By Susan K. Stevenson, DCH



Have you been experiencing strong, perhaps unexplainable, thoughts and feelings that seem to be coaching you, perhaps urging you to consider making changes in your life? Like many others, you may be having thoughts or feelings that are different than in the past, images and ideas that are stretching you in new directions, challenging your old ways of thinking, and expanding your creativity into new dimensions. Or perhaps you are one of the multitudes who see your life changing all around you and you feel like a passenger on a bullet train bound for a destination as yet unknown to you. What are your hopes, dreams and aspirations? Do you know the source of your inspiration? Can you allow yourself to believe that your angels are at work all around you and for you, right now?

Angels, angels and more angels. As we experience these final months of the 20th Century and prepare to enter into the new millennium, all of humanity ‹ individually and collectively - appears to be called upon to take the next step in spiritual growth with each person experiencing very individual and personal challenges in order to make growth a reality. Just think about it for a moment - look around you at not only your own life, but your friends, relatives, politics, the world. Attitudes and events are changing dramatically and rapidly in every arena. Sometimes negativity appears to be present, and it is like sediment at the bottom of a pool that is being stirred in order to clean it up. Cleaning up is definitely occurring at so many levels, in so many ways, and we can see quite clearly if we will simply focus and allow ourselves to take a really good look at what we need to do.

So, what are you, individually, being called to become more aware of, clean up, build, clear out, dissolve, create, or change in some meaningful way? Surely, you've had dozens of items on your list for quite a long time now. What areas have you been ignoring the longest? Have you felt a tapping on your shoulder to focus on a certain area or priority? What are the inner urgings and images that you experience when you allow yourself to focus on these priorities. Or perhaps (and this is happening frequently all around us) something dramatic happens in your life to "force" you to focus on this area, and then you know, without a doubt and with absolute certainty, that you must clear this up NOW. For some it may be a career crisis, for others it may be a serious health challenge, perhaps it shows up as a crumbling relationship or the opportunity to create a new one what has it been for you?

Angels are said to be the Messengers of God. Angels bring us messages in wonderful and sometimes unusual ways. You can see and feel them at work all around you by simply allowing yourself to become aware of the unexplained little coincidences in your life, or a desire made manifest right before you, maybe thinking of an old friend, then they pop into your life, an answer to a prayer, a healing, or a loving feeling of hope running through you. Angels can be the energy or your "cheerleader" to encourage you to make the changes you've needed to make and to create your life in new and wonderful ways. Think back now. Where can you see the angels have been at work in your life?

Keep in mind the angels never interfere with your free will. They love for you to acknowledge their presence and to ask for their help. Please don't wait for a big crises or a life-and-death situation to ask for angelic assistance. Remind yourself of their presence in the little things of life and your awareness will always be open. Listen with your heart and remember that you must ask for their help for them to intervene; because, unless it is a life-threatening situation and it is not your time to go, they do not overstep your God-given power to choose according to your free will. Yet, they are always with you, watching over you, helping to guide you and always looking for your open, receptive heart. An excellent book to guide you through this process is "Divine Guidance" by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

Listening for angelic guidance is really quite simple. Trusting the guidance you receive just takes a little practice to really know and discern angelic messages from the chatter of your lower ego (which, by the way, deals in fear, doubt and limitation). Keeping a journal is one of the best ways I know to begin to trust the process. Whether you are already an expert at keeping a journal of your thoughts and feelings, or whether you are a novice, begin to take separate note of the events, situations, thoughts and feelings that seem to be extraordinary somehow - a gentle, continual encouragement to improve your life in some way, or to create something of value for the world, to have the faith to know that you are safe and protected even though you can't quite see past that bend in the road ahead.

When clients come to see me asking to get in touch with their angels and to really hear their angels, they are often asking to have an experience that they believe is outside of themselves. And while sometimes an angelic encounter is quite visual, or there is a strong vocal message, far more often our angels (and we all have at least two angels with us all throughout our lives - and often more) are more subtle with us. Too many of us have become a "victim" of our culture which gives lip service to the possibility of angels, yet doubts the rationality of the reality of their existence. Thankfully, that is changing. Yes, all you have to do is look around at the enormous number of books, articles, movies and personal accounts of encounters with angelic energies and interventions. Most bookstores have entire sections devoted to angels now - much different than just a few years ago.

So let go of your shyness, your doubt, my friends. Open your heart and your mind to the assistance of your angels, for they have only love for you and only guide you along the most loving pathways of life. Listen with your heart, welcome the challenges presented to you to clean up, clear up and re-create your life in new and wonderful ways. Be all that you are created to be. Shine the light of your soul brightly and recognize the enormously beautiful energy that is within you to share with the world. Ask your angels for their help continually, for they are the Messengers of God, and they are with you always. Ask, listen and move forward each and every day being your most authentic and true self. You are safe, you are surrounded with loving angels at all times. Welcome them! Welcome home!

Susan Stevenson, DCH, CSC, is a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy and a Certified Spiritual Counselor.  Currently residing in Australia, she offers private sessions for adults and children, as well as workshops and audio tapes on a variety of life enhancing topics.

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