In The Shadow Of His Wings
By Sandy Gostel Perkins

It began in a small village in France. Jasmine was placed in foster care at age two. Inside the village church stood a statue of Michael the Archangel. The young Jasmine walked into the shadow of those wings and fell to her knees in prayer. She realizes now, that even when life was at its darkest, the shadow of those wings placed a covering of protection around her that has lasted a lifetime.

Her story is one of hope, especially for all those who have been used and abused. You see, Jasmine was led into prostitution at the young age of four. By the time she was in elementary school, many men and women had 'made use' of this young child. By her late teens she was one of the top call girls in Europe.

She was showered with jewels and furs. She lounged on yachts of the rich and the famous. She jetted all around the world. But the rich can be just as dangerous as any back-alley 'johns'. The beatings hurt just as much, even when covered with money. She played their game with a smile, hiding her aching heart.

But each country, each town, all had one thing in common. A church. Each week she would sneak into these churches to pray. What drew her? The shadow of the angel's wings pulling her back. He had become a presence in her life. No matter what church she entered, she felt his wings around her.

Unbeknownst to her, back in the small village, Jasmine's foster mother went to her knees daily before that same statue that had fascinated her young charge so many years ago. This woman, with a mother's heart, prayed for the wild young girl. She knew God would keep her alive as long as Jasmine needed someone to pray for her. God honored her prayer.

Through a long list of miraculous interventions, Jasmine pulled herself out of the destructive path she had chosen. With many struggles and many tears, she found the strength within that would break the sex addiction she had developed. After her own healing she took training and now volunteers at various churches, organizations, and the Salvation Army where she brings counseling, love and understanding. Most of all she brings hope.

At the beginning of this year, the call from France came. Her foster mother was dying. Her prayers were no longer needed, and she was happy to finally let go. Jasmine arrived at the village, where she knelt before Michael. She now knew why she felt herself being prodded and protected all those years. It was the relationship with her guardian angel.

Jasmine believes God granted her this angel. Knowing her full story, I believe it too. Her story reaches out to those trapped by sexual addiction, as well as all other addictions. In addition to her speaking engagements, she is founding an organization for abused children. It will be dedicated to her angel, and to the 'mother' who believed in her.

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