Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.
Reviewed by Susan K. Stevenson, DCH

If your interest in angels is much deeper than simply wanting to read angel stories and poems, or collecting angel trinkets, then you will have found the book you've been looking for. Co-written by the Angelic Realm, "Angel Therapy" is truly a wonderful combination of comforting encouragement and sound, grounded advice for consciously communicating with our own angels in all aspects of our lives.

Dr. Doreen Virtue wastes no time in delivering the messages she has received directly from the angels on everyday, practical topics such as addiction and anger, burdens and burnout, children, dating, dreams, fear, fun, money, purpose, stress, time, weight, worry and more. The reader can literally open this book to any page (or indexed subject) and receive guidance and clarity.

Presented in two parts, Part I is alphabetically arranged by topic with "The Healing Messages" dictated by the Angelic Realm; Part 11, "Communicating, Healing and Living with Angels" provides information about the nature and hierarchy of angels, as well as chapters on "You Know That Angels Are Near When ...", "How to Hear your Angels' Message", Spiritual Safety" and much more.

I found this to be one of those rare and wonderful books which I will read and retread many times. It not only provided new information and powerful tools; it renewed and reminded me of so many thoughts and feelings which had gathered dust within me. Just as the angels themselves transcend generations, cultures, and religions, so does Angel Therapy'. This is a book which Inspires each of us to remember our angelic encounters and to absolutely know, with complete certainty, that angels are with us always. "Angel Therapy" will help you sense angelic presence and be aware of their activity in many different ways.

Dr. Virtue closes her preface by saying: "The angels have asked me to emphasize that their communication in his book is but one of many steps in a sealing path of spiritual growth. Use her words to open a portal of light in my area of your life where darkness seems to reign. Then ask the angels to help you widen this beam of light until it fills your entire consciousness and permeates your life." The angels will never override our own free will, yet are constantly awaiting any call we make for their assistance. "Angel therapy may just have the answers and solutions you have been seeking

This book is available at your local bookstores, or by calling Hay House at (8OO) 654-5126.

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