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Well, here is our very popular "Angel" issue . . . the one everyone has been waiting for . . . graced with "Faith" by New Mexico artist, William Alan Shirley. You can read more about this incredible artist on page 9 of this issue.

This has been an interesting year, encouraging many of us to re-examine our belief systems, our morals, our judgments . . . the possibility for growth in understanding and forgiveness of others, knowing that we are all spiritual beings learning to be human.

We have also be faced with the tragic and sudden loss of Florence Griffith Joiner, better know as Flo Jo. While she will always be remembered as a flashy Olympic champion, she will also remain in the hearts of many young people who were encouraged by her accomplishments. Flo Jo was not only a "star", but an incredible human being - very involved in her community. She will be missed.

Baseball became America's number 1 sport again, with the awesome season of Mark Maguire and Sammy Sosa . . . two genuinely "nice" guys who have become heroes and much-needed role models for the kids of today. The sincerity and lack of selfishness of these two ballplayers was an incredible thing to witness.

And then there was another "trip" for Keiko, who has to be the most traveled whale in history. He is now enjoying his new digs off the coast of Iceland, and doing exceptionally well. We will be doing a feature on the adventures of this amazing animal in an upcoming issue.

All of us at Awareness wish you and your families a Wonderful Holiday Season, packed with joy and happiness!!

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