By Jesse Anson Dawn


Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young

Jesse Anson Dawn, age 55, author of the national award-winning book, Never “Old”, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how and why we age.


Presently answering the question: “Does ‘self-image’ affect the aging process mainly because it changes one’s personality?”

Dear Reader
This is a very interesting question which I found some answers to in the classic non-fiction book, Psycho-cybernetics, written by plastic-surgeon-turned-psychology-book-writer Dr. Maxwell Maltz. In this absorbing book, Dr. Maltz explains what constitutes the phenomenon he calls:

The Face of Personality
“It was as if personality itself had a ‘face’ . . . If it remained scarred, distorted, ‘ugly,’ or inferior, the person himself acted out this role in his behavior . . . ” If this ‘face of personality’ could be reconstructed, if old emotional scars could be removed; then the person himself changed, even without facial plastic surgery. Once I began to explore this area, I found more and more phenomena which confirmed the fact that ‘self-image’, the individual’s mental and spiritual picture of himself, is the real key to personality and behavior . . . “

Maltz then explains keys points about the “creative mechanism” how it’s focused and used to counteract stress and empower the ‘self-image’ — how it “self-corrects” us like a steering wheel or radar. Says Maltz: “We speak of this as the Age of Stress. Worry, anxiety, insomnia, stomach ulcers have become accepted as a necessary part of the world in which we live. Yet I am convinced that it doesn’t have to be that way. We could relieve ourselves of a vast load of care, anxiety and worry, if we could but recognize the simple truth, that our Creator made ample provisions for us to live successfully in this or any other age by providing us with a built-in creative mechanism.” But just as Maltz emphasizes, creativity cannot self-renew us if we are too preoccupied with tomorrow; creative juices can only affect the present, amid the NOW. “Make long range plans for tomorrow,” says Dr. Maltz, “But don’t try to live in tomorrow, or in the past. Creative living means responding and reacting to environment spontaneously.” So true.

Thus, more than anything, it is our in-the-now creative mechanism which self-corrects and heals us, and thereby protects us against the forces of:

Osmotic Shocks and Psychophysical Decay
Scientifically speaking, nervousness, trauma, fear and the absorbed effects of such phenomena on our body are termed “osmotic shocks.” Also called “psychophysical” decay, it’s important to realize that traumatic shocks and their ill and aging effects don’t have to be permanent, for such wounds can be steadily healed by learning to use self-renewing creativity as a daily tool. What I mean by this is, successful age-control is like a see-saw or a cat-and-mouse game, whereby at the very instant you see yourself aging — THEN is the time to spontaneously pull it back again, much like a cat pulls back a mouse before it slips away. For that is how true rejuvenation works, as a see-saw, back-and-forth, spontaneous kind of retrieval — a multi-faceted kind of retrieval which I try to clarify in my articles and books — a retrieval largely dependent on taking the “time” to regularly focus on tapping into your vast reservoir of creative powers. As I again say that we need to be consistently re-minded that nothing rejuvenates more surely than FOCUSED ENERGY . . . ever mindful that creativity is not a thing, it’s a way . . .

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