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Ariel & Shya Kane

The search is over! “Working On Yourself Doesn’t Work” is all you will need to make the transformational shift that can dramatically alter the course of your quality of living for the rest of your life. Unprecedented by far, this book takes an authentic look at transforming our lives, as opposed to changing our lives. Yes, according to Ariel & Shya Kane there is a difference between transformation and change — so vast is the difference between the two that one’s life may be completely transformed in a matter of minutes.

The Kanes suggest you read the book as though hearing it clearly. With an open mind, devoid of preconceived ideas, i.e.: The Zen-like “beginners mind”. Hence, closing the door on our patterns or “perception problem” which has caused many to live life as though deaf and blind — frantically searching for the next fix-me workshop, only to feel disillusioned later. By the way, the Kanes tell us that disillusionment is a welcome experience! When we know where we are, we are in a position for something long forgotten within us to shift and be free!

Awareness is another step in the process. The Kanes brilliantly state that “Transformation is an experience, not a concept; the mind can only hold concepts, therefore experiences evolve into concepts! This is why working on yourself doesn’t work . . . you must be engaged in your life and aware of how you are living . . . Change involves doing something. Transformation is a way of being.”

Observation and reviewing our prejudices are integral in the transformation process, as is the ability to delve into the truth of our memories finding out that many of them are fiction rather than fact. Forgiving allows us to “birth in the present”.

The Kanes’ concept of “Instantaneous Transformation” can be sum-med up by one of my favorite passages in the book: “There is a modern-day philosopher’s stone — Being in this moment — what it does is transform ordinary, mundane lives into exquisite, magnificent lives.”

Ariel and Shya Kane actually ‘walk the talk’. They have generously shared personal experiences which inspire and touch the heart, enabling us to open our hearts to the loved ones in our lives against whom we may hold resentment, yet yearn for the closeness that is missing. It is possible to heal relationships and savor each and every moment. There is no good or bad. The burden of judgment, and old ideas may be left by the wayside, as we take up a higher path of love, as we bask in the sunlight of the spirit simultaneously being in the here and now.

This book is refreshing, authentic and written with insightfullness and clarity.   I have definitely benefitted from the experience of reading this book.  I have learned the difference between decisions vs. choices.  "Working On Yourself Doesn't Work" has taught me that "choices are the expression of your heart" and I choose to give this book a rating of 10+.  A must for the library of every seeker of truth.

Pulished by ASK Productions, this book is available at local bookstores, or by calling (800) 431-1579.


Donald W. Trotter Ph.D.

With meticulous detail, Natural Gardening A-Z literally spells out every possible gardening term and technique available, all geared towards a chemical-free, safe, healthy and natural approach to ‘alternative’ gardening which is actually more effective and beneficial than the old unnatural approach. If that weren’t enough, it is presented in a colorful and lively format that will brighten your day, as you strum through this cheerful collection of pictures, descriptions, definitions and unique environmentally- friendly gardening tips. After reading this book I had to go out into my own garden and get my hands dirty, reveling in how good it feels to handle the earth as I collaborate with Mother Nature, creating my own garden that is not only beautiful to look at, but whose beauty lies deeper than appearance, as the flowers and plants seem to glow and sing with the happiness of proper loving care, the way we were meant to tend to and nurture our gardens . . . the way Dr. Trotter teaches us in his groundbreaking book (excuse the pun ) “Natural Gardening A-Z”! Throw away those pesticides and open your heart to the heart of mother earth, as you too can learn to garden naturally, as simple as A-Z! Published by Hay House, this book is available at your local bookstore.


Exploring Our Spiritual Connection
Allen & Linda Anderson

Have you ever noticed the sparkle in your kitten’s eye? The magical way that your Old Faithful dog always knows when it’s you at the door, but barks at strangers with bad intentions? How about birds that talk to us and seem to have an innocence in their eyes that leads us to the windows of a pure soul, perhaps helping us get more in touch with our higher nature? Well, these are just everyday experiences compared to the amazing animals in “Animal Angels”. This remarkable book has a myriad of awe- inspiring stories that will open your heart to the beauty, the spirituality and the profound effect animals have on our lives. People from all over the world have generously shared there wondrous stories about their “better halves” — their pets — in this lovely book which will definitely bring a bright smile to the face of that special someone as they find this ideal present under there shiny tree! Better wrap it tight, though, because your own little angel animals may just get to it before morning. You may catch your precious pets in the corner browsing over the contents of this book with a surreal smile on their angelic faces, as they revel in the heroic and triumphant escapades of their fellows! This book has many lessons hidden in its pages, and there are insightful reflections at the end of each story. While relaxing with this book and enjoying its vignettes, it dawned on me that even animals we normally think of as “not cute” have a purpose and a spirit about them that is unprecedented, if we only slow down long enough to appreciate the amazing gifts that all living creatures are here to give us. Every pet deserves to be called an Angel Animal, and every lover of animals of every age should own a copy of the book “Angel Animals”. Published by Plume Books, this book is available at your local book stores.


