A Gift from the Angels
By Scott Kalechstein

One day in 1986 I was at the airport waiting for a flight when I decided to take out my guitar and sing to pass the time. Soon I was joined by two other guitarists, a woman in a wheelchair, and other assorted travelers with an ear or a voice to lend to the creation. We sang everything from the Beatles to the classic airport tune, Leaving on A Jet Plane. At one point an airport employee approached me. I feared that he had come over to tell me we would have to stop, but instead he playfully inquired if I were available to entertain there on a daily basis!

At a certain moment I felt an inner promptly, almost a celestial nudge, to sing Amazing Grace. I mentally squirmed in resistance, not wanting to wax religious and possibly turn off some people. Yet sometimes the heart (thank God!) speaks louder than the mind, and I let go of my fears long enough to initiate a powerful rendition of the song, gloriously joined by most of the crowd that had increased in numbers and momentum. When we were done, a man with tears streaming down his face approached me. He told me that he had just come from his mother's funeral and that Amazing Grace had been her favorite song. "When I heard it sung," he said, "I felt her presence. I heard her telling me she was safe and in the light, and she would always be with me." I also had tears well up as silently I thanked the universe for using me as an instrument to touch this man's heart. I remember inviting God to use me more often!

What I began to realize was that I could sing to the soul of a person and allow music and lyrics to come through me, often with words that addressed relevant issues that were not brought out by our initial conversation. My friends called it channeling, but I want to de-mystify that. I believe that everything healing and artistic, created with love as the motivation, comes from a higher source. It is an illusion that the human mind can produce anything inspiring without working hand in hand with a higher power.

In 1987 I saw Michael Stillwater, beloved troubadour and musical shaman, sharing his own wondrous gift of spontaneously creating songs. Watching him work was like seeing a preview of my future self. I asked him for a song to help bring my own song-channeling gift out of the closet and into the world. He sang out a vocal blessing that gave me the permission, validation and support I was needing to take the next step.

Six months after his musical baptism, I was finishing a concern in Occan Grove, New Jersey. My concerts consisted then of a mixture of devotional and humorous growth-related songs. Everyone was getting up to make a run for the snacks and/or to purchase my recordings, located strategically right next to the food. I heard a commanding voice in my head, as clear as a bell, saying, "Sit people back down. You are ready to go public with song channeling." Before my mind had a chance to debate on whether this was guidance or an LSD flashback, I asked everybody to gather in a circle on the floor. I invited someone into the center to receive a song. She spoke a few words about what she wanted support for, and then lay down. People lovingly placed their hands on her, and out of me came a beautiful message in song. Everyone was stunned, including me. Many other songs followed. When the clock read midnight, I put down the guitar for the evening. I was aware that I had just turned a corner, and that my concerts and my life were forever changed. I had become a song channeler!

Currently I am sharing this gift of what has come to be called 'Song Healing' at gatherings small and large, in Healing Circles, and in private sessions, both in person and on the phone. I ask a person to talk to me a little about their goals and dreams, as well as their challenges. Then I offer a prayer, turn on the tape recorder, and channel their song. How does it happen? All I know is that love and compassion fill my heart, and I am moved to sing. The power of the Universe, expressing love, poetry and guidance through the medium of song, never fails to touch and amaze.

Music is a gift from the angels. All of us have had our moods transformed, our defenses softened and our hearts stirred by the power of music. Channeled songs carry the direct intention to heal and take that power to new and expanded potential. Sometimes when I am finished with a session, both the receiver and I have tears flowing down our cheeks. Many report that listening to their song is like having a cheerleading squad on the sidelines of their life, and is particularly helpful in transforming the inner critic that is constantly singing a negative song to ourselves. Some play it every morning upon awakening, or every night before they sleep.

When I was a child, my parents tried to teach me to respect myself enough so that I would not be used. Having come full circle, it is now my greatest joy to be used, fully and completely, in service and in love.

God, use me for your muse, and let my voice sing out the songs that can escort your children into awareness of your eternal embrace. Amen.

Scott Kalechstein is an inspirational and dynamic speaker, minister, workshop leader, performer, recording artist, healer and humorist. He shares his gift of music and inspirational messages each week as a co-minister of a Wednesday evening healing service in Encinitas where he will also be offering a concert on Friday, November 21 and a workshop on Saturday, November 22 entitled The Musical Healing Circle. Participants will receive a channeled song for their life journey.

Scott's Song Healing sessions make precious and unique gifts, and can be arranged by calling Scott at (760) 753-2359.

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