By Scott & Shannon Peck


Your Unique Life Message

You have a unique Life Message - a message so Magnificent and needed that the universe is demanding you come forth. Your Life Message is the essence of who you are — the highest gift within you to be contributed to the world. In short, your life work.

Let us help you identify your Life Message. Imagine Love calling to you, inviting you to know your Magnificence, whispering these words: It is your spiritual right to know your Magnificence so clearly that your whole life resonates with spiritual clarity.

As you enter this sacred space of Love, let all sense of inadequacy or ego dissolve. Step out of any restricted thinking about yourself to the embrace of infinite Love that knows your true, infinite nature.

Let’s suppose that you — right now — are sitting with us having a leisurely breakfast. Imagine too that we have come together with great love and honoring for each other — with the goal of identifying each other’s unique Life Message. We want to ask you four questions to help you define your Life Message, but our inner voice is telling us that you might feel more comfortable — and be more prepared — if we went first.

1. “OK Scott & Shannon,” you graciously ask, “what are the 10 words that best describe what is most special about each of you?”

With a bold decision to be totally honest, Shannon replies with her 10 words: loving, healing, caring, nurturing, enthusiasm, inspiring, spiritual receptivity, creative, spiritual seeker, spiritual growth. Scott gives his words: compassion, empathy, unconditional love, universal love, spirituality, kindness, empowering, teacher of hearts, love of mentoring, peacemaker. “Wow!” we think, “That feels good. Those really are the words that describe our Magnificence. “

2. “Scott & Shannon, how would you summarize your Life Message — what you most want to contribute to the universe?”

Shannon answers first: “I want to contribute to an understanding that all life’s possibilities are accomplished by loving more — that we can all live in a consciousness of Love that heals our bodies, relationships, communities, and life directions.”

Scott answers: “I feel within me an enormous desire to love all mankind. This is such a strong message within me that it has the force of divinity announcing its pure nature through my inner being. I am dedicated to helping people feel Love’s unconditional embrace — to feel upheld, uplifted, empowered, and liberated to be all they are gifted to be.”

3. “Shannon & Scott, what do you hope will be the effect of your Life Message?”

“I see the effect of my life message, “says Shannon, “as hearts awakened to the divine, as a global vision of spiritual power used for healing ourselves and others, as more love for each other — everywhere, and a great joy, happiness and empowerment globally.”

Says Scott: “I see the effect of my Life Message as raising the consciousness of world thought to the understanding that we can and must love and honor each other — and that this is not only achievable, but practical.”

4. “OK Scott & Shannon, how would you summarize your Life Message in one sentence?”

Shannon goes first: “My Life Message is to express the allness and oneness of divine Love through the power of healing.”

Says Scott: “My Life Message is to bring all mankind into the heart of Love.” Now it’s your turn.

The moment has arrived to learn about your Magnificence! Open your heart with us. There are no wrong answers. We know that within you lies enormous Magnificence and we are already loving you unconditionally. We’re going to ask you the same four questions:

1. “What are the 10 words that best describe what is most special about you?” Don’t hold back. Don’t be modest. Speak to us with truth. These are the words of your Magnificence This is what the entire universe is blessed to be receiving — from you! Write your answers on a separate sheet.

2. “How would you describe your Life Message — the highest gift you have to contribute to the universe?” Let your heart be open. To cherish the tender shoots of your unique Magnificence is a divine act of loving yourself.

3. “What do you hope will be the effect of your Life Message?” Don’t hold back. Let your deepest passions loose. This is the effect — the grandeur and scope — of your Magnificent identity rippling out to the entire universe.

4. “How would you summarize your Life Message in one sentence?” You are totally free to change your answer throughout eternity, so use this opportunity to love yourself and share your very best at this moment of your Magnificence.

Wow! When we unite in shining the light on each other’s unique identity we enable each other to rise to the truth of our Magnificence. Welcome to the heart of Love!

Scott & Shannon Peck are co-founders of TheLoveCenter — a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing all mankind into the heart of Love. They speak and conduct workshops on love, liberating magnificence, and spiritual healing. This article is based on their new book, “Liberating Your Magnificence: 25 Keys to Loving and Healing Yourself”, available at bookstores or through   For more info, visit  or call (800) 266-1525.

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