What Do Animals Know
and When Do They Know It?
By Allen and Linda Anderson



Baby boomer readers probably remember the question that permeated the impeachment hearings of the 1970s: What did the President know and when did he know it?

That question will probably never be fully answered.

If you ask: What do animals know and when do they know it?, you’ll never figure out the answer to that question, either. These creatures, who live in our homes, backyards, forests, and sky, have much more awareness than we mere mortals can ever comprehend. Because we don’t speak the same languages, it’s nearly impossible to understand what or how animals JUST SEEM TO KNOW THINGS!

Here’s a personal example from the Anderson family.

No matter what time we set our alarm to wake us up, our kitten Cuddles jumps on our bed thirty seconds before the buzzer goes off and licks Linda’s fingers to wake her up. This is a much more pleasant way to begin the day than having a loud buzz startle us from sleep. At first, we wondered if Cuddles could detect some inaudible-to-us sound that the alarm clock made right before it’s activated. But Cuddles isn’t always in the bedroom immediately before delivering her wake-up call. Yet she’s there to fulfill this special assignment of being a kitty alarm clock, even if we’ve only taken a nap.

We experimented and stopped setting the alarm. Instead, we thought about what time we wanted to wake up.

Guess what?

Cuddles was there to help us take on the day at exactly the time we requested. “How does she do it?” we ask each other. The answer remains a mystery.

“Why does she do it?” is a question we can answer.

She does it to express love. It’s her way of helping us move toward the goal of our Angel Animals organization: to encourage the treatment of animals as precious gifts by sharing their stories.

Each day of our lives we do something to help animals. Having kitty kisses to start the morning reminds us of the appreciation we’re receiving from the animal kingdom. Of the way that all life is interconnected. Of how animals, with their immense capacity for giving unconditional love, can be angels, or messengers, for the Creator to bring blessings and miracles into our lives.

Swimming with the Dolphin Angels
Nicole Harvey from Edmonton, Alberta sent us a touching story of “angel animals” who listened to the Creator’s call and answered it in their own way. Nicole wrote that her mother had been diagnosed with cancer in 1992. The dying woman had an unfulfilled wish that her daughter longed to satisfy. Nicole’s mother had always hoped to someday watch firsthand a family of dolphins swim in the ocean.

Nicole took her mother on a cruise with the shared but silent understanding that this would be their last trip together. At first, it seemed as if the cruise hadn’t been a good idea, because Nicole’s mother became sick and had no energy or strength. One day, Nicole took her mother in a wheelchair to the front of the ship. She helped the ailing woman stand and look over the side at the water.

Then a miracle happened.

“Suddenly,” Nicole writes, “as if appearing out of a dream, a family of dolphins began to swim alongside the ship. I thrilled to see my mother watching this sight with joy and peace in her eyes.”

Soon after Nicole’s mother saw the dolphins, she had to be taken by air ambulance back to Canada. Her lifelong wish had been fulfilled when she needed it most. Nicole concludes her story by writing, “I believe the dolphins were angels, telling Mom that everything would be okay now, because God wanted her to come home.”

Is an “angel animal” delivering a message that you’re loved and remembered?

A Family of Healers
One March day, Janine Ose from Orlando, Florida was in a car accident that caused severe back and neck injuries. Her five cats had recently been joined by a dog named Mosa that Janine and her husband had adopted from an animal shelter. There had been a sign on Mosa’s cage that said, “Very Skittish; May Bite.” This warning had made the dog virtually unadoptable.

Janine knelt by Mosa’s cage and called to the dog. Mosa immediately responded by coming over and licking Janine’s fingers through the kennel’s bars. Later, the shelter volunteers told Janine that Mosa hadn’t responded to anyone else in that way.

Mosa and Janine were destined to become special angels for each other. After her accident, Janine’s injuries kept her bedridden and depressed. Her five cats and Mosa would jump up on her, licking her tears and com-forting her. Janine writes, “Mosa took a special role in helping me heal. She taught herself how to sit behind and hold me up while I dressed. She was always near after I showered to let me lean on her while I climbed out of the tub. Because I had to take her for walks, I finally began to get around on my own again. Bit-by-bit, my injuries improved. . . . God surely does disguise animals as angels at times.”

Did Mosa somehow know that Janine would need her? Is that why she was labeled as a vicious dog yet immediately warmed up to only this one woman?

What do animals know and when do they know it?

A Wise Cat
We were recently interviewed on a radio program. The host asked listeners to call in and tell stories of their angel animals.

One woman said that her cat suddenly stopped drinking the water she put out for him daily. Instead, the only water he’d drink was from a bowl which she’d placed in an altar area of her home. The bowl contained sacred stones covered by water.

The woman began to wonder if the cat was trying to give her a message. She took her pet to a veterinarian and asked him to examine the cat. She told the skeptical vet to see if the cat had “stones.” When the doctor moved his hands down the animal’s body, he discovered that, indeed, the cat had bladder stones. Medication cleared up the problem.

And one more cat amazed humans with his internal wisdom. He demonstrated how angel animals —conscious beings — send messages to humans who understand how spiritual creatures use images and symbols for communicating soul-to-soul.

Is an angel animal trying to tell you something? Does a creature in your life know more than you’re giving him credit for — long before you do?

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