By Chuck Diliberto



Celtic Christmas Harp
Patricia Spero
New World Music

Patricia Spero has produced a beautiful selection of obscure Christmas carols. Her choices have increased the available catalogue of Christmas music. “Mary’s Lullaby”, a 14th century piece, is just one of many lesser-known Christmas songs presented here.

Her approach to playing the harp is uniquely personal and poignant. Spero punctuates her melodies with multiple note flourishes that resound clearly. She is literally picking the pace and emotion of the music. In her expression of individuality, Spero has developed a passion and a flair for her music and her craft.

Patricia Spero has translated the spirit of Christmas. She has found a way to convey a cozy feeling, replete with a gently embering fire, wine glasses glistening, and the Christmas tree glowing in the corner of the room.

The Celtic harp’s lilting sound is a perfect choice to interpret the music of Christmas. Patricia Spero’s musical vision of light and love is highly recommended for your holiday play list.

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Pastorale for the Winged Ones
Randall Leonard
Sound and Spirit

Randall Leonard has created a musical dialogue that is dedicated to the special roles Angels play in the guidance and shaping of our lives. Leonard, through the expressiveness of his piano, and the strong backing of supportive players, has delved into the emotion and mystery of the Angelic realm.

The music is haunting; violins resonate their strings producing a ripple of feeling that penetrates deeply into the sublime. Flutes join in, extending and widening the already developed surrealism. The sensitive side of our being is explored and mapped as Randall Leonard’s melodies stretch into the unconscious.

The feelings vacillate between morose and joy. There is an underlying sadness that ostensibly is related to the human condition. Almost melancholy, our senses are turned within to understand the meaning of Leonard’s music. He is searching for that moment when truth and being combine, forming a symbiosis that is interpreted through the musical compositions. In this interpretation, joy is the end result of a journey of sadness. The divine journey returning to the home of the Angels.

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Hannah & Friends
Hannah Music

Hannah Schoenbach’s “Walk with the Angels” is an easy-listening stroll into her life and world. She has a large welcome mat outside her heart, inviting all listeners to come in and sample her music and artistic sensibilities.

The music is decidedly light jazz. The strains of Herbie Hancock and Kenny G can be heard in her flute playing. Hannah has an effortless, fluid style that is seamless and enchanting. She has an innate ability to capture the focus of her heart in the music. She has gathered a competent group of musicians to back her up on bass, guitar, keyboard, saxophone and percussion.

“Walk with the Angels” is not strictly an instrumental piece. There are four songs on which Hannah shares her vocal prowess. Her style is much akin to the folksy, ballad offerings of Judy Collins and Carole King. I was very pleased with “Walk with the Angels”. This is the true energy of an angel, and I enjoyed the walk.

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As Sung by Molly Pasutti
InSight Music

When intangible realities cross the line between dream states and the waking world, a phenomenal realization occurs. The intervention of divine beings (in this case, Angels) to change and reshape our lives has an added significance.

In Zannah’s Angelight, five individuals whose lives have been inspired through Angelic dreams and revelations have collaborated to present a work that is both profound and stunning in its ability to bring the intangible into the realm of tangible.

The music is contemporary, combining folk, rock-n-roll and gospel mediums into tight, well-produced arrangements. Molly handles the vocals with a clear voice that is packed with emotion and sensuality. The lyrics elate the expressiveness that follows the experience of being touched by an Angel.

There is a pure childlike quality that permeates Zannah’s Angelight. If we wanted to, we could wish away all our fears and pain with an Angel ready to relieve us of these burdens. A grandiose thought, maybe, an accepted reality, possibly, a much-needed truth, definitely.

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Chuck Diliberto is a resident of New York State. Having written for a hometown publication that covered local and national musicians, reviewing CDs is an extension of that experience. His main interests are spiritual in nature and right living in practice.

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