By Kay Walburger



A Blessing In Disguise

At that moment in time, when I asked God for a promotion and a raise from my husband's employer . . . I was given instead, a two week's notice as the position was phased out. WOW! Not what I had expected!

A small voice inside me said "well, maybe this is a promotion and a raise . . . why not trust in the power of faith to make it happen?" In all our grief and mourning the loss, I asked for a 'sign' that it was OK to feel that this was for our good.

Then there it was, one day I opened my e-mail from Joanna Rodasta with a message from Mintanyo (her Christ-Like Angel Being). His words reached deep into my soul and granted me comfort and peace of mind that surpasses understanding. I felt a Divine soul connection to these amazing words.

"Solid choices are the result of deciding what you want to create knowing that all things are possible. Choices made with limitations in mind, foster limitations, pain, and lack. Choices made with full power in mind are solid choices and have positive ramifications that will be felt expansively . . . choose what you want to create out of all that is possible rather than what appears possible. Apparent possibility, as you know, is a position of limitation."

"A soul has unlimited access and unlimited power to move and intercede . . . Watch your assumptions. If you believe a certain path is un-walkable, then you are seeing it as a material body. Stop and wonder if your soul would hold such an assumption.

If not, what would your soul, hav-ing its capabilities, assume? You always have the opportunity to decide what you want. Hopefully you will see the value of incorporating your soul in the everyday creation of your life."

For this angel issue, I decided to interview Joanna and learn more. She is an incredible woman who speaks honestly and openly about everything. She said ten years ago her life was full of confusion and mystery. She had a deep seeded longing to know "what's it all about and what should I be doing?"

That is when she first heard the voice of a man who said his name was Mintanyo and he would teach her what she desired to know.

"He was incredibly patient with me. He is always gently coaching me and reminding me of the truth of who I am and to live my life with wholeness. I had a notion that it was possible to live in a state of integrated body and soul all the time. He has dotingly shown me the way to do that. It took years as I was a slow learner and kept going astray off my path. His sweet voice would call me back to my true path without shaming or blaming me. Mintanyo showed me how to live from a more compassionate perspective that made it easier to love myself and others."

"I Needed to Stop Being a Victim!"
"After many years I decided to write a book and six years ago I wrote down the sacred wisdom to share with others. My own childhood was filled with years of abuse from which I needed to stop being a victim. Mintanyo coached me with words of wisdom until I was free. Victimhood con-tinues to victimize you till you put it into its proper place in your psyche and stop giving it power over you by running from it or from obsessing on it!"

"Take a Moment and Create Your Life!" is the book she partly channeled from Mintanyo and partly experienced after making the decision to stop victimhood from ruining her life.

Using a technique called Life-Creating, she learned to understand how creative energy turns thoughts and beliefs into life experiences; then identifies conscious and deeply-hidden subconscious thoughts and beliefs which become new life experiences. Then negative beliefs are transformed into positive ones, creating happy, healthy experiences in the future.

Joanna has received 'the gift of seeing' which draws people to her for counseling. With only a name, she is able to give them important information as it flows through her.

Joanna Rodasta Wilshin is the author of "Take a Moment and Create Your Life!" She heads the Spirit-smith Company and is both founder of the Life-Creating Institute and a principal of Quantum Coaching, a business consultation firm. She is a keynote speaker and seminar leader for organizations. For more information call (949) 759-9300 or web address   "Cyber-Angel Bestows

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