By Jim Kinney



Did you know that your angels talk to you and guide you in many different ways? I'm sure many a person has pondered the thought, "Do my guardian angels speak to me? And, if so, why don't I hear them?"

My answer is yes, without a doubt! We all have many angels watching over and guiding us through our life's journey. They always answer us. Whether we hear them or not, depends on our level of awareness. We just need to train ourselves how to listen and understand them. Our angels will never tell us that we have to do something. They only guide us in the direction that we are asking to move in.

Many times we fear moving in a direction until we know all the steps, but our angels will gently remind us that we often need to move first and the steps will be shown to us along the way. It's the old proverbial putting the cart before the horse, which we so often try to do.

How do we receive and understand the guidance from our angels?

Well, we receive guidance in a variety of different ways. One of the ways is directly through our thoughts and feelings. This is the easiest and probably the most preferred method, but not often heeded. Another way is being spoken to directly which tends to really get one's attention, but is seldom experienced. Our angels also speak to us through our dreams. For the purpose of this article, I'd like to focus on how our angels use our dreams to communicate with us.

Are your angels talking to you through your dreams?

Better yet, are you listening to them? Because, I can guarantee you that they are continually speaking to you through your dreams and your thoughts, whether you are conscious of it or not.

Dreams are undoubtedly the most common method of communication and guidance, but is probably the least understood and the most discarded by many people. As adults, we often tell our children after being awaken by a dream to go back to sleep because, "It was only a dream." Or, when we are awakened by a dream, we often comfort ourselves by telling ourselves, "Oh, I was only dreaming." However, that dream which you may be disregarding may contain the guidance that you requested and were unable to hear through any other method. I believe that our angels use dreams to communicate with us more than any other method combined.

Our angels are continually giving us guidance and answers in response to our prayers and request. They hear and respond to every thought that we have. The problem is that we often don't accept their response and are too busy disagreeing with the answers and/or guidance that is being delivered because it didn't fit into what we were looking for. So we often disregard the information as, "It's only a dream." A dream can be a great tool for our growth if we can learn how to understand and listen to what our angels are saying in them.

So why do we often disregard the guidance that our angels give us through our dreams?

We are continually receiving input from our angels. The only aspect that we need to learn is how to accept the answers that we hear when we hear them. Often times when we get an answer, we do not agree with it. Our conditioning has taught us to second-guess ourselves. Basically, we talk ourselves out of the guidance through rationalization or just ignoring it all together. I've written and spoken many times as to the importance of listening with our hearts and not our heads. It's vitally important to know the difference, because our angels are speaking to us through our heart center.

One of the reasons that we have difficulty listening to our angels is because we listen with our head and not our heart.

Know this, our head will tell us lies and give us rational reasons why this guidance couldn't possibly be the right thing. It's not that listening with our head is a bad thing, it's just that we put too much emphasis on what our head is telling us over what our heart is telling us. This is one of the biggest reasons that we often feel so confused about the guidance and answers we receive. Know this, our heart never lies to us, it can only speak the truth. Truly, we only need to learn how to listen more from our heart. Once we can accomplish this on a continual basis, then and only then will we be able to live a life that is continually clear and problem free.

If not, it would benefit you to look and see what the block is that is preventing you from understanding them? I encourage you to find the answer to this question so that you can remove the block and move forward within yourself and grow. And, if you do understand them, are you responding and taking action on the information you receive?

From my experience of working with others, I have noticed that when a person ignores the guidance from their angels, the angels will deliver the message a little stronger (or louder). The longer you ignore the message, the stronger or louder it will become. Your angels are just trying to get your attention about something that you've requested and they will be as patient as necessary or as loud as necessary. They are only trying to help you create what you say you want.

When we have repeatedly disregarded and ignored the guidance from our angels, and continue to pray or ask for guidance, they increase the intensity of their communication. This is typically where nightmares come in. They use intense dreams to "wake us up". Usually, once we open ourselves to listening and receiving our angels' guidance, the nightmares subside.

Our dreams are filled with metaphors, a symbolic representation of the guidance that we have been requesting. It is like a pres-ent and you only need to learn how to unwrap it. Many of us have difficulties understanding these metaphors. The main reason for this is because we haven't been trained to pay attention to this style of communication.

Each person needs to understand the symbolic representation of what the objects in the dream represent to him or her. For instance, if a snake were in the dream, for some it could represent fear, while for someone else, it could be euphoric. It is important to look at the objects, situations and people in your dreams and determine what they represent to you as it pertains to your life.

I encourage you to learn to talk with your angels. Believe me they are longing for you to hear them because they always hear you.

Jim Kinney has a private practice that incorporates Energetic Refocusing & Balancing, Breathwork, Psycho-Neural Integration (PNI), Dreamwork, Relationship Coaching, Intuitive Guidance and/or Emotional Release & Healing. Also, Jim and his wife, Anne, offer a variety of experiential and life-changing workshops where attendees gain new insights, new perspectives and the tools to unleash their creative abilities with unlimited possibilities by removing all doubts and fears that block their life's path. They can be reached at (949) 722-1962.

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