By Paula Hamilton


With Aileen Sheron

RDK Productions, Inc. Well, as promised here is the review for the second tape of the two- tape set. The video is part of a set of videos, one for prenatal fitness and one for postnatal fitness. The postnatal video is a sixty-minute tape, also designed in a classic low-impact aerobic routine. The tape includes a rubber exercise band that is utilized later in the workout.

The sessions include a warm-up, four low impact aerobic sessions, strength and flexibility exercises, abdominals and stretching. I really liked the segmentation format because I think it will make it easier to customize the length of the tape. Segments can be added or left out as needed to ensure the workout is not too stressful for you. However, always include the warm-ups and the cool downs.

Aileen Sheron’s perkiness and style are reminiscent of Denise Austin, and the aerobic choreography includes classic grapevine steps, box steps and kicks. Steps have been taken to ensure safety of the participant by including regular reminders to drink water, and check perceived exhaustion level.

There is also an interview at the end of the tape with a specialist in physical therapy who discusses common post partum problems. Instructions are included on how to check for diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles) and abdominal hernia, and of course, the tape is approved by the American College of OB-GYN’s.

I think the hardest part will be finding the time and maybe the motivation to exercise, especially if it’s your first baby. But do something good for yourself; you need to make your health a priority. Remember to check with your doctor first to rule out any medical condition that may contraindicate certain exercises, and then follow up by listening to your body very closely! Slow down when you need to, and if at anytime you are feeling strained, stop and call your doctor. Make sure to err on the side of safety. Overall I’d rate it a four diaper pins out of five.

Available from RDK Productions 1 (888) 757-0866. P.S. I had a baby girl.

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