New Corporate ZooŽ Club
Breaks the Rules To Socialize and Do Business from the Heart



What do making new friends, doing interactive business consciously, and inspiring others in a Nature-themed environment have in common? They are the new trend formula of “oneness” for Corporate ZOOŽ Clubs.

The Corporate ZOOŽ Club, the un-club, offers a new comfortable way to make friends, explore business consciously, and inspire others with shared stories while learning about change in a creative, fun environment uniquely themed through Nature.

This creation was born out of frustration. With no place to meet people, spend creative time, and do “business” from the heart, Kat Cun-ningham and Karen Lee decided it was time to pool their experiences and explore a new concept of doing business. Kat, a one time owner of an event company, found the only time walls of business were down was in a party atmosphere. Now a trainer in company team building through Nature’s lessons in eco-partnership, she decided to put a creative spin on learning, meeting new people and doing business together. Karen Lee, Marketing Director, humor writer and founder of Awake Public Relations to make conscious businesses more visible, felt it was time to add fun to that list. Now add the amusing anecdotes of Nature and you have a new formula for getting together — The Corporate ZOOŽ Club.

Why the strange name? The names Corporate, an instant icon of any business, ZOO, representing a system, and Club, used as a place of gathering, would attract the right attention or at least create curiosity. The real tone of the evening event is the process they coined as Eco-partnering — a chance to meet new people who share a vision of business from the heart.

The word ZOO relates to a recreated, somewhat forced environment designed for helping the preservation of endangered species. Business today parallels that ZOO system, creating pressures of surviving, learning to get along with the other merged species, and creating unnatural shared space. How we view business and treat colleagues as eco-partners will determine our endangered status.

The idea of Club needs a whole overhaul. CZC offers an expanded “no boundary” atmosphere for respecting the essence of who you are, not what you do for a living. Using Nature’s ecosystem to mirror how humans can share and respect space together, creates a “tongue and cheek” platform for humorous programs like “How to stay off the endangered species list”, (looking at how job change and company mergers affect you).” Lessons from Tigers on prospecting new business” or “Humor to soothe the beast with-in”. These creative programs are playfully designed for group participation and positive growth.

Keep it simple is the club’s motto. This un-club, no meetings, minutes, boards or status will be driven by these five CZC goals to grow by:
• Friends - Kat and Karen found using a Nature theme was the perfect equalizer for friends to establish instant comfort to experience diversity in open relationships. With your help, there will be a constant flow of new people to share and enjoy time with. The rest is up to you.
• Business - If business makes our world go around, why not make it fun. CZC provides a neutral space to share who you are, and what you aspire to be. Building conscious relationships is the heart of business. When communicating business from this expanded perspective, you become more than your business card. As eco-partnerships occur business will be the positive result.
• Atmosphere - Create an unstructured space for fun, meeting new people, and watch the stress melt. We are sadly lacking in a safe place to relax and be ourselves. Using the theme of Nature sets that relaxed mood and creates monthly unexpected surprises to express your creativity — from a Nature boutique to themed relaxed clothing each month.
• Learning - Inspiration comes from within. Today’s society is missing the cultural stories from which great lessons come. At CZC, you will find the time and the willing audience to share your life experiences and witness how your life parallels others looking for answers.
• Growth - Opening boundaries to view conscious diversity in your personal life or at the office closes the gap of separation. Status holds us back from seeing each person as a link in our delicate chain. To help you in that connective process, ZOO guides will assist new guests in meeting at least one new friend. Having a sense of belonging expands the idea of acceptance.

As the word spread about these two maverick women, a broader vision for the clubs grew, from being individually owned and organically grown in every major city to being able to attend another city’s club to find comfort while traveling. Ownership and The TRAVEL PASS are hot on the drawing board.

Don’t be left out, call Nature-Heart International (619) 281-1358 or e-mail:   

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