Health Giving Resolutions for 
the New Year
By Maureen Kennedy Salaman



You mean well. You try hard. You want to do better. You know that if you eat right, seek worthy goals, exercise and reduce stress you will live a longer, healthier, happier and better life. Start the new year, the NEW MILLENNIUM, off right by considering the following 15 health-giving resolutions. You deserve good health and vitality. Others around you will notice when you begin to do things for yourself. You will be happier and healthier and so will they.

1). Each day take at least 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C with bioflav-onoids. This combination has been studied for the treatment of varicose veins, retinitis pigmen-tosa, cataracts, bacterial infections, colds and flu, loose teeth, gum disease, allergy symptoms, arthritis and inflammation. The most amazing discovery made about vitamin C is that it helps kill bacteria that have become immune to antibiotics.

2). Take a mineral supplement formula in solution daily. Be sure it has a four-to-one ratio of magnesium to calcium, and that it contains zinc and vitamin B12. Calcium is essential to bones, but cannot function without magnesium, which is important to muscles. It should also have the trace mineral boron, which may not appear on the label. Ask the distributor or manufacturer if the product includes this important mineral.

3). Eat two pieces of fruits or vegetables every day, fresh and raw. If you can only shop once a week, buy produce that will last a week: apples, oranges, carrots. Fresh produce lasts longer if you take the time to wash it and put it in a container in your refrigerator.

4). Look for opportunities to exercise. Take the stairs. Walk to work or school. What takes five minutes to drive, takes a healthy half hour to walk. While all those people are waiting in stressful lines to park, park your vehicle far away from the store. You will be shopping before they have turned off their ignition. And just think you will also be stress free and relaxed.

5). Supplement with a B-complex formula. The B vitamins are essential for a healthy nervous system and good mental health. Certain B vitamins prevent memory loss, depression and even stomach ailments.

6). Start shopping at farmer’s markets. Look up your local agriculture association and find out which growers sell locally. Instead of going to a movie, pick strawberries or apples. Eat food as fresh picked as possible.

7). Seek meaningful work. Volunteer. Life isn’t about what you do, it’s why you do it. You make yourself important by making others important. Helping others also lowers your stress level by helping you forget about your own problems and putting them into perspective.

8). Look for alternatives to over-the-counter medications. Be patient. Give your body time to heal itself. Today’s conventional medicines are deceptive. They don’t cure the problem, they alleviate the symptoms. Supplements, herbals and nutritional formulations support and boosts the body’s ability to heal itself - a much better proposition. Get my book, “All Your Health Questions Answered Naturally” for the alternatives to pharmaceuticals.

9). Judge your personal success based on who you are, not how others judge you. When you evaluate your level of success by comparing yourself to others, you lose the ability to make a difference and be self fulfilled.

10). Start a daily routine of walking a block or two, then increase gradually. Moderate, daily exercise protects from disease better than heavy prolonged exercise. While you walk, carry and wear weights. Weight-bearing exercise prevents os-teoporosis, and increases strength, agility and health, even in the most fragile. It truly is never too late when it comes to exercise.

11). Take antioxidants daily. They include vitamins A, C, E; the minerals selenium, chromium and zinc; and the amino acids cysteine, glutathione and methionine. If you have heart problems include coenzyme Q10 to this list. Antioxidants help prevent cellular breakdown and metabolic mutation that leads to disease.

12). Make eating a ceremony, with soft lights and sweet music, the best china and silverware, and freshly cut flowers. You will have less gas, less indigestion and you will enjoy whatever healthy food is put before you.

13). Pick one part of your body you don’t like and do something about it. If it’s flab, pick one exercise and work it off. Then pick another characteristic. A little at a time is easier than one lofty, and perhaps unrealistic, endeavor. Don’t pressure yourself, start off slow and work on your goals, reach one and go onto another.

14). Cook with less fat. Remove skin from poultry before baking. Slice visible fat from all meat and poultry. Bake rather than fry. Eggs and butter are better than egg substitutes and margarine. 15). If you want to quit smoking or drinking, get nutritional help. The stress vitamins are all the B vitamins; the minerals magnesium, zinc and selenium; and vitamin C. Take the B vitamins together, and these essential minerals together. Take at least 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C three times a day if you have been smoking.

Maureen Kennedy Salaman is an expert in the field of health and nutrition. She is the author of six books and tours the country speaking on this topic. For more information, call (800) 445-HEAL or (650) 864-3922.

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