Angel Light
By Lynn Seiser, Ph.D.

"Angels fly because they take themselves lightly." This is my favorite Angel bumper sticker. It sums up a valuable lesson. Let's see if we can become aware of what the angels have so conveniently made available.

Angels are messengers of light. The light here means illumination. Within the darkness there is a need for light. There is a searching for light, or at least the light switch.

We each have our darkness. It may manifest as anger, jealousy, hatred, depression or anxiety. Darkness shows itself in many ways. Darkness may appear as poor self-esteem and be ugly. Darkness may also show itself beautifully disguised as vanity and egotism. You may not even know you are blinded by your darkness or that of another.

The first step is to become aware of the darkness. The second step is to realize that the light has always been on; we have simply closed our eyes. Lightness can also refer to the weight of something. Become aware of your anger. How does your body feel? Does it feel heavy? Become aware of your sadness or depression. Does your body feel heavy now? Our emotions and thoughts have a weight to them. When we are into the darkness we weigh more.

Think of love and enjoying yourself. Does your body feel lighter? Feeling as if life is weighing you down is more than a figure of speech. It is a valid subject description of how the body feels. So what is it that weighs us down? When we are angry or depressed, our minds are very busy taking the world as a very serious and negative statement about ourselves. It is our mind, our ego, that weighs us down. The ego's heaviness is in making us believe something is fundamentally wrong with us.

When you are enjoying what you are doing and are being creative and productive, is your mind busy thinking about you? Not usually. I always know when I am stuck that I am taking myself too seriously. Perhaps if I stayed aware of what I was doing and not focused on my self-centered ego, I would feel lighter and enjoy my life more.

Angels know how to laugh. The light is on so we can see where we are. We are lighter because we are aware there is nothing fundamentally wrong with us. So how do we fly? Where does the power come from? Much of it comes from laughter. Many people fall in love because the other person makes them laugh. It is such a rare and beautiful quality. We all enjoy laughter. We all enjoy being around people who make us laugh.

Many relationships fade because they are taken too seriously and the people forget to laugh together. Our ego builds its heaviness because we forget to laugh at ourselves. Well gentle reader, we are very funny. Look around you. How many times have you found yourself in a situation that would either make a good drama or a good comedy skit? Everyday? Next time choose the comedy. Choose to laugh at yourself and enjoy yourself. Choose to enjoy and laugh with your mate, your children and your community.

In the light of laughter we often find the answers. They have always been there and will always be there. Let's become aware of the light and laugh together. Perhaps someday we will all learn to fly because we too take ourselves lightly.

Thank you for listening (and laughing), for this opportunity to be of service and for sharing the journey. P.S. Lightly can also refer to the gentle quality of touch. All of life is sacred and fragile. Hold it gently. Too loose and we lose it. Too tight and we crush it. Hold each other gently this holiday season and throughout the New Year.

Lynn Seiser Ph.D. is an internationally respected therapist, consultant, speaker and writer in recovery counseling for offender and victims of violence, trauma and abuse. He is well known for his work in "holistic" recovery from addictions and his emphasis on "healthy" relationships. He has 10 web pages at . To discuss the benefits of his services, to make a referral, or to schedule an appointment please contact him at 550 Pacific Coast Hwy. Suite 203 Seal Beach, CA 90740-6601 USA. (562)799-1371 FAX (562) 596-1892 E-mail:

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