By Chuck Diliberto



Zannah's Angelight
As Sung by Molly Pasutti
InSight Music

When intangible realities cross the line between dream states and the waking world a phenomenal realization occurs. The intervention of divine beings (in this case, Angels) to change and reshape our lives has an added significance. The history of Angels, per se, is to guide and help all of us unconditionally and compassionately.

In Zannah's Angelight, five individuals whose lives have been inspired through Angelic dreams and revelations have collaborated to present a work that is both profound and stunning in its ability to bring the intangible into the realm of tangible.

The music is contemporary, combining folk, rock-n-roll and gospel mediums into tight, well-produced arrangements. Molly Pasutti handles the vocals. She has a clear voice that is packed with emotion and sensuality. The lyrics relate the expressiveness that follows the experience of being touched by an Angel.

The songs represent a certain order that is reflective of the changes and reshaping that is initiated by Angelic intervention. There is an abundant amount of information, insight and revelation being offered here. The message is heartfelt, optimistic and inspiring. I am reminded of the soundtrack to the musical GodSpell.

There is a pure childlike quality that permeates Zannah's Angelight. If we wanted to, we could wish away all of our fears and pain with an Angel ready to relieve us of these burdens. A grandiose thought, maybe, an accepted reality, possibly, a much-needed truth, definitely.

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I Believe In Angels
Margaret M. Myers
Enlightened Spirit Productions Angels, Angels, Angels. Margaret Myers' I Believe In Angels is a testimonial to the truth and guidance roles that Angels play in our lives. Myers, at the seasoned age of seventy-five, is a living monolith who has written, arranged and interpreted Angelic messages on her keyboards for the past five years.

The music is rich and full of expression. The power and majesty are awe-inspiring. The great classical composers have also ostensibly listened to the music of the ethers. There is a strong correlation between Myers' compositions and some well-known sonatas, adding veracity to the understanding that Angels have guided all of humankind.

Margaret Myers has a special gift. When you close your eyes and listen to the music, you can hear Myers also listening for the source of the music. She has a gentle stroke on the keyboards, caressing and nurturing the music, each note finding its place in a connective melody that harkens to the sublime. Myers and her music stand as an inspiration to anyone striving to get past their limitations.

I also believe in Angels and their extended roles in our lives. Myers has translated the intuitive nature of Angels accurately. For those listeners, including myself, who have had contact with Angel guides, there is a distinctive aura Myers has tapped into and shared. A wonderful experience indeed.

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Colors of the Heart
A Celebration of Love, Romance and Joyful Passion

Musik Int'l / Oreade Music
Aeoliah defines the current underlying theme in new age thinking, healing. Healing is important if we desire to access the higher, purer realms of our consciously awakened selves. This awakening is enhanced through the shared experience of music- the musician, music and listener combining to achieve a breakthrough to the more delicate, intrinsic nature of our being.

Colors of the Heart is a vibratory release of the archetypal memories stored within our heart chakras. Behind the fears and insecurities we are culturally imposed with belies the fertile Divine heart. The keys of Aeoliah's grand piano move in synchronicity with his own visions of love, passion and romance. His vision, through a series of sonic explorations (compositions) is effortlessly offered to the tired seeker. The music is deftly arranged through melodious layering designed to gently captivate the listener.

As the music surrounds our senses, the inner ear opens, innately guiding the sound towards our inner heart. The heart opens, as we become relaxed, enrapt in a somewhat melancholy embrace. At this point Aeoliah has accomplished what he has set out to do.

The use of music for relaxation and healing purposes is not new- the substantial growing numbers of artists performing this music is. The Age of Enlightenment is beckoning through the utilization of existing methods, teaching that everything we need to grow and heal is within and without us. Aeoliah has stepped up to add his sensibilities to the co-creation awareness that is taking root on Planet Earth.

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Trans-Hyperborean Institute
of Science

Since my first introduction to Vulcan's Child's "Environment" I realized there was a Techno-Spiritual revolution going on. The actual combination of Science and Spirituality finding a simpatico relationship is astounding. The powers that be have long been accused of using advanced technology in irresponsible ways. If better weapons were not being  developed, the consumer was being charged exorbitant prices for the privilege of using modern technology. Vulcan's Child has stepped up through the greed and paranoia of big business to establish a practical and economical solution to utilizing advanced technology. The sincere belief in making a contributing positive difference in the consciousness of today's culture is the foundational integrity of the Trans-Hyperborean Institute of Science.

"Healing", in comparison with "Environment", offers a sharper contrast between the pauses and pitch of the notes. A sense of excitement lingers, waiting for something extraordinary to occur. In the quiet moments between the pauses, the silence is deafening, allowing us to listen much deeper within ourselves. These quiet moments become eternal, then, suddenly, a sharp note re-awakens us to another level of our being.

This CD represents an adventure in consciousness, presenting us with a cosmic skeleton key that fits ostensibly every lock. When we grasp this understanding, we come face to face with the mechanism of healing. The subtle letting go accompanied by positive reinforcement of our deeper selves. I suspect that one listen to this CD may not be a panacea, but it is not meant to be. Healing is a process that takes time and effort to procure. Vulcan's Child's "Healing" is a wonderful tool that can be used effectively if you choose. I honestly promote this product, the results are measurable and tangible.

For more info, call (415) 389-1764.

Chuck Diliberto is a resident of New York state. Having written for a   hometown publication that covered local and national musicians, reviewing CDs is an extension of that experience. His main interests are spiritual in nature and right living in practice.

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