By W. Allan




We live in a quite young evolving civilization in terms of our understanding of the concept of time. If we are talking of earths and universes billions of years old, it is understandable that we view a civilization just a few tens of thousands of years old as quite young.

One only has to look as far back as our biblical stories to understand that we still hold dear many children's tales and myths that have been taught by our varying religions for the last five thousand years. It is with that understanding in mind that we take a closer look at the reality of angels in our midst.

I think we could all agree that the picture of reality painted by our five most-used senses is but a partial picture of the physical side of reality only. Our physical reality emerges from the more complex non-physical / psychological reality that underlies all physical objects, events and yes, even worlds and universes.

Our physical universe must operate within an irrefutable set of physical laws or parameters that cannot be violated by man nor beast, nor for that matter, spirits either. On the other hand, the underlying secret psychological universe also has its own irrefutable laws, which cannot be violated by psychological men, beasts nor spirits of any nature.

These separate states of being, physical and non-physical these two shadow universes (and there are many more), do have points of connection, points of intersection where great currents of energy are constantly being exchanged. There are points where the influx of energy is very powerful and an infinitesimal number of minor intersection points, far more numerous, where energy is continuously exchanged between realities.

No system of reality is isolated, no psychic road is a dead end, but the roads between realities are difficult to transverse. There are major points where all realities intersect, where spirit thought may enter, leave and in a sense, affect the physical or psychic beings that inhabit these universes. It must be understood that contact between realities, physical to non-physical, non-physical to non-physical or physical to physical is and always must be of the psychological nature.

The only way to physically enter any system of reality is to be born into it and the only way to physically leave is to die out of it. Even the most powerful entity cannot physically enter and leave specific systems of reality at will. To apply that concept to angels appearing in our world, it means this: psychic angels, energy essence personalities, can and do enter out system of reality psychologically, with purpose in mind, but it is not done lightly and it is never done physically.

So if you think you have seen an angel that looks suspiciously like Michael Landon flying on gossamer wings, forget it. It just doesn't happen that way. Here's how it does happen! There are two separate considerations to look at. Contact between recently departed loved ones can and is made quite often. This is usually not done by direct appearance although their thoughts may project an image as you remembered them when they were alive, so it would not be unusual for you to get a very young impression of a recently departed loved one who was actually quite elderly when they passed. This would be, of course an energy projection and not an actual physical image.

Contacts between the living and the dead, usually must happen soon after death, before the entity has fully disentangled himself from the physical body. Death comes so subtle at times to those dying, that some just donıt get it at the time of departure of the spirit. Some linger after leaving the body for some time before they go on with new psychic undertakings and have no further interest in past earthly adventures.

I must point out here that " You will maintain contact with those loved ones", those special souls that affect you most, lifetime after lifetime. You will be bound to them for eternity. You will see each other again and again. As time passes though, these psychic contacts between physical and non-physical become more rare. These spirits, after they have departed our system of realty cannot affect it physically, as in moving physical objects except in unusual circumstances.

This phenomenon is rarely experienced when the very recently-departed spirit has not fully departed this system of reality because of some unresolved circumstances that occurred in their physical lives. This is a period of disorientation and confusion, sometimes manifested because the spirit has not yet fully realized that the body has died and time has come for the spirit to move on. These ghostly wanderings carry no ill intent.

Recently passed spirit personalities who adapted so well to the physical experience, may prolong leaving it, tending to hang around, wondering why the body isn't moving, not fully understanding that it has been discarded as a snake discards a skin. The transition will eventually be made. The more adventuresome spirit personality, will be straining at the bit to get rid of the limitations of the worn out physical body and can't wait for the next challenge; they will easily vacate the body and move on. And now we come to the other spirit intrusion into our system of reality. ANGELS! Angels have been referred to in many different myths throughout the history of mankind. That's because angels have been around since time was formed. Only the names and the perceived image has changed over the centuries and actually it makes no difference what name or image you hold as long as you understand the message.

Though I must say, wings are not an angel requirement. Spirit flies effortlessly without assistance from wings. Angels as well as all non-physical entities may adopt any image they wish. But letıs talk briefly about what angels really are and what they are up to. First, you will probably never mistake an angel for Della Reese, walking down the street with the halo, just waiting to "Touch Somebody".

Angels are usually not seen unless they represent an unusually powerful thought projection. You will hear angel language though: Impressions, Ideas, Urges, Knowingness, Feelings, especially Feelings. Angels do not speak in words. The language of angels is spoken in subtle nuances, Ideas: when you suddenly get a new idea, especially about something that has been troubling you. Impressions: when you get an unusually strong impression, especially about something personal. Urges: the powerful catalyst that finally moves you to action. Knowingness: when the bulb lights up in your mind and you say YES! Feelings: when you feel the warm, wonderful understanding that everything is O.K. or possibly a strong warning of impending danger. This is the language of angels.

This psychic language is experienced by us through intuition. How do you know the message is angel driven? It will always convey information, feelings, ideas of the highest order. How do you hear this language? BY PAYING ATTENTION! There is no such thing as coincidence, everything has a purpose.

Now finally, who are angels and what are they up to? Angels are advanced spirit personalities who have completed their reincarnation cycle here on earth and who have gone on to other endeavors. Spirit personalities who lovingly, willingly help our civilization from the Spirit world. Looking after and helping us is their selected field of interest in the non-physical world. A non-physical world which I might add, is every bit as real as ours, a world which is far more diverse and far less limiting than ours. A world where there are no bodily limitations. Where neither food nor clothing is needed and physical laws do not apply. Where flying is commonplace, no wings required. Where spirit can experience many events simultaneously. Where time and space do not exist and where complex realities are created instantly with the slightest thought.

Non-physical entities have work to do, things to learn, help to give, earthly physical personalities to guide. These angels are OUR SPIRIT GUIDES. Out of body, does not mean "Out of Work" to angels. Angels do not sit on clouds day and night playing harps and repeating humdrum, mindless adoration's forever into eternity. Non-physical angels come to us as Teachers, through us as Speakers of Truths and inspire us as Helpers and Spirit Guides.

So, the next time you hear the flutter of wings, look for the sparrow or eagle, but when you hear the flutter of your heart, feel the comfort of knowing a truth, experience the unexplainable, then listen and you will hear the voice of your very own spirit guide, your angel. Their promise to you is "You are never truly alone".

W. Allan is a graduate of Harris Teachers College and Washington University in St. Louis and resides in Bonita Springs, Florida. He may be contacted by calling (941) 495-7344.

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