“Seeing the Angels”
By Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.



Can you see the angels?” is a question that I am frequently asked. As a child, I saw angels and then I turned off the ability as a young adult because I was frightened of seeing beings no one else could see. I reclaimed the ability as an adult, and I now see angels more clearly than ever.

I have found that many people were also able to see angels and angel sparkles as children. I have also collected close to five hundred stories of people who have seen their guardian angels for a new book that will be published next spring. These are intelligent, sober, and lucid adults who have seen their guardian angels with their physical eyes. Some of them worry about speaking openly about their experience, because they know it is considered “crazy” or even “evil” to speak about visions. Yet, they tell me they know their experiences were real. With my training as a psychologist, I also know they are telling me the truth and are not hallucinating.

I firmly believe that every one of us has the ability — whether we believe in angels or not — to see angels with our spiritual sight. New university studies show that children are highly psychic and that everyone, regardless of age, gender, or spiritual background, has the potential to connect with the Divine. In the angel courses I teach across North America, I’ve found the majority of people can learn how to see and communicate with their guardian angels.

Most angels look like the traditional Renaissance paintings. They have wings and gowns of brilliant light. Some angels have obvious genders, and others are androgynous. There are tiny cherubic angels and seven-foot tall angels. Some are full-color, and others are a dazzling singular shade of pure white, blue, or green. They exude sparkles and flashes of light, which we sometimes see as the angels move about. The angels are translucent, and without flesh or race.

Yet, angels take on the traditional appearance of wings and long gowns for our benefit. Apparently, the first Renaissance painters mistook the angels’ glowing aura for wings, and painted them as winged beings. Ever since, the angels that appear to us have wings, even though I have never seen an angel flap its wings or use them for flight. The angels say, “We don’t actually need wings to fly, and since we don’t have bodies, we do not need clothing. We take on this form to help you recognize us. If you expected us to look an entirely different way, then we would happily comply with this appearance, since our only desire is to help God help you.”

Angels respect you enormously, and will never do anything to frighten you. If they know it would scare you to see an angel, they will make sure that you do not see one until you are ready. Yet, though you may not see angels, they are there.

Guardian Angels
There is a hierarchy of angels, because God’s different thoughts of love each fulfill varied functions and purposes. This is as true for angels as it is for people. We each have a unique mission, and no one can fulfill your mission but you! Closest to God are the seraphim and the cherubim, whose job it is to remind us of God’s glory and awesome love. Consequently, these angels glow the brightest, since they are overflowing with God’s light of love. Next in the angelic hierarchy are the dominions, virtues, powers, and principalities. These angels oversee the universe and carry out God’s will across the galaxies. Guardian angels are closest to all living beings, followed by their supervisors, the archangels.

Every person I have ever seen has two or more guardian angels next to them. These angels are with you, from physical birth until death. And yes, even so-called “evil” people have angels. The angels, like God, see that we make mistakes. Some people appear to make really awful mistakes. Yet, heaven looks past our errors and views us as we truly are: holy children of God. The angels know, by holding this loving viewpoint, everything that seems unloving will disappear. We can learn a lot from them!

You Can See Angels
You can also learn to see the angels that surround every person you meet. Even the most immoral among us have at least two guardian angels by his or her side! An easy way to begin seeing angels is to work with a partner:

1. Have this person stand next to a solid-colored wall. It does not matter what color or shade the wall is, as long as its color is uninterrupted by patterns or pictures. Room lighting doesn’t matter either.

2. Soften the focus of your physical eyes and concentrate upon the vision of your mind’s eye.

3. Now, focus about two inches above the person’s head. Move your focus around the head and above the shoulders.

4. Look for any instance of a white glow. Don’t allow your lower self to tell you that this is your imagination. Simply look for, and notice, a whitish aura surrounding your friend’s head, neck, and shoulders. The pure white color is the guardian angels’ glow.

The more angels next to a person, the stronger and brighter this glow will appear. Ask your friend to call more angels to his or her side mentally. Notice how the white light grows in size and intensity. You may also notice “angel lights” sparkle in white, blue, or green as more angels throng to your friend’s side.

By shifting your focus even further, you can actually see details of the angels’ etheric bodies, clothes, and faces. This next process is similar to going into a dark, crowded room. At first, you sense anothers’ presence. Next, you see a dim outline of others. After adjusting your eyes, you see others in increasingly sharper detail.

Angels look very much like the traditional angelic portraits on Christmas cards and Renaissance paintings. The angels can appear in any form, but they choose to appear in “traditional” forms to help us recognize their presence. If we had a different conception of what an angel should look like, the angels would appear in that way. Their singular motivation is to help us. So, as you adjust your eyes to see the angels, be assured that they will help you along the way.

As you look at your friend, and at other people, first notice the white glow. Then, using your inner vision, look for a dim outline of an angel. Please don’t strain to see. Allow the visions to come to you, and you may be surprised to see several angels around your friend. The angels will likely be a variety of shapes and sizes. Some angels will be diminutive cherubs, while others will be magnificent archangels. You will notice male, female, and androgynous angels. Many angels have small wings, and others have huge, eagle-like wingspans. You may also see departed loved ones, human beings who don’t have wings, but who certainly help us from the other side. They are “guardian angels” in their own way. All of the different forms of angels, like you, are beautiful beings of Divine light.

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. holds three degrees in counseling psychology, and works with the angelic realm. She is the author of “Divine Guidance,” “Angel Therapy,” and the new “Healing with the Angels oracle card deck.” She has appeared on Oprah, CNN, The View and other shows and has been featured in Redbook, Woman’s Day, and Cosmopolitan. Doreen will be giving “angel readings” and teaching about angelic communication at The Learning Light of Anaheim on Saturday, November 20. Call (714) 533-2311 for information and reservations.

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