By Paula Hamilton

Their Mystery and Magic

Penny Price Media
Penny Price Productions
Everything you've ever wanted to know about Labyrinths, but were afraid to ask. For example, do you know the difference between a maze and a labyrinth? Well that's just one of the many fascinating things you will learn from watching this descriptive and entertaining video.

I, however, would like to see solid research devoted to exploring the connections between these formations, both ancient and modern, and the underlying scientific principles that cause apparent energy changes in those who walk them, as well as the actual ground into which they are cut. Attributing this to "magic" may make it alluring, but really does nothing to further the cause of science and humanity.

I have walked a labyrinth (believing it to be a maze) and have felt an energy, a vibrancy that made me curious. Oh, by the way, a maze possesses many paths, dead ends and false passageways; where a labyrinth possesses an equal number of right and left turns, leading to only one way in and out, and instills energy, peace and clarity, rather than a sense of panic.

One hour long, this video discusses history, relationship to natural patterns, and a how-to draw and make your own beginner labyrinth, should you be so inclined. Interestingly enough, the only place they are found in the U.S. is in Ari-zona. Elsewhere they are found in and around the Mediterranean and Europe.

Richard Ferrer, labyrinth builder, makes a thoughtful comment. He feels that labyrinths speak to us because they are ancient. In modern life, it is easy to get out of balance, and the labyrinth is designed from a place of balance. Informative and interesting.

This video is available from Penny Price Productions, 63 Mountain View Rd, Rhinebeck, NY 12572, or by calling (914) 876-0239.


With Dr. Irene Lamberti
Spectrum Publishing
Another video in the Aerobic Prayer series of videos by Dr. Irene Lamberti. Dancing A Miracle is the latest release, and influenced by A Course in Miracles. Dance is often the secret desire of many people and a video that directs dance in a way that can be exercise is a great concept. In the privacy of your living room you can be free, let loose and try a different type of exercise video. If you have tried, and liked other videos she has released (Native Spirit, Sings My Soul), this will be a great addition.

There is nothing like variety when it comes to doing workout videos and variety is provided. All within the same format of warmup, exercise and cool down, but you have the option of inserting the strengthening and stretching video (Sings My Soul, Part 2) prior to the cool down portion. This way your session can be expanded and varied. This option works with any of the other videos as well.

The accompanying music is always part of the whole, and as usual it is a terrific part. Again, it is no-impact aerobics, and as a producer of Stop Back Pain Now, it is safe to assume back strain won't need to be a concern. Long enough to be effective, yet gentle enough that exhaustion won't prevent a non-dancer from taking part in it.

As with any exercise video, it will take a few sessions to master the moves, but it really isn't too hard to follow.

This video is available from Spectrum Communications, P.O. Box 662, Orofino, ID 83544, or by calling (800) 326-2361.


By Paula Hamilton

Susan Hathaway & Debbie Crick
Now Promotions
Based on 19th Century author, Olney Richmond's book The Mystic Text Book (1863) comes a system of divination using an ordinary deck of playing cards. Purported to have been developed in medieval times to conceal an ancient system of divination, the information is coded in a set of playing cards.

A playing deck contains 52 cards which correspond to the 52 weeks in a year, the 4 suits relate to the four seasons and elements (earth, air, fire and water), the 12 royal cards are the 12 months of the year, and so on. All somehow adding up to 365 days a year, if you include the Joker card. (Well, everyone knows a Joker, don't they?) He represents those born on December 31st.

The book they have put together is a neatly-packaged Birthday and Relationship Journal that allows you to look up your card based on your date of birth. Obviously, since there are only 52 cards, some birthdays share the same card. There's even a card for the leap-year baby! Personally, I think that the Joker should have been designated for that one.

What's it all about, Alfie, is a basic divination system telling your good and bad points, your peaks and pitfalls, and of your relationship matches made in heaven or hell. If you are apt to seek answers in tools of divination, you will love this simple and easy-to-work-with system. Colorful bookmarks are available that can be placed in specially-made greeting cards. (For me, the question remains, why are these systems always thought up by ancient wise men, never ancient fools?) We who are suggestible may not see past the parameters drawn by those who have deemed it so. Caveat emptor.

The Cards of Illumination are available from Illumination Enterprises, P.O. Box 770, Sedona, AZ 86339, or by calling (520) 282-0142.

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