By Lynn Seiser


Angel Messages

Do you consider angels spiritual messengers? What do you think their message is? What are they trying to tell us? Have your ever driven down the freeway and seen a billboard the angels put up just for you? I have not seen one either. Have you ever heard a booming voice from the clouds telling you the answers to your deepest questions? I have not heard that either. Yet, somehow, we have to learn to receive their messages.

As a counselor, I get to reach out to many people in pain. Many people have no idea where they are going or what they are doing with their life. Many feel like they are going in circles and need some answers. I do not provide answers. I guide. I offer information. The decisions in life belong to each one of us. It is what they call free will. What is funny is that most of us already have the answers to our questions. Sometimes we are so busy asking them that we do not know we already have received the answers. Most of us do not know we know.

I once heard that prayer was when you talk to God. Meditation is when we listen. As usual, we do too much talking and not enough listening. I look into my client's eyes and remind them that they already know the answer. Listen quietly to that soft voice deep inside. Some call it a conscience. Some call it angels. That soft voice knows what is the right thing to do. We all have it. We just forget to listen to it, but it is always there. The angels are always speaking to us.

Angels not only speak to our ears, they show their messages to our eyes. As I listen to my clients, they often express their life situation as visually dark and getting darker. Wherever they look, they do not see what to do. We have all had depression and cloudy days. Somehow a small light begins to shine and things look brighter. Perhaps the angels are telling us a way to go. The trick is to stay open to the light. Too often, we keep looking into the same direction seeing the same darkness. We tend to ignore that soft flicker of light just off to our side. Sometimes if we just look around we can see that even within the darkness there is light. We just forget to look for it, but it is always there. The angels are always showing us the light.

Angels are persistent. If they cannot whisper into our ears or show light to our eyes, they will give us a gentle tap on the shoulder. Actually, it is usually more a tug at the heart. The days may feel heavy. You might not feel particularly like doing anything. The law of inertia says that a body at rest will tend to stay at rest and a body in motion will tend to stay in motion. Many people have decided to just sit and be a spectator to their own lives. They just sit and watch it go by. Our bodies can be a source of truth and messages if we pay attention. Negativity and lies will actually weaken the body. Positive thoughts and the truth strengthen it. Perhaps it is just our body's way of telling us what is good for us. On the other hand, perhaps, these feelings are angel messages. We all have feelings. We just forget to pay attention to them. They are always there. The angels are always in touch with us.

I do not recommend that people look for messages on billboards or from cloud formations. A chance of finding the truth there is slim. I have sat with a lot of people who have gotten their lives together by listening to that soft inner voice, by looking for the light, or by paying attention to what pulls at their heart. Whether you believe these messages come from angels does not really matter. You just need you to get them. Got it?

Thanks for listening and sharing the messages along the journey.

Lynn Seiser, PhD, MFCC, is an internationally respected psychotherapist, consultant, speaker and writer with more than twenty years of direct clinical experience in recovery counseling for offenders and victims of violence, trauma and abuse. He is also known for his work in "holistic" recovery from addictions and his emphasis on "healthy" relationships. He offers 11 web pages at   and can be e-mailed at   To discuss the benefits of his services, to make a referral, or to make an appointment, contact him at 550 Pacific Coast Hwy., #203, Seal Beach, CA 90740 or call (562) 799-1371.

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