By Christopher Thornhill, Age 10



By Sandra Hanken
Illustrated by Jody Bergsma

I was excited because I got a real letter with my name on it asking me to read the book SKY CASTLE. Then it got better. There is a poster in the book to hang on the wall. And you know how much I like illustrations, because really good illustrations can tell a story just like the words do.

Well this book had two special things that happened. First my little sister, Summer Rose, sat real still while we read the book. She loved the pictures and the teddy bears with wings. I liked the flying dragons best.

The second thing that was special was the story itself. It talks about this beautiful castle that you can imagine in your mind. Then you think up all these wonderful things, every funny creature, and everybody you love, all there and being happy. Everyone gets along, and the animals aren't scary.

My Grandma and I talked about thinking up places in your mind. I didn't know other people did this. I go to a place in my mind sometimes. It's up a long staircase and I go through a portal, then I float in the dark with flickers of light all around. I didn't know about thinking up castles and creatures and stuff to be there with me. It can get lonely there all by myself. So now I'm trying to build my own special place to go. Because the good thing about it is the book says that you can bring nice things back with you to help make a better world.

Published by Illumination Arts, SKY CASTLE is available at local bookstores.


By Connie Bowen

There is a new book that is pretty different, and that's a good thing. It has lots of pictures, and only a few words on each page. But it's not a silly book. The few words on the page are called affirmations. You know how some days you just don't feel very good about yourself. Especially if someone makes you mad or sad. Well, if you use this book and read the words on the page, and look at the pictures, you start to feel better.

There is a page that says "I'm whole and perfect just the way I am". Well I don't always feel perfect. But when you read the words and look at the pictures, you do feel pretty good. One reason is because the picture is a kid looking in a mirror at himself. The mirror is held by his guardian angel. How can you feel bad when your guardian angel is caring about you?

Some of the pages I don't always understand. My grandma makes me talk it through with her. Like the page of "I am Powerful". It shows a huge animal with horns and a kid on top of the animal. Well how can you feel powerful with a scary animal around and you are just a kid. I felt better after I talked it through. I'm bigger than my brother and sister and I protect them. I pay attention in school most of the time which makes me smarter each day.

See it really is a different book - and a good one. There is a different way to read it too. My grandma says to just read one page and then let yourself think about what it means. Then the next day you can read another page. It's probably going to take a year to read it!

Published by Unity Books, I BELIEVE IN ME is available in local bookstores.

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