By Jenny T. Liu, MA.A.


Can An Office’s Feng Shui Affect Who Controls The Business?

Martha and Tim have been in the construction business for more than 20 years. It has been a steady business. Three years ago, they moved into their new office and business has continue to grow. However, so have their problems. They are too dependent on their manager who does a great job but whose health is also wavering. Money comes but they do not know where it all goes, and like any business, they want to do better.

Although Martha and Tim are the business owners, it is their manager, Becky and their salesperson, Sam, who appear to run the bulk of the business. The office sits on a E/W axis facing W. There are two doors, one in the southwest corner and one in the southeast corner, and the main door is located in the southwest direction. The energies that enter bring stress. Because the building “sits” east, its energy is better synchronized to promote Becky and Martha who are Eastern Direction Pattern more than Tim and Sam who are Western Direction Pattern.

Becky and Martha are respectively located in the north and south sides of the office. These are the best directions for them. The north is dominantly strong for leadership and prosperity. Becky’s office area has the planetary energies of 1, 6, and 8 which is the most powerful combination for success, fame and prosperity. Whoever sits here tends to absorb the energies to become the business leader.

Consequently, Becky is the true leader in this office. The business depends on her whether she likes it or not; she has the tendency to absorb these energies. Martha and Sam both agree that Becky plays a major role in the business’ well-being. Although they come in to check on the status and progress of projects, the life source of the business rests on Becky’s shoulders. However, there are other factors we must consider. Becky’s office door is directly aligned to the toilet across the hall. This negative energy directed at her will negatively affect her health related to north direction frequencies. The north energy is associated with the mind, head, kidney and sex. She is vulnerable to problems in these areas. Martha gasped when I told them this. She explained that Becky’s troubled personal life and migraine headaches reflect this is true.

Becky is born in the year of the snake. In general, the snake tends to be stressed by competition at work, but they have the ability to bring in a lot of money. This is especially true if the feng shui is good for them. Snakes are usually highly sensitive persons who possess psychic abilities. This makes them more susceptible to stress. Although Becky’s office is in the right direction, she should re-orient her desk so that the door is on her lefthand side. The lefthand side is associated with the yang, light or generative energy flow which promotes progress. Having the door to her righthand side which is associated with yin, dark or negative energies can induce conflicts and arguments with others.

The central energy represented by the Nine Flying Star Chart are 9, 5 and 7. This combination can induce argument, lawsuit and trouble. Martha’s desk is located on the south side which is aligned with the front door which is aligned with the office door across the street. Doors are seen as the mouth of buildings; having doors line up is like having a mouth facing a mouth where energies can come into conflict. This can induce confrontation with others. Martha agrees, she frequently gets into conflicts with others. She is not happy working in the office.

Tim’s desk is located in the southeast corner with the hallway behind him and the southeast door to his right. The energies here are very unstable. He will feel unmotivated and want to escape work. It is not only easy for him to be distracted and unfocused, he is vulnerable to stomach problems as well as arm and leg problems. He cannot be a true boss in this location. Tim smiles. He tells me that he recently tore a ligament in his leg and had to wear a cast. He admits that he only comes into the office part of the day. He is mainly in the field and tries to get away as often as he can. Although business is good, he is stressed and health problems prevent him from enjoying his business’ success. He is also not comfortable that he depends so much on Becky and her health is getting weaker.

I recommend they use a ba-gua mirror (concave mirror that is set in an octagonal wooden frame which represents the energies of the eight directions) to reflect away negative energy of the confronting door across the street. They can use a partition between the door and Martha’s desk to prevent the front door from being directed at Martha’s desk. This will help lower conflicting fire energies that can cause argument. They can also use a water fountain or aquarium to neutralize the negative planetary frequencies in the southwest. Tim and Sam should sit in the northwest corner at the front of the office to absorb the positive 1,6 and 8 planetary energies. Here, Tim will be more productive and better contribute his energies as a boss to growing the business. With both Tim and Becky in the most optimal locations, it will be hard for them not to do better. Aside from making lots and lots of money, I emphasize the importance of achieving a balance with good health. After all, what’s the point of making all the money just to pay hospital bills?

Jenny Liu holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Design from UC Berkeley and a Master’s Degree in Architecture from UCLA. She is an expert in the 8,000-year-old Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui who also shares her knowledge through seminars, workshops, periodicals and the Internet. Ms. Liu is a fourth-generation practitioner with her own consulting firm. For more information see her website www.liu-fengshui.com  or call her at (626) 282-9829.

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