By Julianna Joyce Perkins



Jesse Anson Dawn

Many of our readers are already familiar with the wit and wisdom of Jesse through his regular column with Awareness, “Never Old” and through his writings and workshops.

His new book, “The Rejuvenator’s Bible”, isn’t about the ‘anti-aging revolution’, it is about WINNING the anti-aging revolution. He presents us with solutions and resolutions that stem from a healthy belief in self.

To truly believe who you are, you need an indepth understanding of “how” you function. The first concept is to understand the process of creation and the spark which ignites it. Jesse calls the CE Mindpower (Creationary Energy Mindpower) the core of the system that fends off aging.

This “revolution” is not political, pharmaceutical or surgical. It is one of inner strength and personal transformation. Jesse takes the theories of the ‘naysayers’ and offers rebuttals to their fear-inducing laboratory ‘discoveries’ that result in huge fundings for research and drug companies. Jesse points out that “perpetual renewal of living cells cannot be proved or disproved in a laboratory, no matter how “perfect” the conditions. Once removed from their host body, cells have been cut off from their brain connection which is their basic energy power source.

There already exists documentation of people around the world living beyond the age of 120. One of the men Jesse encountered (age 122) demonstrated his vitality by climbing a tall palm tree and picking a handful of fresh dates — dispelling the myth that a very old person should be feeble and weak!

As he breaks through the myths of aging, Jesse fills his “Rejuvenator’s Bible” with practical ways to overcome each “obstacle” of aging from physical appearance, to physical activity, to lifestyle, and mind-freeing wisdom. His wonderful humor and charm bring his printed words so alive, you can almost feel him smiling at you while filling your intellect with wisdom and your soul with hope.

Published by World Changing Books, this book may be ordered by calling (800) 736-3922, or by e-mailing request to .


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