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How Do You Know An Angel Is Around You?

By Jacky Newcomb


Angels have existed since the beginning of time, long before humanís were created. One of their many roles is to take care of and watch over humankind. They are our guides and guardians. Every person has a guardian angel watching over them. This angel loves and protects their human charges but strangely, most of us are totally unaware of their existence. Many people go through their entire life never seeing, feeling or sensing their guardian, yet that angel is with them every day.

How can you become more aware of your guardian angel? Itís really simple. The best way is to ask your angel for help... itís as easy as that. No fancy rituals are needed, you donít need to burn candles or light incense (but thatís nice too!)

You donít have to carry a crystal around in your pocket or follow any other magical ritual. By simply inviting your guardian angel to draw more closely to you, you are much more likely to actually encounter him or her!

Of course angels donít have gender; they are neither male nor female but often show themselves to us in this way. Your angel may have wings... or may appear as a human-type figure, but youíll know itís your angel. Angels have been described as having bright blue eyes, piercing even.

Some say their angel had the whitest-blonde hair, but that ultimately it was the way they felt about the encounter that made them realize they had come face-to-face with their own magical protector. That angel appeared at a time when they were needed the most. When we are in danger, scared or ill, our angels draw the closest to us.

Although you might see your angel physically, itís more common to sense an angel in your life. Angels most likely appear in a physical way during the most dramatic of situations, or in times of emergency. At all other occasions their intervention in our lives is more subtle.

Have you ever asked for a sign? The most likely sign from an angel would be a white feather; these feathers vary from the smallest, fluffiest baby-bird feathers to the largest most beautiful swan feathers. If you find a feather after asking for a sign, remember to keep it safe!

Angels sometimes appear with a scent. Angel perfume is not just something you buy in a bottle! When an angel is close, people often describe the scent of perfume, usually exotic-smelling blooms. On occasion someone might describe a vanilla-type of scent often recognized as the comforting smell of baby products or ice-cream).

Angels donít always bring a scent, sometimes folk see lights; these might be twinkling lights, rainbow colors or clouds of light from which an angel shape may or may not emerge. Ask your angel to appear in a photograph, then look out for orbs and other light abnormalities.

Some people believe angels announce their visits by ringing bells. ThereĎs an old saying (from the film, ĎItís A Beautiful Life.í Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings. Delightful!)
Your angel may bring a feeling that they are around you. Your Ďsigní could be a comforting
experience or a sense of deep inner peace or calm. There is nothing more wonderful, especially when you feel in danger or are ill. Ask your angel to be more active in your life...

Meditate with your Guardian Angels. Most people who believe in angels want to work more closely with their guardian protectors. Angels are elusive most of the time because they are unseen in our normal waking hours. The best way to become closer to their message is to sit in meditation and communicate with them. Here are a few ideas that will make it easier.

1. First find a quiet place to sit. This might sound obvious but clearly itís a lot more difficult to meditate when other people are in the house making a lot of noise, or you have young children in the other room to worry about. Try and arrange to meditate when you can be alone, or at least the children are being taken care of by someone else.

2. Arrange a regular time to meditate. You are more likely to meditate if you literally make a date with yourself for the same time each day. Set aside 10-20 minutes of Ďme-time.í

3. Make sure that the room is warm enough; itís hard to relax when youíre feeling chilly.

4. Wear comfortable clothing. Soft jogging bottoms and a layer of t-shirts and cardigans is probably best. I like to wear socks so adjust your clothing according to the weather!

5. Play relaxing music in the background or even better play a meditation recording; this will give you a voice to follow along with... much easier at first than completely clearing your mind!

6. Wear headphones to create a more intimate atmosphere.

7. You might like to create a scent for relaxation. I suggest natural aromatherapy oils (go with your favorites but be sure you are aware of the attributes of each oil to ensure they are safe. Lavender is a good favorite, or for deep angelic communication try frankincense oil.

8. Allocate a comfortable upright chair to sit in... or a cushion on the floor!

9. Finally light a candle. Candles are symbols for bringing in the light and it will help to raise the vibration. For safetyís sake, use a tea light or place a candle in a jar on a clear, flat surface.

Your angels will soon begin to connect to your regular communication session and with time, psychic experiences will grow too! Donít forget to make notes of your session and most of all... enjoy it!

You can reach Jacky at:  (See the book review for Healed by An Angel on page 40.)

© Jacky Newcomb