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Book Reviews

By Sonia von Matt Stoddard


The Urantia Mysteries and the Coming of the Light
By Timothy Wyllie

This book draws directly from the Urantia Book and its organization, politics and geography, and what compiles the angelic realm as well as the Multiuniverse. If you have ever wanted a clear understanding of how the world of angels is structured, this book will give you a concise picture to use as a foundation to build upon.

Here we find a summary of the detailed history of this planet from its origin and origin of life, to its relationship with the angelic entities at the center of its cosmic drama. In part, and as a result of a war outside of our worldly universe, known as the Lucifer Rebellion, our planet has been quarantined and isolated, and we have lost touch with our rightful place within the universe.

Most recently, we are witnessing a return of the rebel midway angels who are now coming back to assist us in the coming transformation of our world. The role of the midway angels, and how we can harness the events of their returns, represents the basis of what we are told here. By harnessing the wisdom of these other-beings, learning their truths and failings and by reconnecting with these entities, we are in a position to take full advantage of the possibilities to come through the coming global transformation.

Published by Bear & Company, this book is available at your local bookstore or on the website at

By William Bloom

What exactly are angels and spirits and how does one communicate and work with them? The spirit world does truly exist and it is a relevant and real part of nature and our universe. This book is meant to be a practical resource and guidebook for those who have already experienced these beings and have an understanding of the depth to which they exist within our lives already, as well as those who are newly pursuing this area of spiritual clarification.

Bloom shows us, with specific instructions, how to meet our guardian angel and how to recognize our individual animal spirit, as well as how to work with healing angels that govern over a broader range, such as community and nations. He discusses basic invitations and nurturing of established relationships.

Quite simply, the purpose of this endeavor is first to identify and describe these other-worldly beings who are available to us, then learn how to locate and communicate with them, share in their logic, experience and common sense, and build bridges between our worlds, in thought, imagination and action.

Published by Trafalgar Square Publishing, this book is available at your local bookstore or on the website at

25th Anniversary Edition
Follow Your Inner Guidance to Create a New Life and a New World
By Shakti Gawain

Creative Visualization is one of the most importance techniques we can learn. It allows us to hear and listen to our inner guidance. Learning how not to control life, but rather to become conscious of our different aspects and work within that framework, brings us to not only a better understanding of our scope in this universe, but shows us how to embrace it and develop deeper fulfillment through it.

We all have a higher power within us, as well as preconceived limitations as a result of our experiences. Listening to and trusting our intuition, recognizing harmony, exploring our many selves, meeting the male and female aspects of our personalities, then bringing these insights to fruition in work and play, are all discussed here at length.

This book helps us to allow our inner intuition to become the guiding force in our lives, while eschewing those emotional, non-rational fears that plague us. Personal fulfillment, aliveness and creativity result, and are made available to all those who are inspired by this updated approach to conscious living.

Published by New World Library, this book is available at your local bookstore or on the website at

True Stories of Healing Miracles
By Jacky Newcomb

If you’re looking for inspiration from real-life encounters with angels, you need look no more! Newcomb, also known as ‘The Angel Lady.’ is an angel and paranormal experiences expert, and an angel columnist, with many celebrity clients, invites us to visit her and her ‘spooky life’ and come away with insight about our own spiritual encounters.

Angels exist and miracles do happen. We are never alone and if we can tune in to the ‘other side’ we will find our loved ones, as well as be able to work with them and count on them for help within our world.

Included herein are stories mostly revolving around and involving a medical setting. We hear about nurses, hospitals and healings, miracle babies, mysterious strangers, life-saving voices, and chats with distant, long-departed relatives.

Through the use of these vivid illustrations, Newcomb shows us that we are never really alone, especially when we are in situations where physical and spiritual care run parallel to the universe of our dearly-departed protectors.

Published by Hay House, this book is available at your local bookstore or

Your Guide to Meaningful Connections with the Afterlife
By Trish & Rob MacGregor

A large percentage of our population believes in the survival of the soul after death. While there may be no exact science that can confirm this phenomenon, and many people have doubts, this fact has not been a deterrent to those who continue to examine the walls that seemingly separate our earth existence from something more ethereal and spiritual.

Using numerous stories about spirit contact, the authors serve as expert guides to the afterlife. According to them, the realm of the dead is buzzing with life, potential and promise. We can harness this synchronicity — the concept that some events and incidents are not just coincidence, but meaningful coincidence — into a way to connect and reconnect with loved ones during times of crisis and transition, as well as a way to gain everyday benevolence, when life is good to us.

The authors also discuss the thinking of some luminaries, like Jung, Lincoln and Twain, by folding in their colorful journeys and unique experiences to illustrate their points. Included in those discussions are topics like altered states, healing spirits, tricksters and our animal friends.

Published by Adams Media, this book is available at your local bookstore or