effective You-nity process, is one of the many true-to-life, mind-body-unifying and ((protection-energy)) practices detailed in my yet-to-be-published book — The New Era of Consciousness. And the following is quoted from that unique piece of work, where I describe the simply done, breakthrough procedure that I call:

The You-nity Session

The most therapeutic way to spark the You-nity process, is to focus on an important (but usually neglected) part of your body — an area at the back of your neck that can be heard, felt and found, simply by tilting your head from side-to-side, or rolling it in a circle...

Okay then, if you did that, I’m sure that you heard a small crackling-sound that comes from a wad of pain and tension (located at the top of your spine). And what that glob of neck-pain is, dear reader, is an area that I call the Ex-tensioning Spot (or the X-Spot), what biology books call the medulla oblongata, “tree-trunk” of the brain — through which the mind’s nerve-cell, healing-messages travel to the rest of your body. But whatever you call that body-controlling, highly significant spot doesn’t really matter, just so you don’t forget to keep it unclogged, as any blockage there inhibits mind-power prevention of physical decay (much like having a leak in your brain-to-body-unity, fuel line).

And so we begin a (pain-relieving/self-renewing) You-nity Session by de-tensioning the X-Spot area, easily done by raking away the (stiffness) there with a press-and-release, kneading motion — a softly applied stress-reliever that utilizes the healing-emanations of your fingers.

Then, following that brief process, the next step of the You-nity Session is to use your precious fingers to do a perpetually activated, ((mind-powered)), facial-massage — a procedure that truly diminishes what has come to be called “wrinkles.”

Wrinkles, shrinkles, and why are alive (and thereby changeable), energy-controlled things labeled a noun? And so to revise our perception of so-called “wrinkles” — we can give them some verbal energy by calling them wrinkling, because with a new name, they take on a newly clarified identity, and thereby become much more controllable.

And it’s amid an increased comprehension of body-control that this de-wrinkling process is successfully actualized, especially while realizing this crucial fact:

Beneath every “wrinkle” there is a wad of pain (an ache quickly felt when you rub that facial indentation). And that small (pocket of pain) is THE factor which CAUSES a (muscle-tension) “wrinkle” to happen. Therefore, TRULY EFFECTIVE, self-induced, de-wrinkling is mainly activated by one VITAL process: massaging away the pain (that lurks beneath EVERY “wrinkle”).

Thus newly-empowered by knowing WHY so-called “wrinkles” appear, you can further maximize the results of these sessions by realizing another significant fact:

SKIN IS 70-PERCENT WATER, and because all lotions and creams are HEAVIER than water, they CANNOT be absorbed into skin, a factor that makes WATER THE ONLY TRUE “MOISTURIZER.”

Therefore, the You-nity process is best done while keeping fingers wet with plain water. And if you have unwanted (pain-lines) on your forehead, that’s a good place to start this daily skin-healing procedure.

An especially effective way to diminish forehead wrinkling, is by pulling the skin there upward towards your hair, using a continuous finger-raking motion. This technique is greatly helped by visualizing the pain (that’s under EVERY “wrinkle”) going directly to the CENTER of your mind (where all painful discomfort is duly relieved, by a central-brain-secretion called “endorphins”).

Then, the same finger-raking process can sweep-away the “crows feet” (that may occur in the eye-area) — again removing unwanted “wrinkles” by pushing them backwards into the (central-brain/endorphin-area) — where pain and tension is immediately RELEASED.

And by utilizing this same (pocket-of-stress) relieving method, you can capably massage-away the “jowls” (that may appear on both sides of your nose).

But to make this skin-saving, willpower-strengthening process perpetually accomplished, it needs to done DAILY — all while re-minding yourself of this steadily useful fact:

When you tell yourself to walk, you walk, and when you tell your hand to write something, HELLO, it gets written, because your body is SUPPOSED to follow your directions, true? And so why shouldn’t you at least TRY the You-nity/Skin-Renewal technique, just to SEE if you can MAKE it work?

And with that suggestion (hopefully))((internalized), let me wish you all happily, willpower-directed holidays, and also happy PERPETUAL rejuvenating!

True Youthman Jesse will answer any questions (about real rejuvenation and protection-energy) by emailing him at