By Paula Hamilton




Angels Guide is a line of products centering around a series of messages the author received from angels. The product line includes a hard cover book with an accompanying 78 minute CD, separate cassette recordings of the Angel Messages and the Angel Treasury, Soundtrack CD, and Meditations on CD. The Angels Guide also comes on CD audio book and on CD-ROM.

The book, Angels Guide is divided into three main sections and a glossary. Angel Messages is comprised of thirty six subjects ranging from God and life in Heaven, to everyday life on Earth, including such topics as death, beauty, money, trust, love and pets.

The author states the messages were a result of direct communication with twelve angels known as the Twelve Archangel Kingdoms of the Central Soul (Sun). These angels were manifested to her during inner child therapy after her "brain was magically readjusted" to "reopen her clairvoyant vision." The authors "angel-inspired" works clearly show her earnest desire to help others and be of service. She has some very true and worthwhile advice. The urgings to surrender oneself to God, transform one's past, make choices, possess gratitude, practice forgiveness, and see God in those around us are reminiscent of Mother Theresa.

As a work of fiction it's great. However, since the work is presented as non-fiction, there are some points that raise my concern. Angels feed into our dreams, our fantasies and our egos. We have an obligation to ask ourselves what is creating our experiences? Perhaps the time has come for us to get past our disappointing childhoods. It often causes us to put ourselves into the hands of well intentioned but erroneous people.

Now, lest I sound like a skeptic, be assured I believe in Angels and Guardian Angels as well. Yes, they are there, but not at our beck and call. Angels are pure spirit. Spirits whom we can invoke should cause us great concern. Angel (Greek) means "messenger". "Angel" is what they do, not who they are. Heavenly messengers follow the will of God, not their own will. If an "angel" is following its own will, perhaps it's "one of those" who were asked to leave.

Her assertion that angels love us unconditionally doesn't make sense. What if someone's hearts desire is evil? We want to believe that angels come to us only to help, protect and guide. We reject the idea that demons come to us to confuse, derail and mislead. We are convinced that we can tell the difference yet, "Lucifer" means light-bearer, we are told he masquerades as an "angel of light." (2 Cor 11:14) New Testament apos-tles record early church members being plagued by "revelations" that were found to be from the wrong spirits. The apostle John vehemently exhorts others to "test the spirits".

The author's declaration "It's your birthright to have all the money, material resources, loving relationships, good health, and inspiring work your heart needs or wants." is irresponsible, if not false. God's "job" is to guide us to Heaven. For some people, the road to Heaven is not paved with money, good health or ease. Remember the testimonial lyrics to Amazing Grace? Anyone who knows the life story of John Newton will also know his conversion, faith and destiny were not spawned by ease. Sometimes we only see God when we're flat on our back, looking up.

The six books of the Angel Treasury explain God, life and creation, as told to the author via the angels. God is a large concept, being the subject and striving of learned men for millennia. The neat, tidy package may make for interesting reading, but I wouldn't take it as gospel; pun intended. When we attempt to corral God into the parameters of our own understanding we aren't headed for trouble, we're already there.

One very serious objection I have to the information presented in Book One, aside from the irrational origin of God, and story of creation; is the linking of Lucifer with Michael, as an "all in one" archangel. Michael was the archangel who forced the showdown after Lucifer stated he would not serve God. After all was said and done, Michael was the one who threw Satan, and those who chose to follow him, out of Heaven. Michael means "Who is like God?", which was basically what he said in response to Lucifer's rebellion. Stating these two diametrically opposed beings are one in the same, and later split like some sort of spiritual multiple personality is ridiculous.

The book finishes with Angel Letters. Advice and words of encouragement from the angels. I'm sorry, but I cannot imagine the archangel Gab-riel, messenger of the annunciation, signing off his letter with "Love Gabe"! What's next, the archangel Michael signing off with "Love Mike"?

More objections include the blenderized batch of terms used "Mother Father God" and "Christ/Buddah" among others. While these terms may tickle our ears, they are not theologically sound. Ironically, the "angels" cannot seem to distinguish a religion from a philosophy. It may please our sense of open-mindedness to put Christ and Buddha together, but in truth they were two very different individuals. Christ's claim to divinity aside, Jesus spent his life and death showing us the value in suffering while Buddha's pursuit in life was happiness. The foundations of Buddhism, the Four Noble Truths, eschew suffering in all of its forms.

Despite all good intentions we can easily lead ourselves down a path, recreating God in our own image. We become the creators of Heaven. Spirits are supernatural, but supernatural isn't necessarily divine. Caveat Emptor.

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