International Somatics Congress Set for
February 25-28, 1999 at Arrowhead Springs
By Anne O'Brien



BODY WISDOM will feature the leading edge of inquiry,discovery and practice from the vast fields of touch, movement and body-mind integration. It will include the multiplicity of somatic experiences and expression: breath sound, movement education, yoga, dance, bodywork, sensory awareness and somato-emotional and energetic approaches. The congress aims to encourage the evolution of concepts about what is possible and challenges ideas about our limits physiologically and philosophically.

- To position somatic work in the marketplace as indispensable to a healthy human existence.
- To present the latest discoveries about what Bodymind is and provide physiologic substantiation for the effectiveness of somatic work.
- To explore the effect of conscious attention and intention when focused toward desired outcomes.
- To offer an enriching program with lots of opportunities to explore and use your body in new and informing ways.
- To inquire about a way in which somatic education can be made more available to all persons.

BODY WISDOM is designed as both a gathering place for somatic professionals from around the world and as an educational opportunity for anyone interested in finding out more about their body and how somatic modalities can help them in their work or in their life. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in an experiential learning environment and to hear from leaders in the fields of massage and bodywork, creative movement, rehabilitation and many other evolving areas.

The Congress begins Thursday evening February 25, 1999 at 7:30 p.m. and runs through 3 p.m. Sunday, February 28. BODY WISDOM will kick off with a welcoming reception to be crowned by a Saturday evening Gala Celebration. Congress sessions will be a mix of general sessions, keynotes, workshops, movement and meditation sessions, dialogues and panels, evening performances and celebrations. In addition to the congress, attendees may register for 1, 2, 3, or 4 day-long concurrent master classes scheduled both before and after the Congress itself. CEUs area available for most courses.

The experience of community will be fostered by the hospitality provided by Arrowhead Springs, a 2500 acre retreat facility in San Bernardino, California, featuring an art deco hotel, hot springs, great hiking trails, fabulous food and an elegant swimming pool. A bodywork center will be available representing a vast choice of modalities within the field so people may sample and choose. There will also be space available for exhibitors to sell their products.

BODY WISDOM is sponsored by The Association for Humanistic Psychology. Co-sponsored by: The Trager Institute, Alive & Well Institute of Conscious Bodywork, Rubenfeld Synergy, The Institute for Emotional Kinesthetic Psychology, The World School of Massage, Transformational Bodywork Seminars, Oregon School of Massage. Media Sponsors: Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, Massage Magazine, Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals, Inner Words. Corporate Sponsors: Biotone, Bodywork Emporium, Od-walla.

To register for the conference or to obtain a complete program schedule, please call (415) 339-8606; or e-mail: You may also visit the website for more information on the congress: The conference fee is $350 in advance or $395 on-site. Accommodation options range from $49.00/dorm style rooms to $95/single per night (plus a 5% reservation fee) and all rooms include three sumptuous meals/day.


The Creative Implications of Expanding Fluidity
(Emilie Conrad Da'oud) ‹ Explorations in the field of Somatics take us beyond the boundaries of the physical body and the mechanics of muscular response. "Continuum," a body of work developed by Emilie, has made a major contribution to the field of Somatics by providing a movement orientation that goes beyond the boundaries of the physical body.

Healing with Eucapnic Breathing - Understanding Breathing as Body Wisdom (Rosalba Courtney) - Create profound changes in body function by understanding how the breath works. Eucapnic breathing looks at how the body creates restrictions in breathing as a way of maintaining its homeostasis. Learn how to correct breathing dysfunction and normalize unconscious long-term hyperventilation patterns. Common conditions associated with incorrect breathing include chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, headaches, respiratory disease such as asthma, and recurring muscle dysfunction patterns.

Somatic Mind: The Fusion of Physical States, Perception and The Meaning of the World (Deane Juhan) - Explore the impact of muscle patterns on virtually all physiological processes; the various kinds of "memory" recorded by various tissues and states; the connections between motive, movement and meaning; stress vs. the feelings that are healing; the role of somatic therapy in mainstream healthcare and education.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy - A Bridge from Body to Soul (Michael Lee, M.A.) - Yoga may be the oldest somatic therapy. In developing Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Michael drew upon his experiences with yoga as a life-changing practice. In this workshop he will guide experiences to illustrate some of the key elements he considers essential to effectively bridge body and soul.

Toward A Unification Theory for Somatics (George Leonard) - Can body, mind, heart, and soul be unified as manifestations of a single "silent pulse," a wave form and series of resonances manifested as body, mind, soul, entirely unique to each person? This essential unity explains why every time we make a change at any level, everything changes.

Introduction to Somatic Experiencing; From Trauma to Awakening and Flow (Peter Levine) - Trauma is a straight jacket that binds the mind and body in frozen fear. Paradoxically it is also a portal that can lead us to awakening and freedom. This workshop is an opportunity for people to understand the instinctual roots of trauma and observe Dr. Levine as he works with the subtle energies underlying the healing process. In freeing the immense energies bound in trauma, we are able to use these innate strengths as resources that can lead us into the ecstasy of the deep self.

Sound Psychology: Music for Healing and Transformation (John M. Ortiz, Ph.D.) - This workshop will introduce a number of creative Sound Psychology concepts and techniques that may be used to enhance healing, prevention, wellness and motivation. Interactive exercises emphasizing the combined use of music and sound, basic psychology and Eastern philosophy will be demonstrated to provide somatic practitioners, and the general public, with complementary alternatives to traditional approaches.

The Listening Hand: The Ruben-feld Synergy® Method (Ilana Rubenfeld) - This keynote presentation will examine how people's words and their bodies tell different stories. They may say "I forgive, ' while their bodies mirror steel-like rage. Ilana will use the Rubenfeld Synergy® Method, an integrative approach to heighten the awareness of this contradiction. She will demonstrate how a trained "listening" touch can bring the body and mind into harmony.

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