Women With Wings: Part I - Mary Ellen “Angelscribe”
By Maryel McKinley Psy.D.(c), C.A.D.C., C.A.T.S



“Who haven’t you said ‘I love you’ to lately? Who needs to hear it from you? Who needs to hear it for their hearts to feel comforted . . . and to heal? Imagine if each day, all week, you told one person, sincerely, ‘I love you’…how these words would spread.

Women With Wings is a series of feature articles based on interviews with outstanding women of today. Over the next year, Awareness Magazine will be featuring women of excellence, inspiration and wisdom, who have contributed in a major way to the good of the planet in the last millennium, and who will be leading us with courage and integrity into the new millennium.

Appropriately heading up Women With Wings in our Angel Issue, Mary Ellen “Angelscribe” is an example of the standard and qualities women of today are aspiring to attain. Not only is Mary Ellen is the author and editor of “Expect Miracles”, but she is known throughout the world as the international Internet “Good-newsletter scribe”. As a labor of love, it has been estimated that she barely receives $.02 per hour, working approximately 13 hours a day to get the miracles and good news letter out to more than 50,000 in 40 countries worldwide! Hence, the self-coined last name ? “Angelscribe”. After having the joy of interviewing Mary Ellen, I discovered she is one of those rare and refreshing individuals who “walks the walk” rather than merely talking the talk. Self-described as a “Pollyanna” I choose to look at her as a very wise woman who has not let the world with its disappointments and negative views bring down her deep heart and light spirit.

As a child, Mary Ellen always knew that somehow, some way, someday she would communicate love to people at long distances. Inspired by her grandmother who helped change legislation for seniors at the age of 72 and was editor of a senior’s magazine that reached more than 50,000 readers, Mary Ellen feels her Grandmother’s spirit is definitely one of the angels guiding and motivating her to give of herself for the good of the world.

A few years back, Mary Ellen’s lifelong dream to serve the world with inspiration and love started to become a reality as she awoke with a warm feeling emanating about four inches from her “heart center” which she calls her personal angels. She could feel the angels and her gifted daughter, Ariel, could actually see them! Ariel commented on how beautiful they are. These angels have helped change the way people think and experience life across the world, showing us how to live from a perspective of expecting miracles, and actually receiving them!

Mary Ellen’s angels would entice her into writing each morning and her writings became “inspirations from her angels” which accumulated into a volume of 700 inspired pieces. At first, she would feel compelled to take the writings with her wherever she went, giving them out at random to people of all beliefs.

Eventually, Mary Ellen was encouraged by her dear friend Atira Hatton (an internationally famous angel reader and author, featured in such books as Nick Bunick’s “In God’s Truth”) to get these “angelic writings” published. Atira had such a strong conviction that these writings needed to be heard as soon as possible that she gave Mary Ellen the funds to self publish the works, saying that time could not be wasted, people need to read this now!

While she was busy writing her inspired angelic prose, the angels were developing miraculous plans for her. When Mary Ellen’s mother gave her daughter a computer, she immediately got busy sending her writings to people on the internet. Soon, people form all over the world were writing back with miracle stories of their own, which Mary Ellen would in turn share with her friends. Not long after, thousands of people e-mailed her wanting to subscribe to her newsletter! She thought, what newsletter? She didn’t realize it was going out four times a week. She called the “mail list’! As an ever ready humble servant to her Higher Power, Mary Ellen took upon the laborious task of actually creating a newsletter, which she now distributes to more than 50,000 in 40 different countries and has translators in several languages over the internet.

After a short period of time, people started sending in prayer requests! Baffled by this overwhelming response, Mary Ellen ingeniously wrote to 150 of her “subscribers’, many of whom are clergy or leaders of different faiths, and devised a prayer team. She sends all prayer requests out to this powerful collective consciousness, and the results have been nothing but miraculous. The work became so involved that she asked Judy Neumann and Cynthia Morse to become newsletter leaders, and they have been a magical Godsend to her. To give you an example of the kinds of miracles Mary Ellen’s angels orchestrate, she tells us the following story that happened only a few weeks ago at one of her book signings in San Diego, CA.

“I shared from “Expect Miracles” the miracle cat story “Nadia” who walked 50 miles to the new home of her previous owners, and I taught everyone how to imagine a pink ribbon from our heart to a lost pet’s heart. Suddenly, I expressed out loud my thought that we probably can do the same “pink ribbon” technique with friends and family we wish to reconnect with. At the end of the signing, two ladies with beaming faces approached me and said “We were college roommates almost 40 years ago and have wondered over and over what happened to the other.” Bronny had driven 1-1/2 hours to see Mary Ellen at this book signing, and Marlene had decided to pop into the store for no particular reason other than a feeling she should go. As they sat in the same row, after Mary Ellen talked about the pink ribbon, they suddenly recognized each other!

Mary Ellen goes on to say “Everyone should have a magical job like this — miracles manifest right in front of me daily. This newsletter was created from an act of kindness to share and inspire good news, miracles and angelic inspiration with friends around the world.” If you are interested in subscribing, simply go to her website at Mary Ellen hopes you “enjoy this sweet newsletter wrapped around the hearts of children . . . may it bless your angelic heart”.

Her phenomenal bestseller “Expect Miracles” is another miracle! This time, it wasn’t her powerful friend Atira that got her published, but the publishing house Conari Press! How many first-time authors can claim they have had their first two books published in the last two years without having to shop the book, without an agent and without any effort at all? It is so difficult to get self-published, let alone be published by a reputable publisher with the impeccable integrity and reputation such as Conari Press!

Mary Ellen’s angels are very busy at work helping her spread the message of love! As an avid and loyal reader of Mary Ellen’s’ Good Newsletter, I know it won’t be too far into the future when she will announce to the world that the #1 media angel, Oprah Winfrey, has asked her to appear on her show! The really attractive and angelic part of Mary Ellen is that although she has been featured on several shows, and is experiencing almost instant fame, she is humble and sticks to her true intention. “I just want to get the message out to people, everybody has guardian angels and deserves to expect and experience everyday miracles in their lives, it’s so simple!”

Keep up the good news and the good work, Mary Ellen! And may you prosper and fly high on the wings of Angels to the highest peak of success, for you truly are a “Woman with Wings”. People around you need to hear these words. If you do not share yours, where else shall they hear them? Pick up the phone, write a letter, drive over to someone’s home, put a note in their pocket, and say “I love you”. The more you say and share these words, the more you shall have in your heart . . . and one last thing to know . . . to remember . . . ”I love you.”

Maryel McKinley Psy.D. (c) C.A.D.C., C.A.T.S. is a certified addictions treatment specialist with a clinical specialty in treating victims & perpetrators of violent crimes. A doctoral candidate in Psychology at American Behavioral Studies Institute, Maryel is a nationally syndicated columnist, a book reviewer for several regional magazines and is the Co Founder of Yellowstone First Step House For Indigent Women in Costa Mesa, Ca. She is available for lectures and can be reached at  or at Optimystic Media at (714) 396-4314.

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