Angel Brings Life-Changing Experience
By John Phillips

Three years ago a life-changing experience brought me to a new career. I had lost two children and a home, and my life and finances were in a mess. The taking of my life was one of the thoughts that often came to me. I was a lost soul in need of help. I was on the edge of self destruction until one evening in 1994.

I had been trying to sleep for days and I finally drifted off, but was soon awakened by an amazing dream. This experience was so real. I can't prove or say for sure what actually happened; I just know that the last three years have convinced me it was real!

The dream began with this beautiful Angel speaking to me, and explaining that soon my life would improve if I would follow these instructions. I was told to change my lifestyle and begin to express my feelings through art, specifically sculpture.

Even though I had no experience whatsoever in art of any kind, I did as I was instructed. The next afternoon, I purchased more than $500 in sculpturing supplies and set to work on recreating the Angel I had seen in my dream.

In a short while, just like the angel said, my life began to improve. I no longer had thoughts of taking my life and various events that seemed impossible forever changed my life. Old friends began to contact me and convinced me to market my Angel and other life-size sculptures. Of course, this improved my income and self-worth.

Three years since this dream, I have become totally independent of any other income and make my living entirely as an artist. Recently I was visiting a client in Malibu who will be placing my work in his office picture window where thousands of people will be able to enjoy the Angel daily. In addition, I have met numerous potential clients through this friendship.

The events leading to today are just too fantastic to be a coincidence! Believe me, Angels do exist. So whether it be in a dream, or through a stranger's visit, I believe if you open your heart and mind, the Angels will help you achieve happiness, success and healing.

John Phillips can be reached at 319 W. Pine Ave., Bloomsburg, PA 17815, or by calling (717) 784-0170. You can also view some of his work on his web page at

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