Why Do We Wish?
By Jeanne Reith Waterman



Why do we toss three coins in the fountain, wish upon a star, or wish on the candles on a birthday cake? Some say superstition — some say tradition.

There is great power in a wish, and to wish on something gives the wish a point of departure, its natural reaching out to the supernatural. A wish is like an enormous soundwave or the penny in a well of the Universe. Drop a wish on a star or in a well and it begins an energy movement.

A wish is connected to a desire or a longing, which is connected to the heart and the emotion of yearning. A wish can be made and then held in the suspension of time until it seeks fulfillment. ‘In time’ is the wish’s operative phrase, because wishes will come true in their perfect time. Most often a wish finds fulfillment when we least expect it.

When you trace the time of the wish to the time of fulfillment, it is a wonderment. Sometimes, I believe that time-space is in definite proportion with our inner connection to our intuitive capabilities. Our clarity in understanding our wishes, as they arise, can change the time lag to imminent future fulfillment.

This is all about understanding one’s self. The wish to appear in a role on a recurring television program can take some people ten years and some people one day. Timing is essential. Commitment to the wish is everything.

The wish comes from the heart, from way down deep. The wish can move the mountain, find the missing, overpower the exiting, and foresee the future. Regardless of our present situation, our inner wishes will rise and become triumphant or will become the constant reminder of why life would have, could have or should have been better. The inner wishes bulldozing forward are what motivates the head of sales to leave the field for a career in theater, or the lead saxophonist to become a defense attorney.

When we ask for our desires and wishes, it is our responsibility to ask only for our highest good and for the highest good of all concerned. Wishes do come true, however a wish that is harmful to ourselves or another can set up a train of karma from which even angels can not protect us.

Like goals, the wish is purposeless unless we give it the attention it commands and deserves. It requires as much care as a newly-sown garden and will demand as much attention as any of life’s greatest tests. We need to plan and work toward its fulfillment with diligence.

I am proof that wishes do come true. In 1993, I wrote my wish to create a wonder product that would help people believe, to wish, to recognize their desires and achieve them. In 1995, I started Wishworks and created and sold my first 1,000 wishing pillows, and tens of thousands have been sold since. Wishes do come true in their perfect time.

The Wish Upon an Angel wishing pillow comes with a week’s worth of wishes for love, success and personal growth. They help settle the mind — to state our wish, and reinstill the belief that we can achieve our greatest desires. It is the first step to becoming triumphant over our inner wishes and make them our future lives. Put a wish in the pocket, let go, and let the angels take care of it.

True, some wishes will find fulfillment regardless of any of life’s mountains, and without pillows. The idea is to find a way to look carefully at your heart’s desires. And above all, when you wish, wish for your highest good and the highest good of all concerned.

For more information on the Wishing Pillow, please e-mail Wishworks@aol.com , or see our distributors: Tara’s Angels in San Juan Capistrano, Language of the Heart in Covina, Angel Experience in Rancho Bernardo and Things from Heaven in Santa Barbara.

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