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AND ANGELS ABOUND ... This is a season when the focus on these heavenly beings increases. Most major religions have angel stories as part of their belief systems. Many people find comfort and solace in knowing that we are not alone and have the guardians, messengers, and wise ones to aide and assist us.


An Urgent Message from the Third Realm
By Curt H. von Dornheim

Human cloning is in the works. And the stories written by authors of science fiction don't come close to the atrocities about to be released. Before you're lulled into passive acceptance by cuddly baby lambs and stories of well-being - stop and think!

ANGEL TEARS is a voice crying in the wilderness. I was astounded by the questions brought up - points of ethics, spirituality, and responsibility. Even more astonishing is the high probability that our worst fears will be realized if this goes unchecked.

If our learned scientists proceed with the experiments, what happens to the beings that will be created. What if they come into a life of pain and agony? Will they be destroyed as just an experiment gone bad or will they live out an existence of horror? Where will their sense of family, tradition, ethics and community come from? It won't be inbred. What will their purpose be - sentient slaves? Will they replace those humans perceived to be less than perfect?

When the world heard of the experimentation of cloning and 'master race' in Nazi Germany, everyone was appalled. Have we become so desensitized that we would allow another travesty to take place on our own soil?

This book stimulated me to ask several different people their view on this topic. Those in favor saw the advantage of body part cloning for the infirm (to replace their own skin, organs, etc.). Some saw the advantage for insuring mentally or physically healthy offspring. Each stated that it is already a reality and we can't go back. But they also knew that the potential for Pandora's Box was definitely a factor.

A friend offered his opinion, "The emotional damage to society would be too much to bear for most people. I don't think God will allow it." I pray he is right.

Curt von Dornheim penned this wake up call. His books and classes center around messages that would be to our advantage to heed.


by Johanna

Some recent books might be just the thing for the season's gift-giving. Johanna has released THE ANGELS OF THE RAYS, including a collection of her distinct world-renowned artist renditions of some of the various angels she invokes.

The back of this beautiful book contains punch-out wallet-sized colored cards of the angels, suitable for carrying in your wallet. (I personally think they are suitable for framing!) Johanna continues to educate, consult and delight.

Published by Oughten House Publishing, this book is available at Awakenings and Mystic Connection in Laguna Beach, Heaven on Earth in Encinitas, and at Visions and Dreams in Costa Mesa.


Book of Prayer and Healing
By Barbara Mark and Trudy Griswold

Barbara and Trudy are sisters who embody the love and light of the angels they bring to us. In these two powerful books, you will find an understanding of angels, and a way to incorporate their healing power in your own life.

Their previous book ANGEL-SPEAKE: HOW TO TALK WITH YOUR ANGELS is a Publishers Weekly best seller. Their book on prayer and healing incorporates actual stories of readers who used ANGELSPEAKE effectively in their own lives.

Published by Simon & Schuster, this book is available at local bookstores.


How to Have Conversations with God and Your Guardian Angels
By Doreen Virture, Ph.D.

Doreen Virtue is a renowned author and speaker. Her degree in counseling psychology and her background in spiritual education has brought her the distinction of being accepted in many circles. She has appeared on Oprah, Ricki Lake, and The 700 Club, and featured in Wo-man's Day, USA Today and other magazines. Doreen has a reputation for being well-balanced, and an authority on angels.

Her workshops on direct lines to heaven have been successful and have the profound tendency of turning the skeptics into exuberant angel communicators!

Her most recent book, DIVINE GUIDANCE, shows us how to discover the language angels use to communicate with each person. Some of us are visual, others intuitive, some auditory. By following Doreen's instructions you will be able to understand what to look for, how to prepare yourself to enter into communication, and how to develop the "Four Claires", clairvoyance, clair-audience, clairsentience, and clair-cognizance.

We also learn about our 'higher self' and the battle of the ego to guide our decisions. We can stop the strug-gle over the domination of our thoughts. With gentle guidance we learn that the Voice of the Divine is loud, powerful and strong. God speaks to us continually, and His messengers, the angels, joyfully carry messages to our eager spirit. By learning how to listen to these voices we will have the answers we seek. The voice of guidance is distinctive. And we can learn to recognize it.

How do we open these channels to receive from the Divine? How can we know our requests are heard and considered? Can anyone do this? Divine Guidance will answer these questions, and lead you into the presence of your angels.

Published by Renaissance Media Press, this book is available at your local bookstore.


By Nina Anderson

One of the first rules of writing is to know your subject well. Nina Anderson is a professional airline pilot, and believe me she knows her topic!

If you spend any time in planes, or know someone who does, reading Nina's book is a must. Ever wonder 'why' you get airsick? Or what about the sudden bumps and jolts, exactly what causes them? What natural remedies will make your trip a more pleasant experience?

In a friendly, informative style THE BACKSEAT FLYER is a welcome companion that gives an interesting insight from the perspective of the pilot. Nina gives an open, honest description on the rise of her career and her experiences in the industry.

Richard Vail offers his talent as an illustrator to this 'must-have' travelers' book.

Published by Safe Goods Publishing Co., P.O. Box 36, E. Canaan, CT, this book is available at your local bookstore, or by calling (800) 903-3837. 

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