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Angels of Service

By Dr. Joy S. Pedersen, L.S.H., C.S.H.C.


There are many angels holding countless roles and responsibilities. Each being of light has an expertise and an assignment to fill. They provide unlimited support, insight and help in every matter pertaining to your daily needs.

Angels are in service to God and God has them in service to you, ever-present and ready to assist you daily. They are there when you ask them or when God asks them to intervene. They have the bigger picture in mind, so they find ways to help when and where you are not looking.

They are not there to interfere but to support. In fact, they long to support you and help you when necessary. But they need to be asked before intervening. The problem is that many, if not most of us, do not know how to access their support and assistance more readily.

When you learn to access the Angels of Service, and become skilled at recognizing their help when they provide it, your life is immediately smoother and easier and can become increasingly effortless over time. When you follow their guidance, they provide the highest and best path leading you to further truths and experiences, all aligned for your highest good.

Because angelic beings of light have only your best interests at heart, they know without question what will serve you. They see things you cannot, and thereby can take into account all aspects of the situation. So, when you doubt their existence or the signals they provide, you miss a golden opportunity to have a life lit by love.

Your doubts and limited perspective deny you their gifts. They can provide for you in so many ways. They have an expertise and a vision beyond recognition when trying to fit them into your state of awareness.

There are two kinds of Angels of Service to be mindful of: Messengers and Providers. Sometimes angels operate as both. But often their mission is more in alignment with one role than another. They are focused on those roles just as you are focused on your job duties. You bring to daily work a speciality or area of expertise that is what defines your primary role, although at times you may cross over and do something other than what you are called to do by job definition. The angelic realm is no different. They have duties to perform or messages to deliver.

Because the nature of the dimension they operate within is unlimited — by comparison to this earthly plane — they can provide an outlook and a scheme more comprehensive than you can envision on your own.

Access an angel resource and you gain a distinct advantage over the current circumstances you are experiencing. You may find it much easier to overcome a challenge… negotiate through a situation… remove yourself from something unpleasant… discover a more fruitful direction… or find peace amongst chaos.

Remember, the efforts of the Angels of Service are tireless. Although you may feel weary and worn down, they feed on your willingness to ask as they sit on the sidelines waiting to be called. And the advantage is not necessarily yours alone. When you call angels forth, they have an opportunity to participate and make a difference in your life as well as the lives you touch.

They are rewarded by the benefits you receive from their help. They are grateful and gratified by having the ability to help and make that difference. For every time they help and make someone’s life easier or better, they know the ripple effect that it has and it makes their help less necessary in the future.

They long to help, but you must ask them. And when you ask, be grateful for the help confidently knowing it is being given.

• Be receptive to the help provided knowing there is far more going on than meets the eye.

• Trust that the outcome is set for your highest good and the good for all concerned.

• Accept that they have your best interest at heart and know what they are doing is due to the clarity of what they are seeing.

“We hear your prayers, your cries for help and your requests for assistance almost at the moment you make them. If you only trusted us and the process more, you would have more of the answers and solutions you sought,” says Archangel Michael.

I have been working with angels for years and have incorporated their assistance in my personal as well as business life. Their work is all encompassing. Their compassion is far greater than you can imagine. Their reach and effectiveness is far more comprehensive than you realize. Learning to access and trust the Angels of Service can open doors and provide help beyond imagination. 

Dr. Joy S. Pedersen, Licensed Spiritual Healer and Certified Spiritual Health Coach, was requested by Archangel Michael to channel his book, Wisdom of the Guardian: Treasures From Archangel Michael to Change Your Life. He assists in her healing practice as well. You can receive a free mini 5-week e-course from him at