Do You Really Understand Your Connection?
By Jim Kinney



Recently many people have asked me, “Why can’t I get answers from my angel guides? I’m always asking, but I never seem to hear an answer.” My response is always the same for each one: “What questions are you asking?” And, “How are you asking them?”

I have found that many people are not getting answers because they are asking questions incorrectly for what they desire. They are often asking questions of their guides like, “What should I do in this situation?” “What choice should I make here?” Or, if they are in a fit of desperation, they fall on statements like, “Please tell me what to do! I don’t know how to do this!” “Tell me which choice I should make.”

All in all, these are very good questions and each one of them warrants an answer. Only your angel guides aren’t able to answer questions in this fashion. When you ask questions in this manner, you are turning your power over to them completely and asking them to make decisions for you. Your angel guides do not want to live your life for you! Actually, they are unable to and, even if they wanted to, they couldn’t! It goes against the laws of spirit. If your angels were to answer these type of questions, it would violate your free will of choice. A guide is just that — a guide. They do not/will not tell you what choices to make.

Life is full of choices and most of us truly desire to make the right choice in any given situation. Often we are so afraid of making the wrong choice that we wish our angel guides would just tell us what to do. And when we can’t get an answer from them, we ask our friends, relatives and sometimes mere acquaintances. All so that we can make the “right” choice. It is important to know that only YOU have the power to make choices for yourself. Sure you can ask for advice or guidance but, ultimately, it all boils down to it’s YOUR decision.

There are some people who have the ability to hear their guides speaking clearly. These people are referred to as having clairaudiance. It’s important to know that we all have the ability to hear our guides communicate to us. It’s no different than a muscle. It needs to be trained and exercised in order to be fully functional. Just like our physical body requires training and repetition in order to integrate something fully into our automatic response system. So does our spiritual/etheric body. Really, there is no difference.

Whether you want to enhance your existing communication with your guides, or are tired of trying over and over again to receive answers from your angel guides and are quickly losing faith, or you have given up on seeking guidance all together, here are are some simple methods that will exercise your guidance muscle!

But, there is something that you should understand first. You need to understand clearly when you are receiving a “yes” or “no” answer from your angel guides. Here is a short exercise you can do that will help you develop that skill. Sit or lie down. Close your eyes and get relaxed by taking a few slow, deep and centering breaths. About four should do it.

Once you are calm and relaxed, visualize something you enjoy very much. Make it something you really love and enjoy doing, or some place you have been that was fun and exciting. Anything as long as it is something that you truly love. Once you have that image in your mind’s eye, lock it in and keep it throughout this exercise. Now repeat the words “I Love” over and over again to yourself. As you do this, pay close attention to how your body feels inside. Look to see if it feels relaxed, calm, warm, light, happy or excited. However it feels, remember it, for this is what it feels like to be told the truth. Applied to the information written in this article, this is a “yes” response from your angel guides. Lock it into your memory.

Next, hold in your mind’s eye the same image you visualized in the first part of this exercise. Once it is locked in, repeat the words “I Hate” over and over again. Notice how your body feels inside. Look to see if it feels agitated, irritated, tense, angry or frustrated. It doesn’t matter. Whatever the sensation or feeling is, remember it, for this is what it feels like to be told a lie. And similarly, this is how a “no” response from your angel guides feel.

I urge you to practice this exercise over and over again until you become very familiar with the feeling of your answers. I am a great believer in repetition. It is the most time-honored teaching tool on the planet and I use it relentlessly. The more you expose yourself to something, the better you learn it. And, the more familiar you become, the quicker you will become in clearly recognizing the answers you receive from your angel guides.

All right, enough you say! What’s the answer? Well, here it is plain and simple. By now I am sure you realize that the type of questions you should be asking are ones that can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no”. Questions like, “Will this choice of … lead me in the direction I want to go?” “Is this in alignment with my higher perspective?” “Is this the highest perspective for me at this time in my life?” “Is this for the highest good of all concerned?” “Am I making a responsible choice with this decision about…?” These are just a few questions that hopefully will get you started in asking questions for guidance. I encourage you to empower yourself and take the control seat of decision-making in your life for your spiritual growth and evolvement.

I hope you find this beneficial in some small way in getting answers and guidance from your angel guides. And remember this is only the beginning. Once you open these doors, the walls of illusion are brought down. You will end the illusion of separation and you shall be delivered back to the source of your inner strength. That is where you will find true power. The power to do anything. The power to be anything. The power to have anything. For the power to create is derived from the inner strength that is produced through unity. There is truly no limit. Have fun and many blessings to you!

Jim Kinney has a private practice that incorporates Energetic Refocusing & Balancing using Breathwork, Psycho-Neural Integration (PNI), Dreamwork, Relationship Coaching, Intuitive Guidance and/or Emotional Release and Healing. He and his wife, Anne, also offer a variety of courses that can open doors for new insights and perspectives, and create the bridge that takes you where you want to go. Call Expanding Visions at (949) 722-1962; check out .

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