MILLENNIUM 2000: A Positive Approach
Louise Hay & Friends

As a quick read and great gift item, I feel very strongly about this book because not only is it inspiring and fun, but every penny earned from this book is donated to charities for battered women and victims of Aids.

Louise Hay is a real angel. She got the idea for this book when she became discouraged by all the negativity people were spreading at a near epidemic rate regarding fear of the next millennium. As an advocate for love, peace and healing, Ms. Hay took action and wrote letters to many of her friends about her concern for the state of the growing collective consciousness of fear, anxiety and worry. Where there is fear, there is neither love nor faith, and in her wisdom she decided to fight fear with love and inspiration.

In her petition to her friends, she developed a way to help counteract the doom and gloom that has been projected onto the next century. She humbly requested they join her in sharing their positive perspectives and visions for the year 2000. Among her colorful array of influential friends who joined in and selflessly donated their positive prose are such inspirational leaders as Joan Zakon Borysenko, Ph.D., Sylvia Browne, Deepak Chopra M.D., Shakti Gawain, Ron Roth, Ph.D., Bernie Siegel M.D., and Marianne Williamson.

Each contributor generously offers their individual insight into the glory and wonder of transformations that shall occur to the human race in the next millennium. Themes such as faith, hope, light, richness, balance and forgiveness, community and compassion are explored as these fascinating people share their compelling and wondrous visions for the future. Perfect stocking stuffer, this small book holds timeless power and wisdom between the pages.

Published by Hay House, this book is available at your local bookstore.


Keith Richardson

A book you will not put down until you’ve read it from cover to cover, Keith Richardson has documented the many accounts of angel healings that have occurred in his angel store, Things From Heaven, located in Ventura, California. Not only does Richardson have accounts of healings, visions and extraordinary events experienced by believers, non-believers, skeptics, critics and people from all walks of life and from all over the world, he also tells of his own personal miracle that inspired him and his wife to open Things From Heaven.

Read about the Richardson’s miraculous story, which is as inspiring as Andy Lakey’s near-death experience. A talented, educated, charming and intelligent man, Richardson went from a high profile six-figure income to losing his job, his home, with no immediate hope for a future other than being hungry day after day while facing the prospective of living out of his car with his beautiful compassionate wife Francessca.

An anthropologist and psychologist, Keith now carries the title of Reverend in front of his name, as does Francessca. A high honor granted to them as ordained Minister, whereas most have spent 9-10 years in seminary for this privilege. Why? His story is so powerful I urge you to get the book for yourself and read about the miracle he encountered at the Virgin of Guadalupe, in Mexico. This was just the beginning of a series of miracles that led the Richardsons from the depths of despair to fulfilling a mission to tell the story of their angels.

Andy Lakey is one of the Richardson’s angels, as on a whim, he decided to allow this unknown gallery to represent his paintings. Something told Andy that is was the right thing to do. Now the alliance between thm is so strong that Andy said during an interview “I would do anything for Keith.” If you read the book, you will discover what many who have experienced Andy’s art at Keith’s gallery have witnessed. The ancient Greeks called it a Pyschomanteum; thus the title of the book. A psychomanteum, according to Keith Richardson, is an ancient tool used by the Greeks to heal relationships with loved ones that have passed on. It is uncanny how many different people, most of whom knew nothing about Andy Lakey’s art, actually experienced visions and messages from loved ones. A feeling of great comfort and calm descend upon many who have been in the presence of Andy’s art. An excellent book, which will definitely lift your spirit and bring hope back into your life, I highly recommend for readers of all ages and backgrounds. You simply must read it to understand the incredible and remarkable possibilities that exist for even the average, everyday person.

I also encourage a visit to the Richardson’s angel store and gallery. The Richardsons are very sincere and dedicated to spreading God’s message of love, hope, healing and infinite possibilities! Miracles are happening every day at this magical little store on Main Street in Ventura, Ca. A great place for Christmas shopping, with the book Andy Lakey’s Psychomanteum a must for every Christmas list!

Published by Ventura Press, this book can be ordered by calling 1 (888) ANGEL17.

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