Moeller Foundation Celebrates
Four Years of Successful Community Education Events
By Paul Berger, Director, Public Relations



For years, Harry and Rachael Moeller wanted to help mankind. It was also their dream to establish an education corporation as their legacy to help people grow mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. This dream became a reality in 1995 with the opening of the Harry E. and Rachael M. Moeller Foundation. Mr. Ed Zimmer, former Trappist monk, author, retired executive and teacher became the Foundation's Director. He continues in this role today.

Fall '98 marks the beginning of the fifth year of successful "Enrich Your Mind" education classes, workshops and lectures.

Since its inception, Moeller has been active in San Diego's North County community of Escondido. With a focus on basic important issues facing people today and through-out their lives, Moeller's education events zero in on areas such as NATURAL HEALTH, NUTRITION, PERSONAL GROWTH, MIND AND TECHNOLOGY SCIENCES, SOCIETAL ISSUES AND NON-SECTARIAN SPIRITUAL EDUCATION among others. Helping people reach their full potential is an underlying aim of Moeller's education curriculum.

Attendance has increased each year. Commenting on Moeller's success, Director Ed Zimmer reports that Moeller is poised for growth. "It seems that increasing numbers of people from all walks enjoy our variety of informative human interest topics. We find that both young adults and seniors alike are awakening during these changing times as the Millennium dawns. We experience that Moeller is a great place for many to find some of the answers to life's intriguing and exciting queries. By offering leading-edge topics we cater to an audience which is both inquisitive and desirous of enriching their minds.

All class instructors are professionals in their respective fields. The cost to attend events is exceptionally low. This Fall for example, about 50% of the events are FREE, with donations welcome. The other 50% of the events have very modest fees which vary between $10 for a single event and $50 for a seven-week class event. Fees are subsidized by the Foundation. They are kept intentionally low as a service to the community. Moeller also offers scholarships to individuals who wish to attend fee events while not having the financial means available.

Moeller plays a further key role in the community. The Foundation has successfully hosted public events such as the Workshop For Abused Women and in 1997, the Symposium For Enhancing Caregivers' Well-Being: "In The Spirit Of Caring".

A growing aspect of Moeller's community services is a FREE lending library located at the Foundation conference center. The objective is to constantly expand this popular service. Moeller encourages donations of books on science, metaphysics, spirituality, natural health and nutrition and personal growth. This is one area where financial donations are used to obtain important new titles.

Also on location is a small book- store offering book and tape products for which Moeller has acquired sales and distribution rights, plus titles that are of interest to Moeller's audience. Zimmer commented on a new special item consisting of a gift-wrapped audio tape of Murdo Macdonald-Bayne's inspired writings, "Divine Healing" - The Master Speaks Again. "People who wish to send a consoling or encouraging message to a friend or loved one can do so with only a $5 donation. We'll even do the mailing."

Looking to the future, Zimmer sees the need and benefits for offering more public symposiums on many personal improvement issues in fields such as health prevention, nutrition and spirituality. "Prevention in regards to health", he said, " is the key word as medical and insurance costs escalate. Consumer education is one solution. In the world of science, new discoveries are changing the way we once thought about how some aspects of our universe function. Who ever thought they would see a water molecule replace the silica chip in computers?

With "Baby Boomers" reaching middle age, come the questions about natural health, food quality, genetic manipulation of food, anti-aging products, personal growth, spirituality and survival into the 21st century. Moeller's goal is to provide the "best" information we can find on a given topic and thus respect the mission of the founders.

Zimmer added, "Our role in the community seems to have benefitted those whom we have touched. On the operations side of things, we count on personal donations and corporate support to fund our activities. As a registered 501 (c)(3) corporation we offer donation receipts for income tax purposes. We are open to working with people in regards to their Estate Planning and Wills. The Foundation has no paid employees. We do however have a great Board of Directors and dedicated volunteers."

The Moeller Foundation is located in Trafalgar Square, 1330 East Valley Parkway, Escondido. For information on how you can support Moeller's on-going education program, qualify as a speaker, donate books or to obtain a copy of Moeller's Fall '98 Schedule of Workshop, Lecture and Class events please call Mr. Ed Zimmer, Director at (760) 737-8404.

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